Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just like little adults...

Justin is now obsessed with youtube. He can't use the mouse yet but I know it's coming soon. He loves watching farm animals, wiggles and cute songs.

Tonight I was on the computer and Joey came running in with shaving cream on his face. Joe has asked him before if he wanted some and he always said no. Today he must have said yes and was so proud.

He wanted Joe's razor but it's a real razor (so that was out of the question). I remembered that Mario from his old school got him a shaving kit for his birthday. We pulled out the fake razor and Joey watched daddy and then decided he was going to shave himself. It was sooo adorable. I swear he's getting so big!

Joey with shaving cream like dad.

Both Joe and Joey shaving in the mirror.

A very serious task is at hand.


Scary Mommy said...

So cute!! My daughter loves make-up, heels and recently was quite
intrigued with tampons. Oy!

Melissa said...

Totally cute! I don't let Ethan get on the computer yet, unless I'm doing the driving. lol

I love your new look for your blog!