Saturday, July 26, 2008

Scum....or not.

Desiree had a party for out Bible study class and we invited Joe and Carolyn (our neighbor) to come.

I knew almost the people there because of the class I attend now and the Bible Study I'm going to on Tuesday night's - most of the women came.

Scum is a card game in which there are two people - scoop and scum at the end of the line and the two kings at the top. I obviously was a king. Joe, well he was scum most of the night. He couldn't get good cards. I, on the other hand, did quite well! ha! I never play cards. I guess it's beginner's luck!

The kings and queens got to wear royalty hats, and the scum funny hats. We had a blast. The kids went to the drop in daycare so it was a parent's night OUT! Yay!

Queen Briana...
Oh, I'm sure my mom and brother are saying...
"Queen Bit&* of the Universe" - my lovely
knickname growing up because I was 'high maintenance'...
Oh wait - was - haha - I guess I still AM!

Joe, who was scum, got the lovely bonnet.

Joe and I.

I told the scum that he needed to wear the funny hat.
The king ordered me to wear it for ordering around scum.
So I did. I told people I was Marge Simpson. Ha!
I guess it's a character from Cat in the Hat.

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