Friday, June 1, 2007

Paige turns the big THREE!

5/19 Saturday.

Anyone that knows us well knows about Paige. This is Joey's girlfriend. Seriously - they've known each other since they were about 6 months old and are inseparable. They go to daycare together and the play together and they are soooo good together!

Joey was invited to Paige's birthday party. They both had fun as they played on the Paige's new swingset that her dad built for them. John (the dad) said that it was supposed to take 6 hours and it took more like 6 days. He said putting this together was not too much fun! I imagine!

We got Paige a cinderella dress for her birthday and a Tiara. She is a princess after all. We left about 5pm. Joey never took a nap that day since the party started at 1pm. I guess 20 minutes after we left Paige stripped down butt naked and threw on the cinderella dress and started to run around the room. I guess she liked her gift! LOL....

Paige on her swing.

Fancy that - a princess cake and her blowing out the candles.

Her and the princess dress we got her.

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