Saturday, July 5, 2008

How we've been....

Well today we had nothing to do, so I printed up a bunch of local garage sales. We all got dressed and went garage sale-ing. Now, Joe and I normally don't hit up garage sales but we thought, why not?

The first one we went to was a moving sale. We only had $20 and they had a 20 inch boys bike there for sale and a super nintendo (which Joe wanted).

We offered the couple $20 for both - the bike was listed for $30 and the nintendo was $5.00. They took it and off we left with a new bike for Joey and a nintendo for Joe.

Joey was sooo excited. He's been wanting a 20 inch bike because EVERY boy in the neighborhood owns one but him. He couldn't stop talking about how he was going to tell the neighbor boys about his bike and now he will be faster than them. I swear, there is so much competition to be the biggest, best and fastest on our block among the boys.

We went to a few more garage sales and there was nothing there. We found one that wasn't even on my list, it just had a sign on the street. We bought the kids a ton of shorts and shoes there. Boys go through shoes so fast and they are so hard on them. I got four pairs. The shorts we needed so badly and they had sizes for both Joey and Justin. We had a stack. Joe offered $6 for all the shoes (the shoes alone added up to $6.00) and the clothes. They took it. So it was like we got the clothes free and paid for the shoes. Joe is a good bargainer!

We then took the kids to the really nice park with the globe waterfall and had them hang out for a little bit. Joey rode his bike a little bit. He couldn't wait. It was sooo nice to get wet. Joe didn't want to get wet so we didn't stay long as he was quite hot.

We then took the kids to McDonalds since it was past lunch time and we needed to relax. We wanted to go to Sonic but Joey insisted on the playland at McDonalds. They had a good time playing and ate pretty well.

When we got back home we unloaded the car, got our books and magazines for the library and headed back out.

We got an oil change for my van and then they always throw in a super car wash. We love going through it. The soap smells like candy and the wax is rainbow colored. The kids love seeing the octopus (that's what they call it) hit the car.

Afterwards we ran to the library. Today was the first Saturday of the month! Do you know what that means? It means magazine exchange day! I took my stack of magazines in to recycle to others, and then grabbed a bunch of magazines. I mostly took 'Working Mother' magazines and 'Parenting' magazines that I hadn't read. Joey got a animal magazine for kids.

Then we went and picked up another 21 books. Yes - 21. I feel like a little kid in the library. Feelings of when I was a kid at the library wash over me. Joey and I go through the shelves and find book after book that we want to read. When all was said and done - we had 21 books in hand to check out! LOL. You should have seen the stack we read this week and took back!

When we got home it was time for naps. Then when we all woke up, it was time for dinner. Joe actually cooked dinner! Yay, a night where I WASN'T in the kitchen! Phew. It was so nice for him to handle dinner. He made Szchewan Pork and rice with mixed vegetables. It was very yummy! He did great.

Afterwards he went outside to mow grass. Earlier that day we swore we heard a golf ball hit the window (thankfully it didn't break it) and we never could find it. While he was mowing grass he found two golf balls, so we are assuming one of them was the one that hit the window.

I let the kids play outside. Joey rode his bike (you couldn't get him off of it today!) and I took my planters in front of the house and separated the caladiums (left) from the flowers. The caladiums look like the photo to the left. They are soooo pretty. They are growing sooo well I had to replant them in the planters. They were growing so tall they blocked all the light from the flowers and the flowers were starting to die.

Now the caladiums have their own pots without flowers and look great. I put some ferterlizer in the soil so hopefully they will continue to do well.

While Joe was mowing and edging I took both boys on a walk down the street and back.

When I got home Joe wanted to go on a bike ride. Joey wanted to test out his new bike.

We took the golf course by the road this time, rode all the way to the other side of our road and back. I would easily say we rode 2 miles today. Joey and I were sooo tired when we got home tonight.

The other thing we are dealing with is trying to explain 'death' to Joey. I've tried explaining heaven, etc but he doesn't get it. He keeps asking where Christopher's dad is. If you see below, I explained Christopher's dad passed away a year ago. We explain he died to Joey and about an hour later or a day later he asks about his dad coming home. I've explained he's not coming home, but he still asks over and over. If you have any idea how to easily explain 'death' to Joey without scaring the heck out of him, please let me know.

I've actually been going to Bible study with Desiree. We are reading 'How to Have a Mary Heart in a Martha World'. It's a really good book and gets you thinking about what's important in your life.

Carolyn joined us this past Tuesday for study and it was the most rewarding experience we've had in a LONG time. She talked about her journey before her husband died, then talked about when she found out he died, and how she coped afterwards. She then told us about how she spends time with Christopher every evening - just her and him. She sits and does whatever he wants and gives him unlimited attention.

I honestly believe she was there and helped everyone reflect on their lives and how busy we are - all trying to do too much. She really helped show us what is really important in your life. It was such a moving experience there was not a dry eye in the entire group. It made me really sit and reflect on what is important to me and helped me to spend more quality time with the kids.


Melissa said...

Explaining death to someone so young is always challenging. One of Jason's parents' dogs died a few weeks ago and trying to explain to Ethan where Sam went was not easy.
We ended up telling him that Sam went to Heaven to live with Great Grandma and Grandpa Williams. When he asked if he could go visit, we told him that he would be able to visit Sam one day, but not for a very long time.
A couple of days later, when he asked again about Sam, we told him that Sam went into a sleep that he couldn't wake up from. That seemed to suffice because he hasn't asked again.

It sounds like you had a wonderful, busy day! :)

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Jennie W said...

Great job on the garage sale bargains! We got a great deal on a toddler bed at a garage sale a week or so ago. It always makes me feel so good!