Saturday, August 30, 2008

Making yourself at home...

If you ever come visit us, I expect you to make yourself at home. We live about a million miles away from family (ok not a million but a LONG 2 day car trip) so while family is so far away from their home, I want to make my home comfortable for them.

Grandma Norma and Grandma Char are (hopefully) making themselves at home. From the looks of it below, it looks like not only are the Grandma's comfortable, but the cats and dogs are too.

Grandma Char (Joe's mom), TyTy (our cat) and Hazel B (Char's dog).

Yesterday we all took a trip to Frisco to eat at La Hacienda Ranch, our favorite restaurant, for lunch. It's our favorite blend of Tex-Mex - which is where you can order Mexican OR Steaks. It's awesome. Grandma got a chicken sandwich, Joe and Char got sour cream and cheese enchiladas and I got my favorite veggie fajitas. YUM.

I failed to bring our camera so I'll introduce you to bear - he greets you when you walk INTO the restaurant. It was quite a sight, er fright, for Grandma. She was like, what the?!! It's huge. It's a huge stuffed bear, probably stands about 8 feet tall. He's quite the door greeter when you walk in. LOL.

The kids were well behaved (yay) and when we were done in the restaurant, Grandma Norma paid for the kids to go on the quarter driven ride on horses in the front. They were happy. What a fun trip for the Grandma's!

Later that afternoon Joe made dinner and did a fab job at that. He got mad at me because I couldn't stay OUT of the kitchen - it's hard to release the reigns to someone else to cook when I always do it!

After dinner we ran up to Walmart for a few things. Grandma and I slipped off quietly to look at the kids clothes. They were trying to get rid of stock and had all sorts of kids clothes for ONE DOLLAR folk! OMG - you can't even buy USED clothing at thrift for a dollar! Not one to pass up a good deal like that, I went nuts. I bought every 24 month outfit and 3T outfit I could find for Justin, All of the 5/6 outfits I could for Joey and I even found stuff for ME for $1.00!!!!! Some nice Hanes T-shirts, a running shirt, etc. ONE DOLLAR. Joe was a bit upset at first, but then was like - well you can't beat it for ONE DOLLAR. In all I think I bought about 30 shirts!!!! Grandma Norma even found some for her! How about that!?

I love a good deal, how about you?!


Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by to check in on me! I really appreciate it! Glad the visit is going so well and yes, I LOVE a good deal!! It sounds like you did great!

oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo said...

Thanks for stopping by! We are sitting and waiting while the first rain bands of Gustav draws near. It it pretty calm right now with some wind gust. Will continue to update my blog on the storm until we lose power. Much Love to You All From Queen Bee!

~Janet~ said...

I love bargain shopping! It is so fun to get home and figure out how much it would have cost if you paid full price!

Oh! Tex-Mex food, how I've missed you! Alabama doesn't have any Tex-Mex restuarants :(

Rhea said...

I love good deals. Walmart can have some awesome ones.

I thought that big bear was in your house at first. lol

Aubrey said...

I also love a good deal! I rarely buy anything for full price. Rarely.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking a peek at Colorado!