Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is the cutest thing ever...

Joe, of all people, sent this to me yesterday.

Couple has the right recipe for a 62-year marriage

It's the cutest article.

The funny thing is that it's what Joe and I do now with dinner.

Joe and I make 2 weeks worth of recipes choices every other week and buy all the ingredients to make those recipes on our shopping trip.

Every day Joe picks out a recipe to make the following day and then defrosts the meat for it.

I then make the recipe the next day for dinner. If Joe and I agree it is very good, I print out the recipe and add it to my recipe box. If not, it gets tossed.

We have a WHOLE recipe box now of our favorite recipes. This is wayyy easier than notes in cookbooks, only to forget what was where later on. We know we can look in this recipe box and find all of favorite recipes - and only our favorite recipes.

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