Saturday, May 31, 2008

Out of the mouth's of babe's...

The kids make me feel so old sometimes I swear and I'm just month's away from turning 30.

Today after the kids got in the car from leaving the drop in daycare (the SS Noah), Joey says as he's climbing in, 'Mom, at our school some of the boys have weird peepees'. Keep in mind we have a mixed culture in Joey's school and I know that in some religions circumcision is not practiced.

Joe didn't hear him. I didn't know what to say. I got this dumbfounded look on my face, I'm sure and then I started to laugh. I was thinking how do I explain circumcision to my 4 year old??

Joe gets in the car, and I look at him and say, 'Um, did you hear what Joey said?'

He says 'No'.

I said, 'Joey says the kids at school have 'weird' peepees. How are we going to explain circumcision'.

Joe's response to Joey - "Joey, boys don't look at other boys peepees'.

End of discussion.

Ok. I was ready to high tail it into a discussion of circumcision, and Joe tells me, 'He needs to learn now you don't LOOK at other boy's peepee's. You pee and look straight ahead - that's all'.

OK, discussion ended. I guess he'll learn eventually. Hmmmm.

So yesterday we were at the park and this cute little three year old girl came over to the sandbox and I asked Joey to share his sand toys that we brought. He and her played for awhile. She left and Joe asked if he shared and he said, "I am sharing - I love that girl". Too funny! Her parents got a kick out of that too.

Justin is quite the climber. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten out of his crib yet. Anyhow each time we go to McDonald's Joey has to help Justin up into the play structure. Well that ended yesterday as Justin scaled the thing like nothing. I swear the kid does the splits practically to throw his leg up on the platform and then yanks his whole body up there. I couldn't believe it. He's not even two and he's climbing up the platform in the McDonald's play structure. Boy they grow fast!

I guess that's all for now. I'll keep writing down the funny things the kids say!

Our productive Saturday!

Our task this Saturday was to take the kids to the drop in daycare and get our house to-do's completed! I didn't want to think about them any longer!

So it started out, Joe went outside and mowed the grass and weed-whacked. I took the kids to the drop in daycare at the SS Noah. You would have thought maybe a bye or see ya from them? No way, they were so happy to be there I had to tell THEM goodbye!

So when I got back Joe was just about done and jumped into the shower. I unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen.

When he was done we went upstairs and worked on Justin's room. We've had the border for his room since about February and it's been bothering me every since to get it put on the wall. This weekend I told Joe let's just do it!

It was easier doing it this time. It went pretty quickly. It looks adorable. When the boys came home Joey claimed he wanted a Thomas border and Justin moooo'ed at the wall for the longest time. It was so cute.

Joe also rehung a photo of Joey's that was too high on the wall, hung curtain tie-backs on the wall for Joey's room and our room, fixed the front shutter where a piece disconnected from the rod and WD40'd our ceiling fan so it would stop making this awful squeaking noise. Phew - our to-do list is done! YAY to that! Here's photos:

Tie backs now in my room for the beautiful curtains my mother made me.

Justin's room now with his border. I just love it. We also hung his name over the door.

Justin's room

The border and his crib.

The attic access door in his room with his name over it.

Close-up of the border. It took me FOREVER to find a cute border that had cows, tractors, chickens, pigs and not look really dumb.

Justin's room, bookcase view.

Random photos....

Joey at lunch today.

Justin at lunch.

The boys LOVE to get on the golf course in the evening and shoot balls. Joe loves to practice too. We are on the first hole and it's about 150 yards to the green from our house.

A really nice sunset!

A view from Joey...

I have been resisting the urge to let Joey use my camera and he just begged and begged today. I showed him how to look through the view finder. He did an ok job holding the camera. He held it tilted so that is how almost all his photos came out. I think he did pretty good for his first time and not even being 4 1/2. Watch out - we may have a budding photographer in the making.

He took a bunchy of photos of me. Here's the best one.

He took photos of Daddy.

A neat photo of his glass.

The view of the end table, books and remote.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Cookie time...

Joe has been craving cookies lately so I found a recipe on for this 'Best Chocolate Chip cookie'. I thought I would try it.

We stopped to get some stuff from the store this evening so we could make it and my trusty helper Joey was ready to help!

Here are some photos of Joey helping me out. He LOVES to smell and try everything going into the cookie batter. He said about 100x, 'Mom, come here and smell this - it smells soooo good'. I told him if I keep smelling the batter, we'll never get them made!

Joey and I.

Photo of Joey.

See what I mean - he's smelling the next thing to go into the mixer.

Joey adding the ingredients to the mixer.

The best part...

Licking the spoon. I didn't even scrape it off. Joey nearly tackled me for it when I took it off the mixer. He LOVES eating the beater from the mixer.

This reminded me of the statue of liberty. Funny.

Thumbs up mom. YUM.

We used dark chocolate and white chocolate chips. Joe said they turned out excellent. I agree!

Wow, I scrapbooked - AGAIN!

I've caught the scrapbooking bug for sure. The Becky Fleck Page Maps book is awesome. I'm just going through and scrapbooking using every sketch, one by one, in a row. It makes for much faster scrapbooking, less stress, and nice pages.

Journaling: This was Justin's first time in the sand. He LOVED the sand. We really have to watch him. He LOVES to put things in his mouth. When we picked him up he had a good size rock in there. *sigh* 5.30.07

A page with my cousins from 03!


There is something about going to the apple orchard in the fall. I love the red and green apples, the smell of freshly baked doughnuts and fresh apple cider. I was dying to go to the orchard and so we asked our cousins Beth and Kelly, and Uncle Gary to join us. The orchard was near the end of season, so it was a bit disappointing since we had just missed the hayrides. The kids had a blast swinging on the tire swing, hiding in the haystack fort, and walking on the bridge. We made the best of our dark and dreary day. 11/2/03

Sorry it's tiny but it's long. Click to see more as it will open it larger.

Journaling: We had quite the non-traditional honeymoon! Caroline and Jason flew in to be a part of our wedding and then we flew back with them to have our honeymoon in Seattle! They let us stay with them (well I guess we crashed at their house!). We had a blast – it was an awesome honeymoon. For part we drove to Oregon to stay in Seaside in an Oceanside hotel. While in Seattle, Jason and Caroline took time to take us to some fun places – we got to see a Seattle Mariners game. We went and ate at the top of the space needle. Joe tried Sushi and Sashimi for the first time (I was not trying it!). Jason took us out on his uncle’s boat on a river. We visited mountains (which I have never seen before), and we visited the place where Northern Exposure was filmed. It was supposedly took place in Alaska, but really it was in Washington. We got our picture in front of the wall they always showed in the TV show. I wouldn’t do the honeymoon over anywhere else. Caroline and Jason made it a blast f or us! 9.2002

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just writing...

I just thought I would write. It probably won't be long. I'm quite tired.

For the past few weeks we've been really struggling with the fact that our main A/C unit has been running constantly and not able to keep up with the heat. SO we got Solar Screens put on the house. It's definitely helped cool down the house, but the house is still stuck about at 80/81 inside and doesn't cool off.

Finally the other day it rained most of the day and was in the mid-sixty's at night. We had all the windows open and the house still would not cool down, not even with the A/C on. I told Joe we were calling our home warranty program - Home Warranty of America, and have them send out an A/C guy.

So today the A/C guy came out. He told me the guy who fixed the unit before we moved in never even fixed it. This was actually a blessing because we paid the guy prior to us moving in to fix the unit that was not working. I guess the compressor went on it. It's on our main unit which is a 5 ton unit (I believe this is the biggest unit you can get for residential). Guess what - the warranty company DOES cover this. It's like an $800 part. THANK GOODNESS!!! So he's ordering the part and hopes it will be here in 2-3 days.

I told the tech I couldn't believe that the big A/C unit couldn't keep up with our house, especially with the solar screens. He told me with this new compressor it will be an ICE BOX in here. So it's good to know I trusted my instincts and knew something was wrong. It wasn't unbearably hot inside, but it was so weird how it never cooled down to just a degree or two below 80 and yet everyone I knew had their homes on 76! Soooo, glad that is taken care of, or hopefully soon will be!

I have to tell you the funniest thing. Today I'm driving down the street in my MINI-VAN and my favorite song comes on - well one that I like a lot - Lil' Wayne - Lollipop. Well I actually listened to the words and it's quite explicit but the beat on the song ROCKS - rocks so much that I had my radio maxed out booming down the street. Now imagine this soccer mom, in her mini-van, maxxed out radio playing rap. HAHAHA, me trying to be cool in a mini - yep it will never happen. I need to down grade to a car or cross over or something! Mini's are so not cool!

We are still struggling with potty training Joey. He goes if we remind him but if not, accident. We finally decided we aren't pushing him. He gets a sticker for every time he goes without us reminding him and without an accident. He gets 5 stickers he gets to go to McDonald's or Chick-fil-a to play in their play yard. He has one sticker. This was 2 days ago. *sigh*. Yesterday I was so frustrated at him missing BOTH and peeing and pooping his pants I put him back in a pull-up. He had an all out tantrum. I mean all out. I told him he needed to EARN the right to get his underwear back. He had a dry pull-up at the end of the day. It goes like this and then accident after accident. I don't know what to do. He's almost 4 1/2. The funny thing is JUSTIN is starting to notice the potty. He says potty, points to it when Joey goes and says the word, and we got out the little potty and he will sit on it. I told Joe at this rate JUSTIN will be trained before Joey. Augh! I know in like 3 years I will look back and go, jeez, it sucked but glad that's over, but this training now blows - especially since everyone I know has their kids totally trained.

Desiree and I went running tonight - about 2.5 miles. When we were done we jumped running clothes and all into her pool. Awwww, so refreshing. It was great. Then I walked home barefoot, enjoying the nice breeze (78 outside) and the quiet. It's such a nice walk down the street to my house when it's quiet and nice outside. I just enjoy the peace and quiet, especially when I'm coming down from a running high, there is nothing like it.

That's all for tonight y'all. Will write again soon.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Memorial Day we laid low - well mostly because we have no family here :) but really because well, yeah, because we have no family here!

We were taking the kids to the beach club where they have a pool that has a sandy beach. Desiree warned me that it closes a lot and sure enough, as we were walking up, they had just closed it because it was so sandy they couldn't see the bottom. It wasn't even worth it to go to the Aquatic center we had been going to because all the people from the beach club was heading there. There were about 100 cars there and they were turning people away. Crazy.

That afternoon we went over Desiree and Mark's house around 6:30 for a cookout. It was a beautiful day. We had hot dogs, hamburgers and pork and beans. The kids played like crazy. They had out the slip and slide and Joey thought it was fabulous. They had the kiddie pool at the bottom of their jungle gym slide and they kids loved that, they were jumping in their spa and then jumping on the trampoline. Now you know why her house is the place to hang out. Justin even loves it here and had a blast.

Joey's first time ever on the slip and slide.

I think he had fun, don't you?

Sliding into the pool...

Camille coming down the slide and into the pool with Justin in tow.

Both kids recovering as they got to the bottom.

Joey having a blast on the slip and slide, over and over and over ...

Cheese mom!

More fun on Memorial Day...

Braxton got into the baby float. Funny.

Justin hanging out.

Joe swimming with Joey - trying to show him how to swim.

The kids were all over Joe and having a blast jumping!

Having fun...

Justin, pool boy.

Their spa / pool. SO nice.

The kids having dinner.

Justin in his floatie. He really didn't like it.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

So what's been going on with us lately??

Well first of all - I can NOT believe it's almost the end of May. It's crazy! Where did May go? It's been in the 90's here for about two weeks straight and I know it's just going to get hotter. I still can't believe it's almost June! Wow.

Yesterday Joe and I was talking to the neighbor's father and it was getting pretty late. The neighbor's kids and Joey were playing. The neighbor in the court across the street came over too because her son was playing with the kids. The kids were coming up our neighbor's driveway which is on an incline, and then riding across the street into the court.

ALL the kids know to look for cars. They don't always do it but at least ours get yelled at and loses bike privileges if they don't. All of a sudden we notice a car is coming down the street. It's dark outside now, probably slightly after 9pm and dark. The street lights don't work. Joey is barreling into the road. We are yelling at Joey to come back. I froze. Joe is behind me, and the other two neighbors, and our neighbor's dad runs into the road, grabs Joey and his bike and brings him back to the sidewalk.

Now Joe and I often talk about how the other kids don't look both ways and how Joey usually does, yet this time, we are the ones who look likes asses because OUR child goes out in front of the on-coming car. *sigh*.

It scared the living hell out of him. I'm not sure if us all screaming at him to come back, or the car, or the fact that I made him get off his bike and do a time out and told him no more bike that day, or the fact he was embarrassed - either way he was pretty shaken up and upset. We were upset. I'm sure stuff like this happens to all parents, but we felt pretty awful about it.

That said we are getting along better with our neighbors. We aren't really sure what was happening. I THINK the kids were over all the time before because their father travels a LOT with work and is gone for weeks at a time. When he's home they act differently and they aren't over as much.

We thought for awhile that he told them to stop playing with Joey because they were NEVER here and if they saw Joey they would either go inside or go across the street to play inside someone's house - like they were avoiding him. This was kinda a nice break. The older daughter plays great with the kids but the younger son that is Joey's age and Joey kinda butt heads. Joey gets along much better with Braxton and so they hang out more. So lately it's been kinda quiet around our house. I think also it's like this because it's been so hot during the day no one is outside.

Joey and Justin are getting quite used to the warm weather. Today it wasn't that sunny and the pool was a bit cooler and Justin just wouldn't get in like he did yesterday. I think also the fact that he broke out from the sunblock all over his face didn't help either.

Desiree and family came home from camping today and rode by the house with their bikes saying they were going to the park and if Joey could go. Joey went and when he came back Desiree said he got going so fast on the way back that he hit something in the sidewalk, and went flying into the air and into something. Joe said he heard it cracked his helmet but he's ok. And that's why folks - kids should wear their helmets! It could have been his HEAD!!!

Our fish are populating like bunnies. We have tons of black molly's and it doesn't seem to end. I think some of the fish are eating them, but it seems that some here and some there make it and then we have so many more. We need to sell some back to the store! It's getting crazy in there!

Last night it rained a bit and when Joe went outside to get the Sunday paper he noticed it was left in the front yard. Yes, my camera, left in the rain, in the front yard. And guess what - I'm DAMN lucky - it works! The UV lens was fogged up and there was a little condensation where the lens and the body come together but so far, so good. THANK GOODNESS! That camera is my baby. I'm just happy no one stole it!

Lately I don't know why my deal is but I've been participating in survey's where you get paid, earn points for prizes or they just send you samples to try and write about. So far I've gotten paid $5.00 and gotten something to sample for 4 weeks before I write them about how I liked it. Pretty cool. It does take time but it's kinda fun.

One more thing - if you don't want to come every day to my blog to see if I updated, you can sign up and the right for email updates. I highly suggest if the post is emailed to you, that you come to my blog to see it. First of all it looks prettier on my blog. Second I don't think it emails you when I UPDATE the post to fix typos or add more text so it's best to check here. The service is nice though to tell you that I've updated!

I guess that's all for now. It's after 12 and I really need to hit the sack!

More scrapbook pages! Yay!!

I love how this one turned out: Journaling:

When little kids start to eat, there is really nothing to say about it except one word – messy. The grand mess of them all is giving children spaghetti. It seems funny at the time, until the clean up part occurs. Most parents strip down their children before they eat this meal because it is so messy. Your child turns orange – no tan or sun needed. Heck, your floor even turns orange!

Justin is really no exception. First he LOVES pasta more than any other child I’ve ever seen. Second, he loves to make a mess. Third – he loves to throw food on the ground.

Seeing your child drenched in spaghetti sauce, with bits of pasta stuck to their face makes up for all the mess they make. Camera in hand, mothers everywhere take photo after photo of their children, and I’m no exception. Seeing this orange smile peek up at me makes the mess and the whole ordeal worth it. Spaghetti anyone? 12.17.07

Did this one while ago - called Walk.

Did this one a month ago or so - It's about our participation in the family transition study through UofM. These are the photos they took of us throughout the study.

Did this one last week and finally finished it. Christmas 2003.

Did this one today - called Grand dad.

A big teddy bear – that is who grand-dad (grandpa) is. He’s always been a really big guy, but don’t let it fool you, he’s a big teddy bear deep down, always trying to be the best he can be to people. On this day it was 2/28/04, Joey had just had major surgery days before to have his kidney removed and the other repaired. Grandpa had you wrapped in a blanket, so tenderly holding you as you slept. I think he may have dozed a bit too – he tends to do that when he’s in his chair. One other thing I want to add – I have always had an issue with bottles that have a top and bottom with different colors like this one here! I always made Joe put them together with the right colors when they came out of the dishwasher. Funny huh? (Journaled 5/25/08)

The kiddos...

Joey's new hair cut.

We went to the pool again today and we bought new banana boat baby spf 50 and it made Justin break out all over his face. Isn't this awful? I had to give him benedryl and throw him in the tub at home!
The poor kids eye is swollen!

I found this recipe for this yummy parfait in the latest edition of Healthy Cooking and had to make it for dinner - in fact I made Joe run to the store for cool whip because I was out. Yummm.

Isn't it beautiful?

Our parfaits!

Joey and his parfait.

Joey LOVES when you squirt the redi-whip in his mouth. He remembers when we used to do it at Grandma Norma's and talks about it all the time, even before we bought it today!

Joey and his redi-whip.

This is what was IN his mouth!