Saturday, August 2, 2008

Haircuts - finally.

After Christopher's party we went home, got Joe's dry cleaning and took that in.

After we went to the library. We had a TON of books of Joey's to take back and we read every one.

It was magazine exchange day so that was awesome. I took in a bunch of magazines and picked up some to read. I blog about this every month but I just love that our library does it, and it's FREE!!

When we got home we all took naps.

Then we took both kids to a new haircut place that is closer called Sharkey's Cuts for Kids. The kids loved this hair cut place better than the liked Snip-It's. In this place they took actual cars that kids ride in (the ones with the battery) and dead bolted them to the metal stand and made them into hair cutting chairs. The kids loved that.

Then they had flat screen tv's on the wall and they kids watched the Incredibles.

Neither kid made a peep. The ladies cut Justin's and Joey's hair in no time flat and the kids didn't even get antsy. It was wonderful - and there was no wait.

Justin in his car, being a good boy.

Justin's before mop of hair, formed into a mohawk. Ha!

Justin with a nice haircut. I'm sure it felt a lot cooler!

Joey had so much hair. She's cutting of the tail in the back.
Joe hates those tails in the back!

1 comment:

Meghan said...

I am so glad to see Justin sitting still for his haircut.
Not so much with Ethan.
Even tho. my mom is the one who cuts his hair, we have to bribe him with taffies. Is it any wonder he has long hair?