Friday, May 2, 2008

Useful Links Recommended by Briana

I've been compiling some neat websites that I have found. Have fun!


  1. One of my favorite websites - you can ask for advice on here, get reviews on local businesses and more.
  2. Ever want to donate to a charity but don't know which one? Find one here:
  3. Blogger dad gives honest reviews of products and how his 3 year old faired using them.
  4. Working Moms Against Guilt - she shares fun websites, hints and tricks. It's a fun read.
  5. Mom advice - you can find just about anything here - articles, forums, and more.
  6. Cool tips for parents, from parents.
  7. - She's saved me from a house of chaos (Can't have anyone over syndrome).
  8. A free download from microsoft that allows you to control your children's access and what they are viewing on the computer:
  9. Real movie ratings are sooo outdated. Find out what moms and families think about the latest movies -


  1. An interesting blog on the latest diet news and about exercise.
  2. - by far the best recipes archive on the net! While you are there, check out my reviews of our favorite recipes.
  3. - Free site lets you lock in savings for booking off-hours - sometimes up to 30%! Free reservations and it's discreet!
  4. - buy gift certificates to eat at places near you at a STEEP discount. The only catch is a lot of them have minimum amounts that need to be spent in order to use them. BUT - it WILL save you money!


  1. See if your doctor is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.
  2. Child Health Guide Symptom finder. You match your child's symptoms to photos and sounds online! Cool!


  1. Read my book reviews. This website is really cool for organizing your interests, whether it's reading, gaming, dining, drinking, etc! You can even link it to your facebook account.
  2. - I love it so much more than - it's great for meeting back up with family (I have cousins on mine) or people from high school!


  1. The unclutterer gives daily organizing tips. I've found a lot of cool stuff on this site!
  2. Get too many catalogs! This website will contact them on your behalf to unsubscribe you from them! Sweet!
  3. Find millions of ideas for your home!
  4. Flylady - sounds funny but her ways of shining your sink every night has helped me keep my home clean!!
  5. Rate my Space on HGTV - People post photos of their homes for you to rate. Great decorating ideas and a fun peek in other people's homes!

  1. Make your own radio station. I typed in Phil Collins and it played for me all Phil Collins songs. Sweet!
  2. - the best satellite radio company in the world!

PC sites:
  1. This site is cool. They show new programs to make your life easier, and how to get things done smoother.
  2. If you have a website, this website allows you to track users who visit and give you cool statistics.

  1. Searches multiple sites for the best prices. or
  2. This website takes coupons from and shows you the best prices with online coupons! Cool -
  3. See if the online retailer you are shopping at has any online promotions: or
  4. This website notifies you if your product you bought goes on sale so you can get the difference in price back.
  5. Tells you about the greatest shopping deals on the net -
  6. - how can you not shop on ebay! I love it!
  7. Craigslist - a great place to find cool stuff locally!
  8. Freecycle - it's like shopping for free. I've been able to get RID of stuff and Get cool stuff through here - all for FREE! for information on how to join the list that is local to you!
  9. Need a bra? This site has just about everything.


  1. Finding the cheapest flights. Compiles results from other travel sites and airline listings.
  2. Read honest hotel reviews, get insider tips and check out candid photos.
  3. Searches for the best price before you buy an airline ticket, then sends an alert if the fare drops so you can get a refund or voucher!
  4. Find the best food when you are traveling!
  5. Have bored kids - will travel. Check out this site for fun and games:
  6. Find offbeat attractions when you are traveling! cool!
  7. Check these websites to compare prices of plane tickets - 
  8. Road trips? Check out national parks in the area with

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Thanks for the link, Briana! Hope you'll be back often to Working Moms Against Guilt.