Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our boating trip.

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On August 9th (Saturday) we drove out to Lake Ray Roberts Park and met Desiree and family to go boating. They have a pretty cool boat they invited us to go on.

The last time we went it was April or May and it was chilly! We had a nice time in the sun at that time, but we couldn't go swimming.

This time we were excited to be able to go swimming and tubing. It was close to 100 so it was perfect for boating and tubing! We got there about 4pm so the rays from the sun was not scorching us! Phew. It's a good thing because Joe has skin that burns as soon as it SEES sun!

Here's some photos.

Justin has been on the boat before but it's been a few months. I'm not sure if he was scared when we started out, didn't like the wind in his face, or what. Camille put her sunglasses on him and it was sooo cute.

We we were waiting for the tube to inflate, Joe and Joey jumped in.

Joey was out on the tube back in May. So the kids all went first.
Joey was laughing and goofing off. He had a blast.

Next was me with Justin, with Braxton and Joey on the sides.
Desiree went nice and slow for Justin. I couldn't tell if he
liked it or not.

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