Saturday, August 2, 2008

Beach Club...

I guess we felt our day wasn't completed yet so we decided to head up to the beach club at 7pm with Desiree, Braxton and Camille.

Christopher came to our door to play with Joey as we were leaving, so we asked him if he wanted to come. Of course he started jumping up and down. He got changed quickly and came with us to the pool.

We had a great time playing. Desiree has this missile that shoots through the water when you push it the right way so her and I were playing with Braxton, Camille, Joey and Christopher with it.

Joe was watching Justin. He said he would just keep walking into the water until it was over his head.

Joey is learning how to swim and does well underwater.

We stayed until they kicked us out when it closed at 8pm.

Camille, playing in the sand.

Joey on the splash pad.

Braxton, on the splash pad.

Joe, watching Justin.

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Melissa said...

Can you believe that we live a half hour from lake michigan and we haven't been, yet?

This makes me want to go!!!