Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day at the Park

Joey, enjoying the bridge.

A close up.

This evening we had Deri, Sean and their daughter over for Superbowl. They had a great time playing with the trains.

Deri made homemade chocolate chip cookies and BOY where they good. I believe Grandma Char got us a ice cream cookie maker for Christmas so we tried it out. A cookie on the bottom, ice cream between and a cookie on top - and waaalaaa - Ice cream sandwich. It got the Joey seal of approval!

So should I tell you how warm it was today?? Do you really want to know? 78 degrees!!!!! OMG it was heaven. We actually broke out the shorts! I am so not kidding. There were golfers outside all day long golfing in shorts. It was great. We took that walk today and we had on short sleeves and we were sweating and it wasn't even 65 yet! It hit 78 around 3pm today. What wonderful weather. Did I say I love Texas??

This evening I went down the street to Desiree's house and Joey had a good time playing with their son Braxton, who's also four. Her house is so beautiful inside. I hope mine will look that nice someday.

As I said earlier we had Sean and his family over for dinner tonight. I made my famous sloppy Joe's and they brought chocolate chip cookies. It was a nice time. They stayed until half time and then left.

Friday night I went out with the girls from the meetup group I'm in and it was cosmo night at Pattie's house. She made the most marvelous cosmo. YUM. I also brought some wine coolers - green apple and they were sooo good. I only had two drinks. I was a good girl. We had a great time and Pattie was a RIOT. She's Columbian, gorgeous, kinda reminds me of Shikira (the singer) and she was so much fun. It was nice to be out on Friday.

Also, I didn't tell you - we pulled Justin out of daycare on Thursday. I have parentwatch through the daycare and I was watching the kids during lunchtime and Justin fell and banged his head and they just picked him up and sat him in his seat and let him cry it out. They did call me about the incident and told me it happened and they proceeded to tell me he didn't mind too much because he just wanted his snack - yet I watched him cry and cry on camera. I didn't tell her I was watching because Joey goes there in a different class and likes it and I didn't want to rock the boat, but I was so upset I cried all afternoon. PLUS I watched him after that walking around all day trying to find something to do and was so bored. I was so upset. Joe had to pick up the kids (because I was so upset) and he told them Justin wasn't coming back - that I was going to watch him.

So for now I have Justin at home. I need to talk to work about this and find another daycare or work something out. I was NOT going to have my son at a daycare that treated him like a number. He's a baby and he needs to be held and hugged and they didn't do that there. I made the best decision I could and I pulled him. Thank goodness for the monitoring system so I was able to see first hand what I saw and made that decision.

Friday we went to the daycare to pick up Joey and I went in the toddler room to get Justin's coat that Joe accidentally left there the day before. The teacher came to me to check on his head (which she didn't seem so concerned about the day it happened) and Justin started to tremble. He obviously does NOT like the teacher or that room at all. I'm glad we made that decision and what a hard decision it was.

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