Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcoming visitors....and cake...

When the Grandma's come, they bring care packages....up the wazoo.

We had TWO BIG BOXES of food from Grandma's pantry. Veggies, soups, fruit, you name it, it was in the boxes.

Then mom brought a box of Halloween goodies - including masks, things to hang from trees, candle holders, etc so that will make our house more fun in another month when we prepare for Halloween.

Joey saw me with this on, and had to try it for himself!

We were so excited to celebrate Justin's 2nd birthday!

First came Grandma and Grandpa Dziekan's birthday card -
It plays the Chicken Dance. Justin jumped up and down to it!

The dogs relaxed after a long trip and Hazel B rested with Joe.

We took a trip over to West Frisco and paid $30 for a chocolate chip mint round cake from Coldstone Creamery. I did not expect a cake to be this pricey, but we had this cake at Desiree's son's birthday party and it was unbelievably good.

Here is our birthday celebration for Justin. Note the sideways turned candles. We thought we had candles, but didn't. We had the 3 and 0 for my 30th birthday a few weeks prior so we turned the candles sideways so it made 2 candles. Ha!

Justin and his cake.

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Emily said...

That mask is scary!