Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mud Bog in Texas - Texas Mudfest...

One of the girls on my mother's online group posted about the Texas Mudbog going on Sunday where they had MONSTER TRUCKS. Joey and Justin LOVE monster trucks so I looked into it.

It was $15/adult and kids free.

We showed up at 1pm, when it was supposed to start. They were late starting and didn't start until 2pm. That stinks because the kids were a bit restless and it was the hottest day of the year - over 100 that day.

The mom that mentioned it said to bring umbrella's to shade you and your own cooler of drinks. We did this and it helped tremendously.

Finally at 2pm they started. The first three trucks flew through the mud pit to the other side and then one after another kept getting stuck in the mud pit. Here are some of the photos. There was this long pit that was full of mud and the truck would start at the end, and then rev their engine and then full throttle it into the mud to try to make it across the pit in the fastest amount of time.

I actually loved it. We had a good time. We only stayed until 3:30 because it was soooo hot and both kids didn't have a nap.

This truck revved so long in the mud trying to get out
that it CAUGHT ON FIRE. The guy ran out with a fire
extinguisher (they are required to put them in the cab)
and put out the fire. You can see him above.

You can see some of the pit here. This little jeep
made it all the way through!

The zebra truck did NOT make it all the way through.
Look how deep the pit is!

This truck reminded me of Uncle's Fred's 'Black bomb'.
Char - you'll have to show Uncle Fred this one.

We missed the HUGE Monster trucks because they were later and we just couldn't stick out the heat to stay longer. Bummer.

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