Friday, July 4, 2008

Firework Photos...

I did the best I could to capture some of the pretty fireworks. It was called Red, White and Boom and it was in McKinney. I thought it was going to be soooo crowded but there was sooo many spaces to sit and we actually sat down in an excellent spot.

Justin was mesmerized by the entire show and sat in my lap and didn't move a muscle. I think some of it was because he was a bit sleepy since it was from 9:30 - 10pm.

When the fireworks show was over, we looked at the clock and it was 10pm. It went on an entire 1/2 hour. They played a bunch of patriotic music in the background. It was one of the nicest fireworks shows I've been to in a long time.

Joey said he had a wonderful time. He seemed a bit bored about 20 minutes into it but then settled down when the finale came.

Both boys, Christopher and Joey, both were sleeping on the way home. Justin was still awake and outlasted them! I'll blame it on Justin's nap that afternoon - both older boys didn't take one.

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