Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doctors, doctors - we are so sick of doctors...

This week was a roller coaster ride for us, to say the least.

On Wednesday last week Joey had his MRI done. They said on Friday I would have the results - and we didn't.

I called again on Monday. Nothing.

I called again on Tuesday. Finally later that morning we got a call from the doctor. I was assuming he was going to say everything was fine.

He said a bunch of stuff, explained the brain was broken into four area and their veins run through it. I thought 100's of things, but I was praying he wasn't going to say he had an blockage in his brain or something else.

He explained that the 4th area of the brain is not as big as it should be, and it is what controls hearing and vision. That would explain where his hearing loss came from. He gave it a name - cerebral vermian hypoplasia with a dandy walker variant. He said it was extremely rare and he didn't know much about it. It's very rare he even gets cases like this and he would call me back with more information.

I googled it and got overwhelmed quickly. There are so many things regarding this. It says it causes mental retardation, issues with cysts on the brain, and tons more stuff. I told Joe and we both got very overwhelmed. Luckily the MRI did NOT show any cysts on the brain. Whew.

The doctor called back and asked if we looked up anything on this. I said yes and we were very overwhelmed because he doesn't have any of the symptoms that they are explaining. He agreed and asked us to call the pediatric neurologist.

We called the pediatric neurologist and got an appointment for Thursday, two days later.

Thursday morning Joey had another appointment, this time for the pediatric foot doctor. He had a HUGE planters wart on his foot. Our doctor said to leave it alone, it should go away on its own as most do, but this one did not, so off to the foot doctor we went - especially after it sprouted two other baby worts right by it.

The doctor was very nice. He said they don't freeze off the worts but he puts this solution on it that goes into the foot, down to the root of the wort and kills it. He said it may blister the next day and that you can pop the blister and drain it if it causes pain. Joey does have a blister but he said it doesn't hurt so I'm letting it be. I'm so glad it was painless for him, and did not involve freezing it off and scaring the heck out of the boy!

The foot doctor and Joey. He was very well behaved.

Later that day we had an appointment with the foot doctor for 2 pm. Joe took the afternoon off to join us for the appointment.

Unfortunately they didn't get the records from the ENT but we explained to him what our ENT said. He said he couldn't do much with it anyhow since he needed to see the actually MRI. He did a full neurological exam on Joey. He held out both hands and had Joey look at his nose and tell him which hand he was moving. He had Joey walk in a straight line on his toes, then on his heels and then had him touch his nose. He did a bunch of other tests and told us that if we wouldn't have told him what Joey had, he wouldn't have thought he had any issues at all. He said this shouldn't be progressive and that he should be fine. THANK GOODNESS! What a sigh of relief! He said he would love to have the CD of the MRI and he would review it and call us but doesn't anticipate any more issues. So at this point all we are dealing with is a hearing loss.

We are told it's hereditary so we should have Justin's hearing checked at his next appointment. That may be Monday because I think he has pink eye. *sigh*....

Justin with Dr. Majeed.

They had this cute carnival type thing in the lobby. Joey liked climbing on the bugs/animals.

Joey on the bunny.

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