Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lemonade Stand

When we got home from Planet Pizza the kids came over to our house to chill out.

Braxton was outside for a little while and ran inside asking for a quarter.

I asked him why he wanted a quarter. Funny - the neighbor is asking ME for money!

He told me they had a lemonade stand across the street and he was thirsty.

Now I would always give them something to drink of they were thirsty, but I thought supporting the local kid's lemonade stand would be nice. I gave Camille, Joey and Braxton each a quarter and they went across the street to get a drink.

Then they asked for more, so 3 more quarters later they had another refill.

I asked the kids to pose for a photo. I heard from their mother they made $38 dollars! Wow. I guess they were going to the main street and drumming up traffic to come down and get some lemonade. It was good lemonade too!

The kids selling lemonade made these cute flag straws. Here is Braxton, Joey and Camille posing for an early 4th of July photo, all set with their flag straws!

That evening Desiree's family and our family chipped in for pizza at Rosati's - NOT cheap but oh, so good. We split two pizza's and then fed Christopher because he was over playing with the kids, and then asked Carolyn (his mother) to join us. It was a nice evening spending time with the neighbors!

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