Sunday, December 23, 2007

Early Christmas update

I'm a bit behind on posts so I backdated a few so they are lost in the archive. Here is a post that I just wrote and put in the blog so don't forget to look: Thanksgiving.

So it’s been awhile since we’ve last posted. Sorry, of course we’ve been busy. With us buying and selling houses, Christmas coming and more we’ve been maxed for time. I can’t believe I didn’t even ORDER Christmas cards this year until Dec 10th. We normally always get a Christmas photo done. This year we didn’t. The kids were sick, we were in Texas two weekends in a row and it just didn’t work out. Our Christmas cards involved family photos from different points in the year. That was the best we did this year.

So this is what we can tell you about the house because a lot of people have asked:
  1. The structural inspection was fine. They said there needed to be more than one compression joint on the side of the house – and there was only one. They recommended structural piers on the side of the house and they go under the foundation. He said it would be about a $4000 cost. We found out it is under home warranty so we won’t have to pay to have that done. That’s good. Also we asked Tannah if someone would be turned off by the fact that we had a structural repair done and she said no, if it were her she’d rather buy a house that had repairs done because she said that most houses need work sooner or later and that this one would be fixed and would no longer require work in the future. So that is good.
  2. There are issues with the heating and cooling but no more than $600 worth. Nothing major – maybe a starter.
  3. We are still in limbo with the house blinds/shutters. We got a quote from someone and it was expensive – of course blinds and shutters are anyhow. We wanted a second quote and the people don’t have their crap together. They are supposed to get back to us the 28th to go over what we want in the house. It’s good they waited anyhow because I want to go over it with my mom.
  4. We move January 11th. They pack us up on the 10th. We are sooo very excited!

Let’s see what else has been going on.

Friday night we had Christmas at Grandma Norma’s house. The kids got a lot of great toys – remote control cars and trucks. Justin got some clothes. Joe got some nice dress clothes. I got a Macy’s gift card. We all got money.

Joey's new train.

Char and Grandma made LOTS of cookies!


Saturday morning we did Christmas at Joe’s mom’s house. I got my Sirius boombox I wanted. I wanted it so badly because I really would like to listen to my satellite radio when I’m working from home in Texas. The kids got Joe some clothes and some nice ties. Joey got a cheapo train and tracks that occupied him for hours. Joey got a few games – Candy Lane and Hungry Hungry Hippos! Joe got Transformers Risk game. Joe got a new Tiger’s ornament for the Christmas tree. Joey and Justin got some trucks and a really cool Tonka set with a trailer to haul a bulldozer. It was cool. We all got an electronic snowglobe that has falling snow in it and plays songs.

I got Grandma and Mom these books from which is a book about themselves. It asks questions about their lives and they are supposed to return it to us completed. I gave the book to Grandma and she started to cry. I hope they finish the books and return them. It would be a great keepsake for the kids and Joe and I.

To go along with the sentimental thoughts this year and the fact we are moving far away we got my father, Joe’s mom and Grandma digital picture frames. I already loaded photos on it. I told Grandma that when she’s ready she can send the card back to me and I’ll reload it with new photos. I also got mom and Grandma digital picture keychains. Those are sooo cool! Then we got both of them Calendar’s with family photos and then everyone chipped in and got grandma this huge throw blanket that has a huge photo of the family in the fall under the leaves. She loved that too.

The blanket we got Grandma. It's almost life-size!

The kids at Grandma Char's.

Joey's cheapo train.

Justin and I.

Last night we went to a party at the shack – the place all Joe’s friends from high school used to go to party. Everyone from highschool that they used to hang out with was there. We stayed until about 12am. Everyone was drinking (except Doug’s wife, myself and Travis’s wife). Joe had a BLAST hanging out with his old buds. We had a great time.

This morning we are on our way back home for another Christmas party. Joe’s mom is giving us her pool table for our new house so she’s following us in her truck home. We decided to load the van and truck with as MUCH stuff as we could from Grandma’s house. We loaded our van and the truck to the HILT and there is STILL stuff at Grandma’s house. Joe looked at me and said, “I know we have a 3900 sq foot house but I still don’t think it has enough room for all these kids toys!!!!”. I agreed and told him we’d really need to go through everything and donate a bunch of this stuff. We totally can not move all this stuff! We have too much stuff! The reason why is Joe’s family saved ALL of his toys from when he was a kid! So not only do we have all of the kids toys in the basement, we have all of Joe’s old stuff – even the GI Joe’s and He man figures. He even had 100’s of transformers – which is cool because it’s all coming back, but there is soooo much stuff. I don’t know how we are going to get it all back to our house before we move. We’ve been bringing this stuff home since we found out we were moving nearly a year ago! Crazy!

Well that’s about all.

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Courtney said...

You sure have a lot on your plate right now! Looks like fun Christmas celebrations :) Hope the rest of your Christmas was great! And have a happy New Year's!