Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer time and the park is FUN....

Ok, let me say I'm excited to move to Texas but boy oh boy will I miss my friends. The best thing I've gotten from joining the moms club in town is the friendship with my girlfriend Jen. Our families just get along great! For instance, tonight was Friday night. We had just gotten done eating dinner and I was like, let's call Jen and see if she wants to go to the park. So I call, she's like, sure - we'll meet you there. That's it. We can call each other spur of the moment to hang out and we do this all the time. I'm usually there sporting my fashionable camera (hehe) taking photos of the kiddos. I gotta improve that photographic eye of mine continuously you know! Here are some of the cute photos of the kids from today 6/29.

Who's this adorable little peanut? Why it's Kerrigan, Jen's daughter!

Jen and Thomas swinging.

Jen wanted a photo of me. I am very casual and well, just look 'ok'.

Kerrigan was being held up by daddy. This was such a cool photo.
Jen took this photo of Kerrigan and her head peeking over the swing. I think it's funny!

Justin saying 'hi mom'!

Jen took this one too. Justin looking at Kerrigan.

Joey climbing up the stairs to go down the slide. It's so hard to get photos of him anymore as he is constantly here and there and sometimes avoids the camera.

Last week Justin fell asleep in the swing and I took lots of photos of him. Here Joey told me he was sleeping. He's so cute :)

Just TODAY his top TWO toofers (teeth) popped through. Click to enlarge! Yay Justin! No wonder he's been a drool factory!

There's the famous smile again. I just love this shirt! :)

Isn't Kerrigan just the cutest?

Jen, thanks for taking this photo. Justin is just grinning like mad. I got him in his swing and was tickling his toes, kissing his head and he was grinning ear to ear.

T-ball practice

It was a spur of the moment thing. One of the neighbors here, who's son Tyler is Joey exact age, told us they enrolled Tyler in T-ball. I thought Joey was too young but then found out that the Y offered classes. I went on Friday to sign him up. What a RIP-OFF! We had to buy Joey a $50 yearly membership just to TAKE the class and it cost him $65 to sign up and then the teachers are just volunteers! WTF? Anyone understand that? The Y called all the parents begging for volunteers which don't get paid and get a t-shirt. What do they do with the $65 a kid? Holy man they must be raking in the money. Anyhow, Joey had practice Tuesday night.

They put all the kids on teams. Tyler's dad was coaching and we were not on their team. He had the kids hit the ball ONCE and then run the bases.

Our coaches had each child hit TEN TIMES and then run to the base. Can you imagine how bored the kids were when it wasn't their turn?

Anyhow, next week is their first game so we'll see how much fun this is. I hope Joey has a better time at the game then he did at practice.

Waiting for t-ball practice to start.

Oh boy am I ever bored. Let's wear the mitt on my head.

I'm waiting....

Mom, I want that ice cream from that ice cream truck behind you. What a great place for the dumb ice cream truck to sit, right behind all the parents while the kids are practicing. My child was not paying attention to anything but that truck.

Love this pose.

My brother's wedding

Friday my brother married Audrey in a small wedding at my parent's house. Only immediate family was there and they had their best friends - that's it. I think 18 people are something like that. I was the photographer for their wedding.

The funniest part about their wedding was that where they got married was completely under water just weeks before. That gave the mosquitos a great breeding ground and there were soooo many mosquitos around that everyone, including the pastor, was putting on OFF to ward them off. Here are some of my favorite photos from the wedding that I did - formals after the ceremony. Audrey made both her dress and Greg's outfit. Yes, she's short. I'm not even sure he's 5 feet tall? Greg is 6 foot. Aren't they soooo cute together? Would you have ever guessed she is 36 and Greg is 25? People have said she looks younger than me!

Audrey and Greg before the ceremony.

Greg and Audrey being married. My mother made the shawl.

Formal after on one of the docks.

Love this one. They are so cute. I wish it wasn't so bright behind them but it's still cute.
One under the trellis leading to the garden.

The wedding was quaint and fun. Very casual which was very nice. I have other photos but I haven't had the time to color correct and develop them all yet. I may upload more later.

One sneak peek wedding shot

My mother in law's friend's wedding was Saturday and I was their photographer too. Keep in mind before this weekend I never shot a wedding in my life. Hehe.

Anyhow here's a sneak peak at the photos from that wedding. I haven't even had the time to develop those. I took over 650. Yes - 650. Sigh - I have a lot yet to go through. I had some interesting issues with my camera equipment which makes me believe I still have a lot to learn, but I had fun. At one point one of the guys in the wedding asked how long I've been doing this.

I was a little taken aback and not sure how to answer. I told him, well.... This is the first wedding I've ever done. I normally do children. He said, 'You're kidding. You seem like you've been doing this for years. You knew how to pose us and seem to know what to do'. I could have hugged the guy. How's that for an ego boost. So I have the personality, I got most of the poses down, now I just have to work on using my camera in manual mode and lighting. Live and learn!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Park days ROCK and catch-up with us.

I know - I'm just a bit behind on updating! Managing three boys (Joe, Joey and Justin), housework, activites, and more is a little overwhelming! I constantly feel like 1. The house is a bomb, 2. I'm not giving enough time to the kids if I am cleaning, therefore the house is a bomb, 3. We need to go on walks, go to the park, spend time with the kids (no time to clean) and 4. No time to blog. Get the picture? Yes, life is busy!

These photos are from 6/11 - Last Monday's park day. Jen K and I met up there. Thomas (her son) and Joey get along so well. Here are some photos.

First of all - can you read this shirt? Jen K told me about it. It says "My entire life is being blogged". HAHAHAHAHA!! Isn't that the darn truth! His birth, and everything in between!

LOVE this photo of Joe and Justin. This is at our favorite park.

This is Joey's friend Taylor from school. Her mom just had a baby who was 10 weeks old and we coincidentally met at the playground. Joey had fun hanging out with Taylor!

Because I don't have a lot of time - other noteables:
1. Justin started to crawl on 6/13 - A week ago Wednesday. We are all very proud of him. No more dragging the leg crawling. We are all out crawling now. He's much happier about it too.

2. Justin started eating table food a week ago Saturday 6/10. I think I blogged about that earlier. Since he's eaten EVERYTHING - asparagus today (and liked it), peaches, beans, chicken, corn, peas, carrots, watermelon, macaroni and cheese, strawberries, you name it, and if it's soft and can be sliced small - he's eaten it. HE LOVES to eat now. He can sit in his chair and eat for an hour straight. He loves to pick it up with his hand and try to get it in his mouth. His aim is fairly good. I've seen him try out his pincher grasp lately too (picking up between his pointer finger and thumb).

3. Joey has more bruises on his legs than anything I've ever seen. Does anyone else have boys? OMG I can't believe how much he falls. Just tonight he really scraped up his knee and he will NOT tolerate bandaids, but luckily he LOVES neosporin and calls it his medicine. I think, because there is pain reliever in it, that it helps him with the sting.

4. Joey's doing really well potty training. He's had a few accidents but most of the time he's using the potty full time now. Yay!

5. Joe and I decided to train for a 5k August 12th. I started running today at work during lunch. I think I ran about 1.5 miles. I was thinking I was going to have bad side cramps and so exhausted that my wind pipe would burn from breathing so hard but it didn't. I felt so good after the run. My legs are very sore where they attach to my hips. I'm sure that will go away. Joe also ran about a mile tonight.

I guess that's all for now. I have other photos to post from this past weekend's Toledo COSI museum visit but I'll save that for another day :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend to Grandma's

This past weekend we took a trip up to see Grandma.

Saturday at 2pm Joe left me to go hang out with the 'boys'. I'm happy about this because he really doesn't hang around anyone here in Milford. All I knew was this was Joe's early 'going away to Texas' party and it was going to involve golf, playing cards and beer.

Grandma and I watched the boys for the remainder of the day on Saturday. Saturday we all went on a walk and I normally have my camera in hand for my walks. I took these two photos which I'm super happy with. This is down by the barn at Grandma's house.

Justin, enjoying sitting in the grass.

Here he was watching Joey.

The other thing we do at Grandma's is Joey pulls out all of his tractors (most of them were Joe's when he was a kid) and he plays in the driveway, which is dirt, and in his sandbox.

Justin wanted to play in the sandbox too.

Finally smiling at the camera! We had to take him out of the sandbox because he kept putting his sandy hands in his mouth. At one point I had to pull sand out and took him inside to house his mouth out. He did NOT like this.
Joey pushing the bulldozer into Justin's butt because he claimed Justin was taking up a lot of room, which was not true. Joey's toys took up most of the sandbox.

Justin found something to play with.
Joey and his oversized dump truck.

Joey loves to run down the driveway with this.

Joey again.

The end of grandma's driveway. This is Joey pushing his dump truck like he always does. You should see his knees. They are torn to heck!
I actually showed Joey how I wanted him to lay on the ground for this one. He did and found this flower and thought maybe it was a dandelion and blew on it. Too cute.

Joey found his 'play cell phone' and I went to take his photo with it, he scowled at me and said, 'I'm talking to Grandma Char' (Joe's mom). He actually was saying, 'Yeah, ok' and stuff like we do. It was too cute!

I actually gave Justin a try at eating solid foods this week. He's been doing awesome on the #3 foods and has not been gagging at all. Here he's eating carrots, broccoli, strawberries and califlower. We also had him eating a banana out of the mesh eater thing where you put the food in this mesh bag and they eat it out through the bag so it's mashed and comes out small. He did great. This look is the 'mom - I'm mashing up the food in my mouth' look.

Joe came home about 11am Sunday and was completely hung over. He just never drinks like they did. I've never seen him that hung over since the baseball team took him out for his 21st birthday! On the way home any curves or bumps were not so pleasant to him. He was fine by the afternoon. We went home a bit early. Joe made his special hamburgers on the grill for dinner and man were they ever good!

We went and saw our next door neighbor and they sold three of our things in their garage sale from this past weekend so that was great. We took back a few things that I'm going to list either on craigslist or our local garage sale site. If they don't sell, off to Salvation Army they go!

Thursday night I lost 4 lbs at WW! That put me .2 lbs lower than my lowest. I hope I can keep it off this week.

Off to bed I go. I'm tired and have a lot to do tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I just wanna write...

Jeez, last year I would just write and write about the days and now I just take photos, describe them and don't take the time to really write about what's going on.

Justin is cutting teeth. He's been sick since Monday and has a fever and has been fussy and irritable. Not at all like him. He so funny. He's trying to crawl, he gets up on both knees and then pulls himself forward with his leg beneath him. He's also trying to pull himself up on different things. He especially likes to do this in the bathtub. Not the best place to be pulling himself up but he likes it.

Joey is doing great. He's starting to sass us. We've been putting a 'curb' to that really quickly. He's been doing really great at the 2 bites of everything rule at dinner. He was super picky before and now he'll even eat chicken picatta. He even really likes what I've been cooking. We've been really tough with him, perhaps a little too tough but we needed to get our point across. No more of that 'crap' of hot dogs, pizza bites, and chicken nuggets. He can eat what WE eat for dinner at night. I don't have time to make everyone their own thing. If he doesn't try 2 bites of everything on his plate, he goes to bed. We've done this three times now. We feel absolutely awful when we do this but honestly, I think he needs the sleep. He goes to bed at 7 instead of 8:30 - 9pm so it's not like 4pm or anything. He has a CHOICE. He is told, eat two quick small bites, or bedtime. He'll sometimes just CHOOSE to go to bed, especially when it's carrots. He does NOT like carrots (Joe hates carrots too). I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Joe even has to try the foods we eat. He draws the line at carrots but tried califlower the other day and said it wasn't too bad. See, we all can learn from trying new foods!

I'm doing well. I've been a bit overwhelmed taking care of Justin this week when he's been so cranky. I hate to see him in pain and so uncomfortable, especially when I can't fix it. He's gotten a lot of holding and kisses this week.

I've also been thinking about Texas a lot since we've been there. At least now I know what it's like and I like it. So that is good. We've been talking about the moving details, about how to coordinate us going down there, our stuff taking 10 days, when we start work again, when the kids start daycare, it's all so much to think about it wears me out.

What's up with Michigan's weather lately? This morning when I woke up it was 43 degrees. HELLOOOO it's June 6th - June people! Where are those global warming people when you need them? And tomorrow it's supposed to be a high of 89? Is mother nature on crack?

Sidenote - Yoplait Light Strawberry Orange Sunrise is good. While we are at it, I found that Secret's new clinical deodorant is great. It keeps me wayyyy dryer than any of the other brands. It is expensive - almost $10 but I'll gladly pay it if it works!

Well I guess that's all. I'm going to bed before it gets to late. I've been going to bed at 11 every night and it's starting to take it's toll.

I'll leave you with a photo I took on 5/3 with my camera phone. I have this as the background on my phone. I love that he put the sunglasses on upside down! Too cute.

Welcome Joshua Michael

One of my best buds Lori had her baby on Tuesday. Lucky for me her hospital is only 10 minutes away! I went to visit yesterday and saw the cute little baby! He was all of 7lbs 15oz and 22 1/2 inches long! Mom and dad are doing well. I'm so happy for them. What a darling bundle of joy they have!

I went back today to take photos with my camera (below) and to bring them dinner. I bought them Chicken Picatta, mashed potatoes and canned green beans. They were both very thankful for the dinner I brought. I'm sure it had to be better than cafeteria food! :)

He's a little houdini. He can get his little hands out of the swaddle easily!

I love photos where you can tell how small the baby is compared to dad's hands.

Jeff is just smitten over him.

The gorgeous happy family of three!
Mom and baby!

Saturday All Star Saturday

6/2 Saturday.
Every year in June Joey's school has Super Star Saturday where both schools (preschool and the little league) perform for the parent's and the preschool kids 'graduate'. Here are some photos of Joey and his class. They sang a few songs - 'Jesus loves me this I know', 'Down by the Bay' and 'Pledge of Allegiance'. Joey did really well. Of course at times you could hear him above everyone, embellishing the song. Anyone that knows me would know that that is definitely my son! :)

Carson is to the left of Joey. His mom works with me but in the Livonia location. Rose is the teacher in the back. She's AWESOME. She's soooo good with the kids. Sings songs, gets goofy, plays games, read books, you name it.

Rose is performing the 'Down by the Bay' song and making the kids laugh. Justin is in Bethany's lap. I love her too. Joey hasn't seen her in awhile since the school split for a little while and he was yelling 'BETHANY' when we got to the school. He really likes her too :)

Ok, by now you all know Paige. Guess which one she is? Yep, the one on the right. Gen is on the left. What a cute girl. Paige is definiately a super star.

Paige won the super star of little league away. Rose is pinning a ribbon on her dress.

Afterwards we ate and then went outside. We got in line late because most of the food was gone by the time we got to the tables. We told Joey we weren't going outside until everyone was done eating. When we were FINALLY done eating, we took him outside to ride the train ride like they had last year. Because the presentation went so long, the guy was already done doing train rides and was packing up to leave. Poor Joey never got his train ride. They did have a moonbounce so we let him go in that once and then we left to go home. It was near 4pm and the boys needed a nap!

Justin is watching Joey jump in the moonbounce.

Shortly after this, we went home and it started to POUR down rain. Good thing we left when we did! Justin fell asleep just 2 minutes down the road. He didn't even make it home.