Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A cat nap....

I thought this was sooo adorable. Joey is almost out of his napping stage. He will sometimes still take naps but will fight it if you ask him.

Today I let him stay up.

I didn't hear anything for the longest time so I walked upstairs and walked around. Not in his room, not in the game room, not downstairs.

I was started to panic! Where was Joey?!?!

I walked back upstairs and he's on the floor on the other side of the pool table, asleep next to his trains. I couldn't believe it!!

Tuckered out!


The trains by his head.

I guess he needed a nap!

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doctordeckle said...

OMG! My heart just melted when I saw those pics! He's in that in between stage...not a little guy but not completely a big-napless-guy yet either. How cute. Thanks for sharing.