Saturday, July 19, 2008

Elmo for Justin...

Desiree invited us to go to the Country Club she has a membership at for breakfast with Superman and Elmo.

We took Justin (who ate free), myself, Joey, and Desiree brought her two kids - Camille and Braxton and herself.

Elmo came out with a boombox playing Sesame Street songs. Justin was just mesmerized. At first he wanted nothing to do with Elmo except to sit and watch.

Then finally he went by him ONLY if I held onto him.

Here are some photos. The kids LOVED it.

Me holding Justin with Elmo.

Elmo coming to say Hello.

Elmo was playing hide and seek. Elmo decided
that I was a good place to hide behind. I hope that doesn't
mean I'm big and fat! HA! Justin was like, OMG he's behind mom!

Elmo playing peek-a-boo behind me.
Justin was wearing his Elmo outfit he coincidentally
got at a garage sale a few weeks before!

1 comment:

Me said...

I love me some Elmo. I would have been pushing Justin out of my way.