Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a day....

Saturday we were all shopping and Justin was goofing off in the cart - one of those carts you can get at Walmart where there are two seats in the back that the kids can sit on.

Justin decided to hang off the bar like he usually does and lost his balance and did a face plant right into the floor.

He started to scream and blood was POURING out of his mouth.

Joe and I looked at each other. Joe ran with him to the paper towel isle and opened up a thing of paper towels and started blotting at Justin's lip.

I ran him out to the car. I was trying to figure out if he just severely bit his lip or split it open and I'd have to take him to urgent care.

It luckily stopped bleeding and he luckily stopped crying. It was just two huge gashes from his teeth biting into his lip. It's fine now but puffy and white from where it 'scabbed' over.

I keep calling him Greg Jr. (Greg is my brother and was sooo accident prone as a kid). Justin I think has more on him already at the ripe age of not even 2 years old. Oiy.

If you click on here it will open bigger but you can
see his white lip. Poor kiddo.

We went to see Monster trucks on Sunday (see below).
Justin took a 5 min nap on the way home and would
NOT take another nap that day. They were watching
Diego and he finally just fell asleep on Joe.

Joey loves my camera. HE took these two photos! WTG Joey!

Another of Justin and Joe that Joey took!

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Melissa said...

Aww! Poor sweetie! Just think! You have many more to look forward to, Mom! ;)