Saturday, July 19, 2008

Guess what this is??

This whole Texas bug thing is new to me. I've seen more cockroaches than I've ever wanted to see. Thank goodness we have a contract with a bug spraying company. They come out quarterly and then in between as much as I want if I see bugs.

We had a cockroach issue in our garage so I had the guy come and spray IN the house, IN the garage and outside the house.

The garage is nearly rid of the creatures. Thankfully. EW!!!

The inside, I've hardly seen any bugs in awhile. I killed a spider the other day but it wasn't that big. Thankfully.

Then outside, Joe is getting ready to mow the grass and he runs over and says,

"Do you know what this is? You HAVE to come see this!"

I run outside.

He peers down and says - look at that.

I said, "SO what, it's a dead spider".

He says, "No, check it out. It has a red hourglass on it's stomach. It's a BLACK WIDOW SPIDER".

I say 'Holy crap" and run to get my camera. Here it is folks. My first (thankfully dead) black widow spider. The spray from the exterminator must have killed it when he sprayed around the house.

Unfortunately it was found dead by the kids sandbox. Since we've told Joey NOT to touch any spiders and explained about this one in particular. Oh joy.

Cockroaches, Black Widows and red fire ants - oh joy!

I don't want to know what's next!

Black Widow Spider


Melissa said...

Holy crap! We are seeing lots of bugs too but a black widow - YIKES!!! Good thing it is dead!

Melissa said...

Holy crap! That's really scary! Glad it was DEAD!