Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Beach Club

We pay about $650 for our HOA so we get a lot of benefits. One of the coolest benefits is the beach club. It's a huge pool with a sandy beach. The kids love it and so do Joe and I. We went this day in the evening between 7pm and 8pm (it closes at 8) to wind down and enjoy the rest of the day.

Joey is doing better trying to swim. He can swim underwater now pretty well. Justin is still just getting used to the water. He likes to stay up on the sandy beach part and jump up and down into the water.

Here's what it looks like - our beach club.

They have a small splash area.
Here's Justin coming down the slide!

Joey being a goof ball.

Joe sitting in the water splash part. The water
comes up in a square so you can sit in the middle.

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Melissa said...

What an awesome place to be able to go! And in your neighborhood, too? Even better! :)