Friday, July 18, 2008

George Michael FINALLY came to concert.

Desiree and I went to the George Michael concert in Dallas on 7/13. I have had tickets for ever! As soon as they went on sale, I bought them. George Michael is one of my favorite artists ever and I told Joe long ago that if he ever came to concert, I was going - no questions asked. SOOO when the tickets came on sale - there were no questions asked!

I couldn't wait to go see him. The concert tickets said it promptly started at 8pm but for some weird reason, it didn't start until 9pm. By that time everyone was yelling GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE and people were even doing the WAVE around the stadium. It was the funniest thing ever because EVERYONE was doing it - it was a really good WAVE and it must have went around 10 times.

Finally when he started I could have seriously cried. I was so happy. All these years and he's back.

He played a lot of old music, some from Wham, some from the 80's Faith album, and even some newer stuff that I had no clue what it was and I feel pretty up to date on most of his music!

At the very end of the concert, he asked what song we all wanted to hear and everyone was yelling FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM. I was so excited since that is one of my FAVORITE songs he has done. Gosh - talk about going out with a bang.

I screamed so loud and so much that Desiree said to me, 'You are totally going to lose your voice'. What I told her was that I have screamed like this before and much to my friend's and parent's dismay, I have never lost my voice and probably never will. And guess what - I did NOT lose my voice. Ha!

He was quite an awesome performer too! He danced the entire time, just like you have always seen him dance. In fact every single dance song he sang, the entire crowd was on their feet dancing, including me!

Everyone was also singing - including ME! I was so excited. I told Desiree like 15 times how this was one of the best times of my life. It was the best concert I have seriously ever been to. It was fun dancing, singing and having fun.

He was quite funny. He talked about being gay openly. I would say about 60% of the people IN the crowd were gay. He said he came back to the states just in time 'For California to legalize same sex marriage.' He said, 'Men can marry men, women can marry women, Fu&* everyone can marry everyone'. I was laughing so hard.

When he said 'women can marry women', two chicks in front of me cheered. What was weird was they were both there with MEN and the one girl was macking all over this guy next to her, and then macking on the other girls guy on the other side of her. What an interesting GROUP of people! It was an interesting crowd to say the least.

Desiree, the sweetie she is, bought me the $30 program as a birthday gift. It's huge and beautiful and has lots of photos of the man himself. I seriously had an awesome time.

Me in front of the American Airlines center. Desiree took the photo.

Here are some photos I got online - not taken by me.
George had this AWESOME curved led screen in back of him
and it went on the ground too as you can see here. It had the
coolest special effects. Desiree was impressed too!

George on his LED screen.

The led screen.

The concert was called 25Live.

If he ever comes back to concert, I'm TOTALLY going again.

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