Saturday, December 1, 2007

House #8 Day 2

House #8

This was a new construction. There was a salesman in this house. Joe did NOT like this at all. He hates sales pitches.

  • No one's lived in it
  • There was nothing immediately behind it
  • Off to the right there were woods that were not going to be built on
  • The wood fireplace was nice.
  • Good builder and upgrades in the house.
  • The floor plan sucked. It was $299,000 is what he could go rock bottom and it was 3500 sq feet.
  • The game room was too small.
  • The rooms were all wrong. The guest room had a huge walk in closet and bath attached and the kids didn't?
  • It seemed small.
  • I didn't like the front at all.
Joe told the guy at the end when he asked how we liked it, 'Sorry, I just wasn't feeling it. It had a small game room and I just didn't like it'. GO JOE!

I forgot to take a photo of the house. This is the photo from MLS.

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