Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Birdie...

I hijacked Desiree's camera card to get my photos off of it to share on my blog.

One day I was at her house late and we were outside and her sprinklers came on in the front yard. I saw something move and thought it was a mouse.

I walked closer and it was a baby bird.

I believe it was pushed out of it's nest. We looked for the nest, could not find it. We looked online to figure out what to feed it and it said it's best to leave it where you found it and the momma will came back.

Unfortunately, the momma did not come back and it passed the following morning :(

I believe it was a European Starling baby. It did seem like it may have broken it's neck when it fell because it did not have good neck coordination at all. It kinda was just limp.

The poor baby. I feel so bad!

Me with the baby bird.

So tiny!

Desiree took it inside for a few minutes while
I went home to get the extension ladder. We thought maybe
it fell from on her roof but there was no nest anywhere.
Here Joey is looking at the baby bird.

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