Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy 30th Briana!

August 14th -

We normally would have gone out for my birthday but I pooled all the money I had received from my parents, Joe's mother, grandma and his dad and step-mom and my money I would have used if I went out to eat and got
  1. A blackberry (which I call my crackberry and I'm totally addicted to already)
  2. The FLIP video camera - which I'm in love with already too. Joe even likes it!
  3. The Little Green Machine - I borrowed Desiree's and wondered how I could ever do without it and used my birthday money to buy my own so I could give hers back, which I almost stole (ok not quite but it DID stay at my house for a long time). It's great for when your cat pukes in the middle of the carpet and you don't want to lug out the big carpet cleaner. Oh how did I live without this again?
Wow - I can't complain. I turned 30 and got a bunch of gadgets. Yay!

Then on top of that Desiree got me
  1. Lunch - Chinese take out.
  2. My first Bible - The NIV version Study Bible. It's wonderful!
  3. A Children's bible story book for me to read to Joey, which I've been wanting.
  4. She's paid for me to go to her hairdresser on the 27th to get a new cut. She said she'll even watch Joey for me (which she does most days anyhow).
Seriously, isn't she the sweetest? I have NOT had my hair cut since I left Michigan in January. I guess I just don't trust anyone around here and don't want to pay a fortune. So look for a new do next week!

I worked on my birthday. Weeeee - not. Actually it wasn't too bad of a day. Then I took some time off for lunch to eat my birthday lunch with Desiree at her house.

Later that evening I had over a bunch of neighbors that I'm family with and we had a nice birthday celebration. Everyone came over about 7:30 and didn't leave until 9:30. It worked out really nicely because I got to meet some of the older kids in the neighborhood and ever since we've been talking a bit and the kids hang out with and are so nice with Joey and Justin.

I finally have a big enough house to entertain in! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The birthday card Joe, Joey and Justin made for me - spelled Mom on front by Joey.

My boys and my card. SO sweet!!!

You will NOT believe this. The guys at work missed me and didn't want me to think that they forgot me during my birthday, so they OVERNIGHTED a birthday cake to me. I guess it was a perfect looking cake when it was sent from Michigan, and this is what it looked like the next day, even though it said fragile on it. It looked like they ATE some of it. They swear it was a beautiful, whole cake. It's the thought that counts. They make me laugh!

Joey, being his cute self.


Melissa said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday!!!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday! It certainly looks like you enjoyed it :)