Friday, March 23, 2007

Quick Update

Just a really quick update - sorry no photos. I need to download them off the camera still.

We are pretty sure we will be moving. I'm having mixed emotions about it now that it's been sinking in. My parents were watching the kids for me last night and my dad said, 'I'm really going to miss this little guy' because he has such an incredible bond with Justin. I'm really bummed. I know he didn't mean to put a guilt trip on me but I felt so bad. Then he told me Greg (my brother) was looking to move out of state to New York because work is so bad here, he can't find work. He makes spiral staircases for homes and no homes here are selling because the economy is so bad in Michigan!

So....we'll see how things go. We are now looking into driving down instead of flying because of the cost to fly out 4 cats would be so much and I have no control how they are handled on the airlines. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to them so Joe and I just last night were talking about driving down. I think it's 20 hours to drive and we would leave at 8pm at night when the kids were supposed to be sleeping so we could drive all night and then do stops in the morning. I heard you can drug the cats into sleeping so I've thought about that option so they aren't so traumatized. I guess we'll see.

Well I'll update more later!


Melissa said...

I will be so jealous (and sad) if you move! You will have such a nice house in TX. They are much cheaper there.

Enid Danforth said...

Hi Briana....Love that you are moving over here girl!!

e-mail me girl!