Thursday, July 17, 2008

Products that make my life easier!

1. Inkdrop from Staples. - I don't know about you but I HATE going to the store just to buy ink. I also have gotten to the point where I like to have an extra cartridge for my printer so I don't end up with no ink when I need to print. Enter in Inkdrop. You keep your payment information on file with them, they send you mailers. You send your empty cartridge to them (which pays for shipping a new cartridge back) and they send you the exact same unopened box cartridge back in about a week.

I've gotten to the point now where I have two cartridges - one IN the printer, and a backup. When the one in the printer runs out of ink, I put it in the pre-paid inkdrop mailer, drop it in the mail and know that in about a week, I'll have a backup again of ink and I never had to go to the store OR pay shipping! Oh and by the way, my cartridge prices I pay for my printer are about the same exact price as going to Walmart - so they aren't marked up.

I especially use this service for my 12x12 photo printer that takes about 6 different colored cartridges. The last thing I need is for my printer to be out of ink when I need to print photos for scrapbooking. Not only that, most stores don't even carry my ink for this printer. I just take the empty cartridge, throw it in the mailer and a week later, yay - I have my cartridge! Awesome!

2. My dust buster. Now the one I have looks like is no longer for sale (I bought it over a year ago) but if mine were to die, I'd probably buy this one as it's a wet and dry vac - which is AWESOME for kid spills! We use our dust buster to clean the carpet in the car, pick up food under the table when Justin feels like tossing it over the edge, sometimes when I cook I get a little extra flour on the floor or counter - and the dust buster takes care of it all. Why oh why didn't I start using this gem earlier?!

3. Carpet Spot Cleaner - My neighbor Desiree let me borrow hers. I can not live without it now and have not given it back! ha! If you have hairball cats, this is a MUST. I used to pull out my BIG carpet cleaner every time there was a spill, accident, hairball, etc. Not anymore. Pull out this small little sucker, clean the spot, pull up the dirt and water and wham - you have clean carpet. BTW - Mom, this is the model that Desiree has and it's only $90 - not $150....

4. Swiffer Sweep n Vac - I received one of these for Christmas a few years ago and have never regretted receiving it! Instead of sweeping all my floors with the old broom and dustpan, I just take my swiffer vac around and pull up dirt here and there off my tile floors. It's great and FAST!!!

The only thing I don't like is 1. I've had it so long it doesn't keep charge for more than 10 minutes, even though I have it charging all the time and 2. You need to keep buying the cloths to go on the bottom of the vac.

If I were to buy another one of these, I'd go for the Shark Stick Vac (Desiree has a shark vac and loves it). This one is cheaper than the one above AND does not require cloths on the bottom.

What are your favorite, can't live without products?


Melissa said...

I have a Swiffer sweeper for mopping the floors. You have to buy pads and the cleaning liquid, but it is sooo much easier than a bucket, etc.

Also, Kaboom! foaming toilet cleaner is awesome! You dump a capfull and walk away for 5 minutes or so, then come back and - voila! Your toilet is clean!

And... since little boys make such a mess when going potty, I keep Scrubbing Bubbles toilet wipes on hand. It makes it quick and easy to clean up the seat, the outside of the bowl, etc.

I have a spot cleaner, too. But we don't have carpet anymore! lol

Scary Mommy said...

I use my dust buster daily!

Hmmm... I'll add:
• Dove make-up remover pads because I'm too lazy to wash my face.
• Mr. Clean Eraser because it removes EVERYTHING
and • Baby wipes because I use them for a million things.