Saturday, June 28, 2008

Braxton Turns FIVE!

Joey's bud down the street from us, Braxton, had his birthday party at Eagle's Wings in Allen, Texas. It's a gymnastic gym. When we walked in the kids had orientation and then started climbing on the rock wall. Joey didn't want to do this so he just started to swing on the rope swing.

The kids had a lot of fun. It was an hour of climbing, running, jumping and more.

Here is Justin on the mat. The blocks underneath the mat was squishy and he would jump into them. Joey also loved it and would jump into them from the rope swing.

The cake was so good. It was from coldstone creamery and had chocolate mint ice cream in it. His theme was power rangers and the cake was bright red.

Joey in the block pit.

They asked Braxton to pick a friend to go up the rock wall with him. Braxton chose Joey first. Here is Joey getting suited up so he doesn't fall.

Joey told us he was NOT going high. He actually made it 1/2 way up the wall before he wanted to get down. He did great! I am so afraid of heights that I'm glad that it didn't affect him much.

A photo of Joe and Justin on the trampoline.

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Ingrid said...

Oh my gosh! I think my husband has (or had) this exact same shirt. Is it Eddie Bauer?