Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Justin turns ONE tomorrow

Tomorrow morning on 8/29 my dearest baby Justin turns ONE.
I remember when Joey turned one I was so excited.

For some reason, this milestone makes me sad.

  • I'm sad because the year flew by.

  • I'm sad because it's sometimes hard to remember back just a few months ago, let alone when he was born.

  • I'm sad because he's a little boy now. He's not technically a 'baby' any longer.

  • I'm sad because this is the LAST first birthday I'll get to enjoy of my children.

  • This is the last first 'birthday' cake smashing I'll get to enjoy. Next year it will be with a fork!

  • I'm sad because he just wants to run around now and do his own thing. I remember when he used to just nurse in my arms, or when I would hold him and he'd just sit there and look up at me, all content to just hang out.
At the same time, I'm happy for him.
  • I'm happy at how much he's accomplished. He's gone from barely holding up his head, just learning to eat, sitting up, crawling to now almost walking. What amazing milestones!
  • I'm happy that he's my 'baby' and that he's so very happy and lovable.
  • I'm happy he made it through the RSV and SIDS dangers that worries most moms.
  • I'm happy he learned to sleep through the night.
  • I'm happy he's eating 'real' food on his own.
  • I'm happy I'm his momma.

Tomorrow is going to be bittersweet for me. It's going to be full of mixed emotions. No one understands how someone can be so happy, yet so sad on such a happy day. I feel so alone in that I have these scattered emotions. There are moments I just want to freeze time and hold my babies. I want to whisper in their ears not to grow up, to stay little. I want to enjoy this time when they are so young. Times they love hugs and kisses and aren't afraid of what their friend's think.

Yes, tomorrow will be filled with fun and filled with memories to last his lifetime (I mean, who doesn't have photos of their first birthday), but maybe one day, he'll look back and understand what it's like to be happy and sad on such a momentous occasion. If only I could freeze time........

Photo taken 8/25. The boys love to play and they love to rough house and hang out on our bed. Here they are, being friends.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Help please!!

Every year my work has a calendar contest in which we can submit photos and get it in the employee calendar. I am having a hard time choosing what to put in it.

Here's my gallery. Can you tell me your top two or three favorites? I can enter three:

If you can get back to me by today if possible, or perhaps tomorrow at the latest that would be great. I need to get these printed and in to work by the end of the month.


A few of my favorites: (you can choose anything not on this list too).
The last three in landscapes
The tulip in misc
The one in children of Justin in the coupe.
The one in children of Joey eating corn.
The one of Joey in children of him with the hose in black and white.
The cow photos under animals.
The chickadee under animals.

There is a number UNDER the photo thumbnails if you want to give me that number AND describe what it is. I'd REALLY appreciate the help!

Leave a comment either anonymously or put your name in the comments box if you so incline with your picks. Thanks!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Podcasts and more...

I was dinking around with adding a counter to my blog yesterday when it asked if my blog had a podcast. I've had an IPOD for TWO years now. I have NO clue what a podcast is. Isn't that sad? So I googled it. I read about it and it took a little while but I figured out what it is. It's a free recording you can subscribe to on Itunes that can be in any subject. Anyone can create a podcast if they have the right recording equipment. OMG I'm in heaven. They have talk radio, they have mommy radio, they have stuff about photography and more. II'm having a blast downloading all types of podcasts and listening to them. And why didn't I find this before? I'm a computer geek after all! Who knows. I still don't text with my phone yet I'm a compulsive blogger. Go figure. Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites?

So anyhow...we've been busy with the boys and getting the house ready. We decided beginning of September is when we'll list the house. It's been fun doing all types of landscaping and cleaning. I really enjoy cleaning. I do NOT know why. I think flylady brainwashed me - seriously. I like cleaning so much I do it all the time that my KIDS LOVE to clean! I am not kidding.

For my birthday I was a total geek and asked my mom for the swiffer vac (it's a swiffer but has a vacuum on the front!) and a orange glo mop for my hardwood floors. Of course my mom gave them to me. Joey absolutely LOVES the vacuum. You push a button, it turns on and he runs around the downstairs kitchen and dining room vacuuming up dirt.

Grandma and Joe's mom got me a dustbuster for my birthday. First of all - it's awesome. I have NO CLUE how I lived without it before. Joey helps me cook a lot and when he accidentally drops the sugar, out comes the dustbuster. When Justin makes a huge mess on the floor after eating, out comes the dustbuster! I dustbuster the stairs so I don't have to get out the broom. I use it about 100x a day and for any more - you NEED a dustbuster! Get the one I have above by Black and Decker. It's the most handy tool I've ever had! Joey loves to use this too! (No I'm not kidding!).

So anyhow it's been a week or so since I've updated. Here are some latest photos!

On 8/9 Lani watched Joey and Justin so I could go to Weight Watchers after work. My dad was working late so my parent's weren't able to watch them as they normally do. Now the story with this family - Joyelle and I have been friends since high school. I mentioned to her we've been friend's for over 10 years now (graduated in 96) and we were like, OMG I can't believe it. We're OLD! So we've been close since and we are close to her family. Their family helped plan my wedding shower, my decorations for the wedding, the baby shower and Lani watched Joey for the first 6 months of his life while I was waiting for a spot at his current daycare. They've been lifesavers and they are the sweetest people EVER!

So Lani and Vic said they would watch the boys for about 2 hours Thursday 8/9 for me. The boys had a BLAST. Photos are complements of Lani - who took them all for me! When I got back from my meeting Joey was playing baseball and running around. Brendan was impressed at how good he could throw and Justin was in the hot tub with Lani. The boys LOVED it!!!

Here they are - Left to right. Kaila (Joy's daughter), Lani, Justin, Brendan (Joy's 10 year old son!), Joey and Vic on the bottom!

Kaila and Justin.

Boys eating Lani's famous spaghetti - YUM!! Joey is trying to convince Vic that he needs ice cream.

Justin eats more than any baby I've ever seen. Here he is eating JOEY's spaghetti.

Justin eating his spaghetti.

Lani being teacher.

Joey and Justin. Justin is so happy all the time!

Joyelle and Justin.

Friday 8/10

This is a fun photo I took of Justin on the bean bag.

Over the weekend we went to Grandma's house. My birthday was 8/14 so we went ahead and celebrated with an angel food cake. YUM. I love angel food cake. It has to be my favorite!

Justin, myself and Joey posing before singing Happy Birthday.

A cute photo of Joey.

Yum, me and my cake.

Joey and me. I LOVE this photo!

Love this one of Joey.

Justin LOVED the cake, and especially the cool whip.

Justin is quite the climber. He climbed on top of this walker toy, and got up on the couch all by himself!

Sunday 8/12 - At grandma's.

Justin getting ready to eat his cupcake.

Again, climbing up his walker!

Hi mom!

We visited Joe's dad and Karey needed to go cut some hay for the cows so he took Joey to go cut for a little while. Joey absolutely LOVED it.

He has about 50 cows. This one was curious of me.

Love this shot too.

Justin and I hanging out.

Karey going off with Joey to cut hay.

The kids hanging out with me at home on my day off on 8/13.

Justin eating his corn puffs. He loves these.

The tire kept falling off his car so Joey hammered it back on. This was so cute.

The kids love bananas. Especially Justin and he can eat an entire banana. Joey wanted one too.

My birthday - August 14. We went to get ice cream that evening at our favorite place - Twist and Shake!

Joey by the twist and shake banner!

Joey getting ready to order. Peggy in the background.

Peggy knows Joey and Justin by name. Oliver is her husband behind. They are the nicest owners!! We love coming her for ice cream.

Joey always gets a small cone dipped in a color he wants. Today he wanted red. They always put candy eyes on it too.

Joey being very very messy eating his ice cream! LOL.

My boys and I!

On August 15th was our work's annual summer party after work at Pat's house. Joe came to help me with the kids and meet us. Joe got in the pool with the boys. It was kinda chilly out and the pool was a bit cold but the boys had fun. Justin didn't stay in long but seemed to have fun. The boys were great. Well behaved. It was fun.

Joey and Justin swimming with Joe.

Steve my boss!

This is my good friend Duane, with me and Justin. It's funny - this photo looks like I'm married to him! LOL.

Justin standing on the back of the chair.

Saturday - We stayed home this weekend and we did a lot of landscaping. We pulled out three yard bags of weeds and flowers we didn't want.

Here's Justin playing in the dirt. It's so cute!

Joey started to play with the sprinkler but wouldn't let the spray be high. He's never gone through the sprinkler before, so this was kinda a first for him.

Joey and the spray. Love this!

Trying out the spray again!

He made the jump!!

Justin crawling towards me.

Justin after the sprinkler got him.

Saturday evening I did NOT want to make dinner and so we spontaneously called my parents and my dad watched the kids while we went out to eat at the Mexican restaurant we loved. It was so nice for us to just get out! It was seriously a split decision though and we just drove out to their house and went out.

Sunday - What is up with the weather? I do NOT think it got warmer than 62 today in Michigan. HOLY MAN that's COLD for August 19th!! Unbelievable! So today we all work jackets and pants! It was rainy all day but we still went out for a walk before the kids nap and bed time because I swear the walk outside always helps them sleep better!

Justin has been going down by himself. You give him the bottle, put him in his bed and he goes to sleep by himself. Yay! What a milestone! He's also starting to hold his own bottle. This is so great too.
Joey riding his bike.

Justin is holding his own bottle now!

Mom, look at me! I can do it myself!

I think my hubby is HOT. I love this photo.

Justin enjoying his walk.

Joe took a photo of me too.

Joey before we went in.