Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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Yesterday Joe came home from work. We have a few neighbors that are always at our house. It's almost bothersome sometimes because sometimes I'm not sure they even like to play with Joey much - sometimes I think they just like his toys since they just run right past him and into the garage..

So they bombarded Joe when he pulled in the garage. Joe told them the kids had to eat dinner. He was about to close the garage when it went back up. Joe was like WHAT THE HECK? He turns around the the neighbor is walking into the garage, asking if they can play with the toys anyway. Joe was like, 'Um, no one is playing with the toys unless our kids are outside'.

So we are in the middle of dinner, when the doorbell rings. We KNOW it's them, since this is not the first time this has happened, so we ignore it - I mean we are eating dinner.

Then I heard them pop the gate open, and heard them talking in our backyard and then they proceeded to POUND on the WINDOW of my dining room! They were like, 'Joey, I know you're in there, come out and play!'.

Joe was so pissed off he literally RAN outside, and said to them extremely sternly, 'I don't ever want to see anyone pounding on our windows again. We are eating dinner still and we are not happy about this at all'. Joe was so angry. Needless to say they avoided us today after all that happened.

So here is my shout out to everyone reading for some potty training advice!!!

Joey is 4 and has been trained about for a 1/2 year now.

He's never really been poop trained. For some reason he always has to start in his underwear, and then will go in the potty. He's not constipated. We actually started having him try on the potty a few times a day and that has helped, but not 100%. I've asked all my other friends and none of them have had this issue!

Lately he's even been peeing his pants. I don't know why and if we ask him to use the potty, he screams and cries and throws a tantrum. One of the only ways I can get him to go is to race him to the potty by saying I'm going to go first, and he will sometimes go then, but sometimes he goes crying....

We've tried:
1. Having him pick out his own underwear and telling him Thomas doesn't want to be dirty (he doesn't care).
2. Bribes with candy.
3. Reward charts.
4. Buying a big toy and telling him he can have it if he has so many successfully potty trips.
5. Time-outs.
6. Withholding computer time and restricting time outside with friends (he just finds other stuff to do).
7. A schedule and he fights me every time it's time to go. He screams and cries and throws a huge fit.

I'm at my wits end. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? I actually just put him back in pull-ups today because I was sick of all the fighting about it.

Should I just lay off? He doesn't have any issues with infection. Should I just go back to pull-ups?

Thanks for any advice.

Desiree and I went running again tonight and did about 2 miles - not as much as we usually do. I tried new running shoes which made the bottom of my feet go numb and her back was starting to really hurt so we did about 2 miles and called it good. She JUST had a spool put in - it's not quite a pool (too small) but too big to be a spa - so she calls it a spool :) It even has a waterfall and is heated. She invited me over tonight for a dip and I sat on the side and swished my legs around. It's a saltwater pool/spa so it feels really nice on your skin. We talked for a bit and she made me a yummy smoothie but I had to leave and get the kids to bed. Her and I get along so well we could just talk and talk! :)

Justin had goopy eyes this morning but eye drops all day and the antibiotics must be kicking in, I believe he'll be ready for school tomorrow because since around noon today his eye has been completely clear. I'm so happy. I bet his eye feels so much better. It was all swollen looking this morning so I'm glad the eyedrops have been helping!

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Melissa said...

The kids in your neighborhood sound like some of the kids in mine! We've had quite a few unexpected visitors in our backyard, some have even walked in the house without knocking! Hopefully they learn not to do that stuff quick!