Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun doesn't have to cost money...

Who isn't on a tight budget in this economy? If you're not, you're lucky. We are and so we try to find fun things to do with the kids that have little cost.

One of the things we do is take the kids to the library every Sunday. They LOVE their books in the evening before bed.

The other thing we like to do is rough house or play with the kids. In the photos below Joe was laying on the ground and Justin and Joey were running through the bathroom, through Justin's room and down the hallway and back into Joey's room (where we were) and running past daddy, who was trying to catch them as they ran by. They were laughing so hard and had a blast - and it didn't cost money! Gotta love that. We love doing simple things like this with the kids.

Justin's favorite book - Panda bear Panda Bear What do you see by Eric Carle.

Joe trying to catch the kids as they run by laughing.

Joey is dodging Joe. Joe almost got him!

Justin is casually walking by laughing!

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