Friday, July 25, 2008

Can you identify what this is??

Any clues?

Here's a hint. I live on a golf course.

8am. I was getting dressed in my master closet. I wasn't even dressed yet when I heard glass break. I was like 'Those DARN cats'. I ran out into the living room and the cats were freaking out. I heard cracking and more cracking.

No, it was a WINDOW. EIGHT AM!!!! The kids weren't even up yet!

I ran back into the closet to finish getting dressed, grabbed my cell phone and ran outside to see the window.

I got Joe on the phone and yelled, 'SOMEONE FRICKING BROKE OUR WINDOW!!!!!!'.

Some guy in a golf cart comes up along the fence and says to me

'I'm so sorry. That was me who did it. I am fully responsible. Let me get you my name and number'.

The rest was a blur. I told him congratulations. I told him he was my first broken window since we've moved in.

I asked him if he knew he broke a window and he said, 'Yes, I heard it from back there'.

You couldn't SEE the window that broke because we have dark solar screens on the windows. If I wouldn't have gone outside, he never would have know what house he hit. I told him he hit a tempered glass window, and asked him if he could hear the cracking.

He listened and said he could. He felt really bad. I couldn't believe it.

I'm telling you - that window cracked and broke all day long.

I called the company that did our solar screens out and they came out about 5pm. It took the guy THREE hours to clean up the glass because the tempered glass broke into a million different pieces.

After that we went out to dinner with Desiree's family to our favorite restaurant to top off the evening.

By the way - the glass window cost $250 and the labor to clean it up was $100. We told the guy we'd chip in $50 for the cleanup and he said he'd cover the rest. He actually said his CLIENT broke the window. Joe told him that he hopes he got the business. Ha!

The window.

This is in the evening. You can see all the shards of glass fall to the bottom window
and to the bottom of the top window too. It was all over the place.


Me said...

Patrick's brother is selling his house on a golf course cuz he can't deal with that anymore.

But of course, nobody is buying. He already bought the next house on a lake too (idiot).

Melissa said...

OMG!! That would have scared me! Glad to hear the guy paid for it.