Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July happenings

The 4th was a busy day.

We had a meeting at IKEA at 11am to meet a woman who was selling a TON of Creme uniforms, all for $20! We met her at 11am and exchanged money and goods.

Then we ran into Ikea. We bought another chair for the office so BOTH Justin and Joey can sit in the chair and watch the computer, instead of them fighting over the ONE and only chair.

We asked Carolyn and Christopher (our neighbors) to join us for fireworks on the 4th, which of course was in the evening.

Around 4pm, Joe and Justin were still taking a nap so Joey and I went over to Carolyn and Christopher's house. Joey went outside and played and Carolyn and I had a nice talk. She gushed over my scrapbooking (she's sooo sweet) and then Michelle came from the corner to join us and we had another nice talk. I think we talked for about 2 hours.

I invited Christopher and Carolyn to dinner. We were having sloppy Joes.

If you are wondering where her husband is, he died about a year ago while out for a jog. He had a heart attack and died. He was only 44! She and Christopher are both very comfortable talking about it...but more about that later.

Last minute someone on freecycle offered up a few kid toys, including some geotrax and she picked ME! to go get them.

We ate dinner really fast and then ran out to get the freecycle items. The woman got rid of a kids toybench, a golf caddy which Justin loves to push AND a set of Geotrax - including the station which is $50 alone! Total SCORE on that one!!

We then raced back home to pick up Carolyn and Christopher. I felt bad - I could tell Austin and Olivia wanted to go but we did not have any room left in the car. We had 6 already.

We raced to the fireworks and got there about exactly a 1/2 hour before it started. I thought parking would take a long time but it didn't. We took a huge beach towel and found a place to sit, which ended up being a PRIMO spot!

Here are some photos of the kids.

Christopher eats with us a lot and he eats well, which is a nice change because Joey and Justin don't eat that much. When Christopher comes over to eat, Joey tends to eat a lot more because Christopher tells him that he's going to be bigger than Joey because he eats more than him. He's showing off his big muscles on the photo at the top.

And then there is a beautiful photo of Carolyn and Christopher above. What a beautiful family.

Joe with Justin and Joey.

Joey was acting sooo goofy in the photo here. Christopher is shutting his eyes because Joey did it in a previous photo. They were so full of energy.

Here's a really nice one of the boys! They play very nicely together.

Here is Joey and Christopher. They were playing some dance music and they were doing the booty dance. It was actually quite funny until they started to block my view of the fireworks.

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