Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Justin blowing bubbles

Joey and Justin went to a birthday party and got these really neat bubble makers. Here is Justin using one on a pretty hot day (sans pants!).

Justin with the bubbles

Monday, April 28, 2008

The kids new ikea chair

My dad told my mom to spoil the kids when she came down to visit, so when she saw this chair on her first trip to Ikea, she said, 'I gotta buy it for them'. The kids love it. It's like an egg where you can pull down a shade over it. Joey choose red instead of blue. They were fighting over it they liked it so much!

Justin with his doggy (he takes it everywhere pretty much).

Joey hiding in the egg.

Joey and Justin sharing the egg.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My mom's visit

My mom came to visit and we were sooooo happy to have her here for 1/2 the week. Some places we took her - to Ikea (she loved it), to see a Texas Ranch, to Taco Beuno and Sonic (fast food restaurants) and we took her to our library. We LOVE the library and got faithfully EVERY weekend. She also managed to see a dead armadillo on the side of the road :)

Here's our trip:

Justin in front of the statue at our library. I just love this statue. Reminds me of Grandpa (who passed in 04) and him reading to Joe or Joey. Here's Justin.

Mom insisted on making her general tso chicken.

Mom reading a book to Joey. Joey just LOVED grandma reading her books.

Joey and grandma (my mom).
Joe and I in Joey's room with mom while she reads him books.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mom's visit

You can see I haven't blogged in awhile - it was because my mom was here and I tried to spend time with her. On Saturday I worked the entire day for work - we had an implementation that went long so I missed an entire weekend Saturday with my mom in town. That really wasn't ideal, but that's how it goes.

Here are some photos from my mom's camera of the boys.

Justin with his push toy.

Justin pointing at the neighbor's dogs.

Mom and I helped Joey finally finish his puzzle!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Birthday Parties and Southern Living Parties

Friday was definitely party day. Joey had a birthday party to go to at Pump It Up and I took Justin (I asked of course) and Justin was pretty clingy but we did climb to the top of the slide multiple times and slid down. Boy was it fast - I flug right off the end of it!

That night Desiree had a Southern Living Margarita party with her new spool (not quite a pool but too big to a spa). I had a blast and I love hanging with her anyhow!

Justin holding my socks at Pump it up. He's sporting his new cut :(

Desiree's new spool! (Spa + Pool)

Desiree during her Southern Living Party.

Desiree and Amy taking a dip in the pool!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mr. Accident Prone....

Here's how it goes.

A call from school.

"I think you need to come and get Justin. He fell into a wall and has a cut on his head. It's not bleeding but I think it needs medical attention."

Me - "You mean it needs stitches?"

Donna from school - "Yeah, I think it needs one or two".

Me - Big sigh. "OK, I'm on my way"

I think we may call Justin 'Gregory Jr.' You see Greg is my brother and he's the most accident prone kid I knew. It all started when he split open his knee when we moved to Howell on a cider block. Then he managed to get a treble fishing hook stuck in his skull. He's split open his thumb. He's broken his shoulder blade three times. He's gotten in a car accident and ripped open his hand and managed to nail gun a nail through his hand. I'm sure I'm missing something else too.

So here's Justin. He's always seeming to get hurt. This is the latest.

We got to daycare and through some phone calls with school and my doctor, they told me to take Justin to Acute Kids nearby our house which is an afterhours clinic and since it was nearly 5pm when I picked him up, that worked out perfect.

Donna offered to drive with us there and we followed her.

We got inside and I registered. Justin was calm the entire time like nothing happened. Donna watched Joey in the waiting room while I took Justin back.

They cleaned out his cut and tried to open the scab back up so they could apply the glue. That made him really angry. Then they dermaglued his cut together. No stitches, just pinch the cut together, put the glue on and let dry. She said the glue starts to burn about 15 seconds in and he did start to scream but it wasn't long before it dried and he was all done. That wasn't that bad at all.

For the next few days you can better believe we got asked what happened to his head. That poor kiddo. I just hope it doesn't scar!

Ok, I had to bring my camera with me! Here's Justin's favorite blankie, and Donna in the infirmary.

Donna and Justin in the waiting room.

Justin's cut on his head.

Justin's glued cut. Poor kiddo.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More storms...

Our family just loves storms. One of the advantages of having huge windows in the back of your house is you can put up all your blinds and instantly have a great show of lightening. Right now I'm kicked back on my sofa with my pc in lap typing out this blog while watching the awesome lightening show. There's nothing more relaxing than this! :)

Today Joey had T-ball practice. At practice I happened to find someone's cute little monkey sitting on a table and a 10k ring that is a silver/gold braid twist - fits my pinky perfectly. I carried around the monkey for a long time and asked every mom nearby if it was theirs - they all said no. Justin is really starting to talk now and he even said Monkey - it was so cute. It was part Mommy and Monkey but he got the hang of it. He smiles when he said new words - it's adorable.

When practice was done Joey went over to the wooded area where they have these HUGE vines the kids love to hang from and swing over this deep hole. The guy asked me if Joey could as Joe walked up. Joey wanted to so bad. I was like, 'Um....I"m not so sure'. Joe said, "Sure - why not" and walked to the bottom of the pit so if Joey fell, he could catch him. The guy helped Joey hang onto the vine and pushed him across and he held on like a champ. He gripped the vine with his legs and held on with his two hands and swung like tarzan. I couldn't believe it. Seeing that makes me really believe my little boy is growing up before my eyes.

I should have known he could do that. At the park this weekend, I showed him how to get on the pole and slide down it. He can actually hang onto the pole and not slide - that's how good his strength is. So holding onto that vine was just another step for him.

Towards the end of the vine swinging, this little girl comes up to me with cute little pingtails, glasses and looks about 6 years old and points to the monkey. I asked, 'Is this monkey yours?' as she nods yes. I told her 'I was holding onto it because it was going to rain and I didn't want him to get wet. I'm soooo happy to give the monkey back to you!'. She was so excited to see it that she put her little arms around me and hugged me, thanked me as I felt golden that she got her little monkey back. I'm sure she slept better tonight (and so did her mother, who made a trip back to the park just so she could get back her monkey).

When we got home no one was really hungry so we took a trip to the nearby park down the street. Justin didn't even want to play - he wanted me to take him for a walk in the stroller, which I was happy to do! It was looking mighty cloudy and I felt a small speck of water now and then. Dad called to say we had big storms coming that way.

I told Joe it was probably time to head out to dinner. Joe decided he wanted to try Whataburger. Joe really liked it. I thought it was pretty good. Justin loved the chicken tenders and Joey got a hamburger. He was NOT happy it came with mustard so we asked him to try it before he said it was awful. He reluctantly tried the mustard on the burger. His eyes got really big and he says rather loudly, 'Oh my god - this is AWEEEESOME. This is the best burger I've ever eaten. I've never eaten this before'. He's so funny.

Both boys were sooo good today at the restaurant. In fact they were good all day today since they got home from school.

Joe asked Joey today what it would take for him to start peeing on the potty. He said he wanted a trip to the train store. Ever since then, he's just been going on the potty - no problem. I hope that keeps up tomorrow.

Joey sat on the couch with Joe and I tonight and watched the lightening. I actually saw about 8 bolts fly across the sky. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Justin is really getting that language explosion! He can pretty much say back any word you say to him. Today he said cell phone, monkey, park, and so many more words I can't remember them all. You can tell he's so proud too that he can accomplish this now. Joe said to me today he can't believe how fast our little boys are growing up.

Joey got invited to another birthday party today! LOL. We were invited to one about a month ago but didn't go. We have one this Friday, one Sunday and he was invited to another one in about a week or two. That's 4 since we've been at this new school - only about 2 months now! I told Joe we give about $15 gift but the kids get to play at places like Pump it Up or Chuckie Cheeses so I guess we can't complain. They are being entertained!

It's been pretty warm here lately. It's been pretty cute watching Justin toddle around in his diaper around the house.

This week I scored
1. A dora sit and spin
2. A toddler step stool (like for sinks)
3. a box of scrapbooking supplies
4. A box of kids craft supplies
All from freecycle!

I pulled a few things from the scrapbooking box and added some back and passed it onto another freecycler. I only got a coloring book from the kid's box and then passed that onto another freecycler. So that is cool that I got those things this week! The kids LOVE the sit n spin. It sings the Dora the Explorer song when you sit and spin on it!

Well I guess that's all for now. It's 11pm and I need to work tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More from me...

Yesterday Joe came home from work. We have a few neighbors that are always at our house. It's almost bothersome sometimes because sometimes I'm not sure they even like to play with Joey much - sometimes I think they just like his toys since they just run right past him and into the garage..

So they bombarded Joe when he pulled in the garage. Joe told them the kids had to eat dinner. He was about to close the garage when it went back up. Joe was like WHAT THE HECK? He turns around the the neighbor is walking into the garage, asking if they can play with the toys anyway. Joe was like, 'Um, no one is playing with the toys unless our kids are outside'.

So we are in the middle of dinner, when the doorbell rings. We KNOW it's them, since this is not the first time this has happened, so we ignore it - I mean we are eating dinner.

Then I heard them pop the gate open, and heard them talking in our backyard and then they proceeded to POUND on the WINDOW of my dining room! They were like, 'Joey, I know you're in there, come out and play!'.

Joe was so pissed off he literally RAN outside, and said to them extremely sternly, 'I don't ever want to see anyone pounding on our windows again. We are eating dinner still and we are not happy about this at all'. Joe was so angry. Needless to say they avoided us today after all that happened.

So here is my shout out to everyone reading for some potty training advice!!!

Joey is 4 and has been trained about for a 1/2 year now.

He's never really been poop trained. For some reason he always has to start in his underwear, and then will go in the potty. He's not constipated. We actually started having him try on the potty a few times a day and that has helped, but not 100%. I've asked all my other friends and none of them have had this issue!

Lately he's even been peeing his pants. I don't know why and if we ask him to use the potty, he screams and cries and throws a tantrum. One of the only ways I can get him to go is to race him to the potty by saying I'm going to go first, and he will sometimes go then, but sometimes he goes crying....

We've tried:
1. Having him pick out his own underwear and telling him Thomas doesn't want to be dirty (he doesn't care).
2. Bribes with candy.
3. Reward charts.
4. Buying a big toy and telling him he can have it if he has so many successfully potty trips.
5. Time-outs.
6. Withholding computer time and restricting time outside with friends (he just finds other stuff to do).
7. A schedule and he fights me every time it's time to go. He screams and cries and throws a huge fit.

I'm at my wits end. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? I actually just put him back in pull-ups today because I was sick of all the fighting about it.

Should I just lay off? He doesn't have any issues with infection. Should I just go back to pull-ups?

Thanks for any advice.

Desiree and I went running again tonight and did about 2 miles - not as much as we usually do. I tried new running shoes which made the bottom of my feet go numb and her back was starting to really hurt so we did about 2 miles and called it good. She JUST had a spool put in - it's not quite a pool (too small) but too big to be a spa - so she calls it a spool :) It even has a waterfall and is heated. She invited me over tonight for a dip and I sat on the side and swished my legs around. It's a saltwater pool/spa so it feels really nice on your skin. We talked for a bit and she made me a yummy smoothie but I had to leave and get the kids to bed. Her and I get along so well we could just talk and talk! :)

Justin had goopy eyes this morning but eye drops all day and the antibiotics must be kicking in, I believe he'll be ready for school tomorrow because since around noon today his eye has been completely clear. I'm so happy. I bet his eye feels so much better. It was all swollen looking this morning so I'm glad the eyedrops have been helping!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm BACCCCKKK! 6 weeks after my TVT surgery....

It's officially 6 weeks after my TVT surgery! THANK GOD!! So what was the TVT surgery (my doctor is featured in this article!) all about? Well as I said earlier, I had a very big baby (Joey) who was 8lbs and 15oz and because I pushed for 5 hours straight, it messed up my bladder and I had urinary incontinence. I have no issue talking about this because so many women have it and it's caused by big babies and bad deliveries and I want to let them know they don't have to live like that!!! I had leakage issues when I coughed, sneezed, would trip or lift something very heavy.

The TVT is a surgery that helps fix this so you don't experience these issues anymore. If you don't like gory details, just skip this section. By the way - I highly recommend my dr. Dr. Michelsen if you are in Texas to perform the surgery. She's AWESOME!

What To Expect After Surgery

(This was pulled from some websites) - Usually within hours of your surgery, you will be asked to urinate to test the response of your bladder and urethra to the surgery. You may be released to go home the same day as your surgery, or you may remain in the hospital overnight. It may be necessary to have a thin, flexible tube catheter placed into your bladder through your urethra to allow urine to drain while you recover or to teach you to perform self-catheterization temporarily.
Some women may experience either retention of urine or urgency to urinate after TVT surgery.

During the time the stitches are dissolving, there may be some discharge or even small pieces of suture coming away. This is normal so there is no need to worry.
I also read online that the surgery is done while you are awake and they fill your bladder with fluid and ask you to cough and you are required to stay overnight. I was NOT awake - I was put to sleep while they did the surgery. I also did not stay overnight. I stayed just through morning and was asked to urinate to make sure I could after the surgery (some people can't and have to wear a catheter home) and it was harder than normal, I'll say that but I was able to urinate. Since I was ok, they released me that day.

I had all the symptoms above after the surgery except I wasn't cathed. I also felt a firm pressure in the area they did the surgery for a good two weeks afterwards and it slowly went away. I took pain meds for about 2 days and that was all. I was also a bit nauseous from the anesthesia after the surgery for a week. I felt a bit of urinary urgency right before I used the bathroom but that went away.

Just an FYI - my doctor would NOT let me exercise for 6 weeks after surgery. That includes any heavy lifting over 25 lbs, no bedroom aerobics (if you know what I mean) and no exercises of any kind. She said that it was absolutely necessary for the body to let that TVT mesh scar into place to hold it. If the body did not scar this into place, it's possible the TVT surgery could fail and have to be repeated.

Today was 6 weeks after the surgery. I've been sneezing on and off and no leak. I went running today - TWO MILES and NO ISSUES! Freedom at last. I'm sorry but having these issues at age 25 sucked!! I was wayyy to young to have to deal with this. I'm so glad I found my doctor and she was able to do this surgery and correct this! I thank her every day for the freedom to be able to live a normal life again! :)

If you ever want to email me regarding the surgery - feel free - my email is designsbybriana @ gmail . com (without the spaces - I did that because I don't want to be spammed!). 

So Desiree and I ran two miles - and that was after 6 weeks of NO EXERCISE! I'm so proud of me! I was at three miles before, so two miles after 6 weeks of no exercise makes me feel so proud. I'm just coming off a running high and I just love it. I hate running by myself but I feel so awesome running with her! It's fun and she pushes me and I feel so good afterwards. It's great!

Update 2/19/2012 - I get asked a LOT about a status on how I'm doing. I'm doing great. I don't leak anymore, unless I have bronchitis or something of the like and I'm coughing so hard it takes my breath away. I can run, exercise, cough and sneeze with no leaking. I noticed there are some moves in zumba that I need to flex my muscles down there to hold it or I could leak. It was a very successful surgery for me. Hope that helps! 

Update 1/2/2014 - Everything is still holding up well. I can't even remember the last time I leaked in any way. This post is by far my most popular out of any in my blog. Please keep in mind the first few weeks it will feel like a LOT of pressure in the vaginal area. You may have to train yourself how to go to the bathroom again. Give it a few weeks before starting to stress out. Make sure to give yourself at least 6 weeks before exercising. I know there are a LOT of tv commercials and lawsuits regarding this type of surgery, but I have had no negative issues from the surgery. Good luck!!

Update 7/1/15 - I still get so many people reaching out from this post. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me. I was told this single blog post was the most reasonable and reassuring post on the entire internet about what to expect and that isn't negative!

On Sept 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer (at age 34). I went through a double mastectomy, chemo, radiation and reconstruction and removal of my ovaries. Because I had the ovaries removed it threw me into menopause (hello hot flashes!).

I went to the gyno who did my TVT procedure last week. She  no longer does the procedure because there are so many doctors in the area who specialize in it but she told me because I went into menopause the pelvic floor will weaken some and I will notice more leaking.

I did try crossfit a month ago and some of the exercises were pretty intense. Jump roping and any jumping was causing me to leak. She said this was normal and to work on keegels. I still don't leak when I cough or sneeze - only under intense jumping or strenuous activities. This was a huge step from where I was so I'm happy. I haven't had any crazy side effects from the surgery (thankfully) so I'm years out and still going strong. Zumba also causes me to leak. It's the jumping again! I think I just have to admit to myself that jumping is not good for me. I will use the bathroom before zumba class but it doesn't matter.

I get asked a lot of pain is normal after the procedure - yes it is. As I stated above - I felt a very firm pressure for about 2 weeks after the procedure. It was very very hard to pee right after the surgery. I was freaking out that I wouldn't be able to pee but I had to calm down and relax and then I was able to finally get the handle on learning to pee again. I did not have shooting pains - I just had a very firm pressure in the bladder area. It did go away after 2-3 weeks.

I still go to the gym. I can run or use the eliptical without any peeing. As I stated above Zumba gives me some issues but it's normally just the jumping part.

If you have had a positive experience - please post below in the comments. This blog post has been very helpful for women going through the experience having side effects. Good luck! ;)

Justin is sick :(

Ok, totally off subject...
I took Justin to the doctor today and he has a major sinus infection and when it gets as bad as his got, it causes pink eye type symptoms and can also be caused by ear infections. He's got the sinus and the ear infections and it's causing his eye to be goopy. She said because it's so bad she's prescribed antibiotic and eye drops and said he can go to daycare after his eye clears up, which could be tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed. Poor kiddo!

By the way - today it got to be about 85 and pretty humid. I told Desiree my house is set to 85 during the day and 78 around 5pm and she thought I was nuts. I think I will need to adjust the indoor day temperature down a little bit or I may be sweating! ;) I think I'm trying to prepare myself for the even hotter weather that's going to come.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our week synopsis...

Well it's been quite a week. As you can read below we got Joey's MRI results, which resulted in a visit to the neurologist, so it's been a week of ups and downs and ups again.

Grandma Norma had hernia surgery this week. It was much worse than they anticipated so she's still in the hospital. She's doing well though so we are very thankful. We love Grandma Norma very much and we are bummed we can't be there with her.

Joey has been showing us his temper this week. He's been lashing out, screaming, throwing things and hitting. He's been doing quite a few timeouts for his behavior too. I'm not sure what brought this one all of a sudden but the little things are taking him over the edge - just asking him to use the bathroom really sets him off. *sigh*....

I'm so excited - my mom is coming into town next Saturday and we are all so excited to see her! I was cleaning most of today preparing for her visit. Actually not really but I did vacuum and shampoo all the carpets in the house. This took about two hours. We have about 3500 sq feet of carpet! Everything is carpet but the main hallways, the kitchen and the bathrooms! Lots of washing the carpets of cat puke, dirt, kids paint that splattered on the carpet, I spilled medicine in Justin's room and more. I'm just glad it's done and it looks so clean now. I told Joe I'll probably wake up tomorrow and find that the cat puked on the carpet! :)

Oh and this week we took TyTy (our cat) back to the vet for the fourth time I believe. He still has a urinary track infection and is on a different antibiotic TWICE a day, an anti-inflammatory every other day and on special food now. I'll be switching ALL the cats to this new food - Royal Canine Feline Urinary SO. It's very expensive but if it helps TyTy, I am assuming it will help all the cats. I'm sure Joe really loves the fact that this cat has a never ending urinary track infection (it's been going on about two months now) and they showed me one of his front teeth is rotting out and will need to be removed. I mean really - this poor cat and our poor wallet!!!

So that has been our week. I've been really tired. I think it may be my lack of diet coke in the house. I NEVER used to drink pop, now I'm addicted to diet coke. I think my lack of diet coke today (we ran out) has made me feel so sluggish and tired.

Plus Justin's eyes were all goopy today and swollen. I think he has pink eye so I'm keeping him home tomorrow to go to the doctor. He's had a never ending cough/runny nose anyhow so I'm hoping she can help with that. I keep hoping it will get better and it hasn't so far.

The trees are in full bloom here. It was nice enough to put the A/C on this weekend. We are really enjoying the weather here!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Allen Railroad Days

We get these magazines published by the local cities in our area. I was thumbing through one and found they had a local model railroad day on Saturday. I was so excited. Joey asked me about 50x that morning if we could go yet and I had to tell him 50x that they weren't open yet.

At a little after 10am we were off to the train depot in Allen to see the model trains. Joey was so excited he couldn't stand it.

This really nice older gentleman asked if we wanted a family photo and was so nice to take this!

Joey by the train.

More of the train layout.

Joe with the boys - the train coming.

More train photos

This guy's layout was cool. I talked to him for awhile. He said that his train is really a gaudy type of train as it's really large but the kids LOVED it. He said he was single and fixes up trains and likes to come to places like this to show the kids his trains. What a great guy!

This is the guy and his trains. He is letting Joey blow the train's horn!

The tracks out back are no longer in service. The boys were able to walk on them. Justin kept walking to the road so we went home soon after.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doctors, doctors - we are so sick of doctors...

This week was a roller coaster ride for us, to say the least.

On Wednesday last week Joey had his MRI done. They said on Friday I would have the results - and we didn't.

I called again on Monday. Nothing.

I called again on Tuesday. Finally later that morning we got a call from the doctor. I was assuming he was going to say everything was fine.

He said a bunch of stuff, explained the brain was broken into four area and their veins run through it. I thought 100's of things, but I was praying he wasn't going to say he had an blockage in his brain or something else.

He explained that the 4th area of the brain is not as big as it should be, and it is what controls hearing and vision. That would explain where his hearing loss came from. He gave it a name - cerebral vermian hypoplasia with a dandy walker variant. He said it was extremely rare and he didn't know much about it. It's very rare he even gets cases like this and he would call me back with more information.

I googled it and got overwhelmed quickly. There are so many things regarding this. It says it causes mental retardation, issues with cysts on the brain, and tons more stuff. I told Joe and we both got very overwhelmed. Luckily the MRI did NOT show any cysts on the brain. Whew.

The doctor called back and asked if we looked up anything on this. I said yes and we were very overwhelmed because he doesn't have any of the symptoms that they are explaining. He agreed and asked us to call the pediatric neurologist.

We called the pediatric neurologist and got an appointment for Thursday, two days later.

Thursday morning Joey had another appointment, this time for the pediatric foot doctor. He had a HUGE planters wart on his foot. Our doctor said to leave it alone, it should go away on its own as most do, but this one did not, so off to the foot doctor we went - especially after it sprouted two other baby worts right by it.

The doctor was very nice. He said they don't freeze off the worts but he puts this solution on it that goes into the foot, down to the root of the wort and kills it. He said it may blister the next day and that you can pop the blister and drain it if it causes pain. Joey does have a blister but he said it doesn't hurt so I'm letting it be. I'm so glad it was painless for him, and did not involve freezing it off and scaring the heck out of the boy!

The foot doctor and Joey. He was very well behaved.

Later that day we had an appointment with the foot doctor for 2 pm. Joe took the afternoon off to join us for the appointment.

Unfortunately they didn't get the records from the ENT but we explained to him what our ENT said. He said he couldn't do much with it anyhow since he needed to see the actually MRI. He did a full neurological exam on Joey. He held out both hands and had Joey look at his nose and tell him which hand he was moving. He had Joey walk in a straight line on his toes, then on his heels and then had him touch his nose. He did a bunch of other tests and told us that if we wouldn't have told him what Joey had, he wouldn't have thought he had any issues at all. He said this shouldn't be progressive and that he should be fine. THANK GOODNESS! What a sigh of relief! He said he would love to have the CD of the MRI and he would review it and call us but doesn't anticipate any more issues. So at this point all we are dealing with is a hearing loss.

We are told it's hereditary so we should have Justin's hearing checked at his next appointment. That may be Monday because I think he has pink eye. *sigh*....

Justin with Dr. Majeed.

They had this cute carnival type thing in the lobby. Joey liked climbing on the bugs/animals.

Joey on the bunny.

More photos of Joey ....

Joey on the lion!

Joey on the horse. This one was hard to get on. He had to try and try again to jump on it.

I don't know why but this photo reminds me of something on tv?? Anyhow it's the boys looking into the water fountain. Joey is enjoying his sucker.

Dickie's BBQ

We never thawed anything for dinner tonight so we decided to try Dickies BBQ. It was sooo good. The boys liked it too and it's very inexpensive for the boys to eat there.

The boys were super well behaved and they had free ice cream at the end and I think it was frozen yogurt. It was sooooo good! Joey loved it. I made him this big fat cone :)

Joey and his big fat cone I made him!

Justin enjoying the ice cream too.

Water fight

Well this started out as Joey showing them how to turn on the water and wash his toddler car, then one kid threw water, and then it was an all out battle.

I got it on video and will be uploading it soon. It was so funny. Austin and Chris were all into it and totally soaking each other. Joey loved soaking them but cried when they soaked him. Joe told him he can't expect to soak them and then get mad when they do it back. Justin was kinda in the middle but I told them to leave him out of it.

The kids had a blast. It really wasn't even that warm outside and they didn't care. At the end the mom's all came out with towels. Our kids were stripped down in the landing and told to immediately get in the tub which helped warm them up anyhow.

Too funny. For some reason, our house is the place to be most days.

Austin soaking his sister Olivia.

I TRIED to get everyone in a group photo but Joey would not cooperate, so here is Justin, Austin and Olivia (our neighbors).

I've never seen clouds like this. I darkened this photo so you could see it better but it was so cool. I guess they were storm clouds because it poured like HECK that night.

Joey, soaking wet.

After the water fight...

Joey again, soaked to the bone.

They were messing up Justin's hair. It was pretty funny looking. He got pretty wet too for being a bystander!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Park Photos

Now that I look back at these photos, almost a week earlier, I noticed it's 4/14/08. Joe and I started dating on 4/14/97. We've officially been together ELEVEN years! OMG! The sad thing is we've been together so long neither of us realized that it was eleven years, come and gone on this day. How sad is that? I guess we are always so busy with the day to day that remembering stuff like that is just the little stuff anymore.

We decided to go down to the park and took Austin, the neighbor. It was just the park at the end of our road. Braxton, Camille, their mom (my bud) Desiree and Olivia (Austin's sister) were at the park too so we all had a great time.

Braxton JUST learning to ride his bike without training wheels. He's going through a lot of the pain I saw Joey go through. Joey had the hardest time getting ON his bike and then getting it going by himself. Braxton was also having a very hard time and was pouting about it. It really didn't help that Joey said to Desiree, 'Braxton doesn't know how to ride a bike yet' and Joey saw him fall and couldn't get going very well. We all knew Joey didn't mean it like that but it really made Braxton mad.

Joey at the park.

Braxton hiding from us on the other side of the wall, mad at the world!

Love this one of Joe and Justin!

Isn't he the cutest? I think so! ;)

Bath photos...

Most days the kids love their baths. Lately after they are done in the tub, I have a sandbar in the tub. I mean how much sand can two boys hold in their underwear, socks, feet, and other places? Obviously a lot because it's in the bottom of my tub when I drain the water.

This day the bubbles went overboard and I had to take these cute photos of the kids. They just love the bubbles. They take baths in my jacuzzi tub because it's big, and because the water comes out fast and fills up fast. There is a seat in the tub and they like the put the bubbles on the seat, and run their matchbox cars through it, saying it's snow. It's so cute.

Justin, bubbles and all.

I think Joey thought he would look like Santa, but it kinda looks freaky! He did this himself and thought it was so funny.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday was park day

We mostly stayed home this weekend and just did errands. We went to the library like we normally do and got a bunch of books - one for me and a bunch for Joey and we took back the ones we read. He finally got over reading the book, 'Crocodile Blues' every day before bed. We finally got to read new books and it's a relief for me! Whew. We've been reading Dr. Seuss and that's been fun how all his books rhyme.

I got the book, '1-2-3 Magic'. It's how to discipline children using the 1-2-3 method. How talking excessively will never talk 'sense' into them. It's a great book. We've already used it on Joey since Saturday when I got it and it really does help. The first few times he went to his room. We used to have him sit on the steps but now he gets a time out in his room. It's not to punish him, but more or less to cool off and it really does help. He goes in his room, cools down and comes out fine. It's nice. Now if we say, 'That's 1', he may get to 2 - but that is normally all. He knows we mean business.

On Sunday we promised the kids a trip to the park so we went. It was a cool day as it has been for the past few days. It's been in the low 60's for the high's, and low 40's for the lows! It's so weird the up and downs of weather here. The kids played for a long time and then Joe and I played basketball, just shooting free throws, and then Joey would run to the top of this huge hill there and Joe would kick the soccer ball as hard as he could and Joey would go running after it. They had a blast and really got their exercise. We love family time!

Joey after coming down the slide.

I don't know what his fascination is with sand and putting it IN stuff but he was so excited someone else had put sand IN this tunnel that is kept him occupied for at least 15 minutes as he moved it here and moved it there in the tunnel.

Justin loves to drive!

I love this photo. He loves to be outside!!!