Monday, October 30, 2006

Little update

I have to say without my digital camera I have no desire to update my blog. I love blogging and showing off the photos I took and I feel so lost without my camera. I'm so sad :( I hope to hear from Canon soon to find out what is wrong but so far, no word....

Yesterday Justin turned 2 months old. I can't believe it's been two months already. He's getting so big. He's over his fussy evening colic stage (whew!). He's been sleeping 8 hours stretches! He lifts his head and controls it so well. Everyone that holds him comments, 'Wow, he really holds his head up well'. I'm talking everyone that holds him says that.

Justin found his hand and loves to chew on it. He's also started to drool. This does not surprise me as his big brother Joey started to drool at 2 months and drooled until he was about a year old. Just because he's drooling does not mean he's going to be teething soon. Joey was 6 months old when that first tooth appeared so I'm just expecting to pull out bibs every time he's up and not eating or he will wet all of his outfits with his drool!

The other thing that worries me is it seems that Justin is always congested. Joey was the same way - his nose constantly ran all the time until he was over a year old and switched him to soy milk. We found out he was allergic to milk. Go figure. So I'm hoping Justin isn't allergic to my milk. Poor kiddo.

Tomorrow is Justin's 2 month appt. At 2 months Joey was 24 1/4 inches and 12 lbs 7oz. Justin was born over a pound less that Joey so I'm interested to know how much he's grown since he was born. He seems to have gotten so long already and seems so heavy. He's almost to the end of his 3/6 month clothing and I'm going to have to pull out 6/9 months soon!!

It's so nice now because Justin likes to chill out and just watch the world. You can hold him in your lap now without him getting fussy. You can walk him around and he doesn't mind. He sits in his fishy bouncer and watches the fish and seems happy and coos and smiles at them. He's doing so well.

Joey is excited about Halloween tomorrow. He knows he gets to dress up as Thomas the train. Justin will be a giraffe. I have my old film Minolta camera borrowed from Grandma to take photos of the kids. It will be weird to shoot film again!!

That's all for now. I really need to hit the shower and go to bed. I'm not used to this time change yet!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Early morning shout out...

Baby is still sleeping - going on over 8 1/2 hours. He went down at 9 and is still sleeping and it's 5:37am. This is awesome! Yesterday he slept from 10pm until 5:30 - 7 1/2 hours. Do you realize how much I need this? I NEED my sleep. Thank you Lord for helping baby Justin sleep through the night!!!! I especially need my sleep right now because I've come down with one of those change of season colds and I'm feeling a little run down from that. Maybe that was why I was in a bad mood the other day.

Ok, on other topics - my poor camera was shipped out to NY to be repaired. The autofocus died on it. IF my camera is too expensive, you can BET I'll be buying my next camera from Costco to avoid going through this crap again. At Costco, if your item breaks for the lifetime of the item, they will replace it or give you your money back. I think in 03 I don't believe they were selling digital rebels just yet so I probably didn't have the opportunity then. This time though, if it breaks, I'm going to buy it there so I don't have to worry about any of that. I hope to hear back soon what exactly is wrong with the camera and how much it will cost to replace it.

Yesterday our mom's club had a hayride at Kensington park. I would have taken photos but I'm without my camera you remember.... Anyhow when we got there we couldn't find anyone. I thought we would be able to find SOMEONE. Finally as we were ready to go leave, we found one of the moms walking to where we just were. There were two time slots for the hayride - 6:30 and 7. We had the 7pm slot. She said we were in the right place and didn't know where everyone was. About 5 minutes later the hayride comes through the area (10-15 minutes later than it should have been) and all the moms from the earlier time to meet were on the ride. Jen K told me she would not be taking a hayride so I was expecting to see her in the meeting spot and not on the hayride. Anyhow, it was nearly dark when we were on the ride so we couldn't really see any wildlife or anything. Joey just enjoyed sitting on the covered wagon in the hay with a blanket over him enjoying the ride. He told everyone the next day at school that he went on a hayride. He was quite proud.

This week I started to give Justin some tummy time. He actually tolerates it quite well and will sit there for about 4 minutes and then gets unhappy and starts to fuss. He can lift his head quite well so far so we are happy with that progress. He turns 2 months old on Sunday and his 2 month appt is on Halloween. I think the long baths are what is making him sleep so soundly. He gets in the tub and will sit there about a 1/2 hour until I finally pull him out. He absolutely loves it and flashes smiles at me constantly from there. He's also less fussy in the evening. I think he's finally getting over the colic stage!

Paige's family called from Georgia (Paige is Joey's best friend from his school) and they are moving to Georgia and called to tell us about it. They said that it's nice weather. I'm not sure they were 100% sold on everything. They told us they don't have basements in their houses. In Michigan we have basements, even if we don't have windows. In Georgia they have basements only if they have a walkout. So they said their house search went from 30 homes to 6 because they wanted a basement for the extra space. I can't say I don't blame them!!

Well that's all for now. Gotta get ready for work. BTW - Justin is still sleeping. 5:50am....

Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm in one of those funky moods

You know those moods. You feel irritated, upset, moody, tired and you don't know why. I'm trying to make sense of it all. I used to be so happy. I would smile, chat, talk, bound around. Now I feel like blah. Is it lack of sleep? Could it be that I'm 30 lbs heavier than before? Maybe it's the fact that I'm nursing and my hormones are all out of whack. Could it be that it's Justin's colic that is driving me crazy in the evenings? Maybe it's my lack of 'life' so to speak. Maybe it's me struggling to be good on weight watchers....or maybe it's it's the fact my house is a bomb. Maybe it's because I'm starting to come down with a cold. Maybe it's all those things.

I know I'm not depressed. I don't feel like hurting myself or others. I just wish I could be my old happy self that everyone wants to be around.

Maybe it's the fact that my camera took a fricking dump and I had to send it off to Canon today to fix. The autofocus on it died and now my precious camera is enroute to New York to be repaired. Who knows. Maybe it will cost an arm and a leg and I will then need to get a new one. Where we will get the money for that - well I hope it doesn't come down to that.

Cool things today:
1. I think Justin is starting to use his hands now. Two days ago he took a bottle I gave him, and tried to hold it himself. I thought it was just a fluke. Today he took a stuffed animal I put in front of his mouth, got both hands around it and put it in his mouth to gum. My little baby is starting to become a big baby now!
2. Joey found his artwork in a pile on the ground. He ran up to me saying, 'Mommy I made this!!' and he was so proud of himself. That was the first time I've seen him take ownership of something he made and shown pride like that. He's always showing pride over accomplishments, like opening a door by himself but never something like artwork that he made. It's sooo cool!

5 Weird things about me...

I was tagged by Meghan AND Nancy (and probably a few others) so here they are.

List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.

1. My pinky toe on my foot lies sideways. (Meghan's does the same because she listed it too!)

2. I ALWAYS have to wear eyeliner on my eyelid on the BOTTOM lid under my eye if I go out - usually blue or green. I've been doing this since I was 14 and you will find a rare photo where I did NOT do this going out in public (unless it's just a run to the grocery). Most people wear the eyeliner on their top eyelid and I can't draw a straight line to do that! (see photo)

3. I have a running list of my weight from about 3 years back that is behind my jewelry box in my bathroom so I can see where I've gone up and down, even during my pregnancies.

4. I hate clutter. I can not stand it. You will rarely see knicknacks or anything like it in my house. Flylady is my hero :)

5. Soft rock 80's music is my favorite all time music. I have over 800 songs on my IPOD of just that. I listen to the sirius 80's station like it's going out of style. I love it!! I know almost all of who sings what and the words!

I tag:
Melissa Z
Lori and

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rain, family from AZ, sleep, cows, more...

Hello once again. Life just keeps cruising past. Ever since Justin was born life doesn’t stand still. There is always something to do – clean, take care of Justin, take care of Joey, cook, eat, sleep, and sometimes, if I’m lucky, I have the opportunity to scrapbook.

Highlights from my week in a somewhat random order…. (if that made sense…)

Thursday I worked. Going to work is nice. It’s nice to see my friends, to have adult conversation, to work and feel that my work is valued. It’s nice – just plain nice. After work I picked up Joey and Justin and took them over to my parent’s house. Mom and dad are now watching Joey and now Justin on Thursday evenings, which is nice because I can do my own thing for about two hours. Thursday nights are my weight watchers weigh in / meetings nights. This is my second week now. I was excited to get on the scale. I lost 2.2 lbs. Honestly, I had thought I lost more but heck, I’ll take it! 2.2 lbs is a lot for a one week loss and I’m happy with it!

Thursday Grandma also told me she wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t think we would be going up north to visit for the weekend. I told my parents this and told them we would be over for dinner on Sunday because we were going to stay home this weekend. I asked if we were going to have a turkey dinner because last weekend we were SUPPOSED to have turkey dinner but my dad was sick so it was called off. They still had turkey but we didn’t come over because we didn’t want to get sick. Mom started to say no turkey this weekend, and dad got all giddy and ran inside to thaw a turkey. So turkey it is this Sunday!

Friday I worked from home and Grandma called to say she felt really good, thought she had a sinus thing and really wanted us to come up to visit. I called Joe to ask him what we were going to do. Grandma really wanted us to visit and my parents were already thawing a turkey for Sunday dinner. To please both parties, we decided to go up north Friday night to visit Grandma and then leave early on Sunday to go to my parents house for turkey dinner, and that’s where the family is heading now (and I’m blogging on my 1 ½ hour drive there).

Last night I went to bed at 11:30 and woke at 5am. I looked at the clock again. 5am. HOLY CRAP!!! Justin slept 7 hours. Yes, you heard me right 7 fricking fabulous wonderful awesome hours! He went down at 10pm and slept until 5am. I had to go check on him to make sure he was still breathing. It was not like him sleep longer than 6 hours tops. Yep, still alive, still breathing. Phew. Off to bed. 5:30 he woke up hungry. So peoples – call the press – JUSTIN SLEPT 7 ½ HOURS. I could not believe it. I can’t really think of what would have caused this. I know last night I gave him a really really long bath. He was in the tub about ½ hour to 45 minutes just enjoying being in the water, kicking, etc. The other thing was I gave him a very very low dose of Tylenol for Infants cough and cold medicine because he’s been congested. I don’t think it was that because I gave him another low dose at 5:30 am when he woke and he only slept until 7:30am. Joe and I still can’t believe it. It was marvelous!

Justin burrito wrapped and myself :)

Ok, funny thing happened this weekend. Oh and if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll talk about just about anything. I found out that my bra size shrank -tremendously. Any guesses how? No, no surgeries (though I would LOVE a reduction). Nope, I’m still nursing so it wasn’t that… Ok – here’s the answer. I went to Fashion Bug this Saturday and they had their national bra fitting event. I thought, what the heck. I’m going to be fitted because I have no clue what size I am anymore since I am nursing. They actually measure you over your clothing. I went from a 48DD that I thought was my size to a 42D. Ok, holy moses was I ever wearing the WRONG size. The lady looked at me funny when I told her what I was wearing. I looked at her funny when she told me 42D. I was like yeah right. I tried a bra that size and wow, what a difference. I guess they are supposed to fit snug like that, huh? The cool thing was – they had buy one, get one ½ off and I had two $10 off any $10 purchase coupons. I got 4 new bras. What a difference.

Sunday has been kinda hectic. We really wanted to get over to Joe’s dad’s house because Uncle John, Aunt Kim and Justine were in town from Arizona and we don’t see them often because of the distance. We went over to Grandma’s about 11am. It was nice to visit with everyone. Aunt Kim loved holding Justin. Justine was full of energy and loved to talk about horses and seemed to be quite an expert on the subject. Uncle John was full of hugs – the really good hugs that you get squeezed like there’s lots of love in that hug! We had a really good time. Joey, Joe and Joe’s dad went into the cow pasture to help Grandpa. Grandpa was digging a ditch to the river to help get rid of standing water in the field. The cows followed them all over the pasture looking for food. It was quite amusing to watch. Joe told me Joey kept saying, ‘That cow is going to bite me!’. Joe had to finally tell Joey that he would not let the cow bite him and he stopped complaining. Too funny.

Aunt Kim from AZ holding Justin.

Joe with Justin

Joe's dad Karey with Joey making car tracks, Justine on the long chair, Joe with Justin and Grandpa leaning over to watch.

Joe's dad Karey (Papa to Joey) helped Joey put together a 'big boy' toy and he loved playing with it.

I like this photo of Joe feeding Justin which is backlit.

Joey playing with the car tracks.

Papa helping Joey put it together.

Grandpa on the tractor and Joey, Joe and Papa on the gator. They were feeding the cows corn.

Grandpa dragging a ditch to drain standing water in the cow pasture.

Grandpa wanted me to get a photo of Grandma in front of her flower arrangement.

Grandpa also wanted a photo of Joey on the tractor. I printed this off for Joe to take to work.

It’s been raining like crazy here in Michigan. It normally gets pretty rainy and windy in October. I think it’s nature’s way of making sure the grass and tree’s have enough water to make it through the cold winter and how nature rids the trees of all of their beautiful foliage. Most of the really pretty colors have fallen from the trees. What’s left is a pretty brilliant yellow display of colors.

Joe and I were watching discovery kids on the tv this morning at 5am when we were up with Justin and it said that by the time kids are 3 years old they be saying 3 word sentences, 4 years – 4 word sentences and 5 years 5 word sentences. Joey says 5+ word sentences. Joe can’t believe it. We didn’t think his talking was that advanced for 2 ½ but it’s quite amazing what he says and remembers anymore. He always says excuse me, no thank you, thank you but has issues with please. We usually have to remind him to say that one. This evening he took a flashlight home with us from Grandma’s house and said, ‘I’m going to use this at Dena’s house’. What he was saying was that it’s dark in the morning when Joe takes him to daycare so he’s going to use the flashlight to walk in. How smart is he to put two and two together. The other thing he’s doing now is covering his mouth when coughing. It took a LONG time to teach him this one but we think we are making progress. We praise him constantly when he does cover his mouth when he coughs. I think this helped with him learn to do it so quickly. Oh and he is finally standing to go potty and this Thursday went on the BIG potty at my parent's house. This is a breakthrough. No more cleaning up the small potty! What a relief!

Aunt Mary Ann was carrying Justin around today and put him on his stomach to burp him and he was lifting his head up really really well from stomach position. I was surprised that he was able to do this so well already. He’s 7 weeks already, 8 weeks old on Tuesday. Time flies!

Say a prayer for my camera. It keeps acting up and saying ERR99. I'm afraid it's dying a slow death! :(

Picasa (google picasa) has a great image viewing utilty and the ability to take your entire digital image collection and back them up on cd or dvd (depending what you want to use). I decided to do a huge image backup of all my images. Can you believe I have 14 dvd's worth of images and they hold 4.6 gig a piece! I believe it told me I had 58.8 gig worth of digital images! Wowie! That's a lot of picture taking!

Oh and I found out that Justin was named after the Tiger's pitcher Justin Verlander who is quite an amazing pitcher. We've always liked the name Justin but I guess because of Justin Verlander, Joe said that clinched the decision. So Justin - that is who you are named after! GO TIGERS!!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Joey's first dentist appointment!

Sunday we did some pumpkin carving. Joe has been wanting to carve Joey's pumpkin and show Joey how to clean it. Joey does NOT like to get his hands dirty and would have no part of cleaning out the pumpkin. He got one little seed on his hand, shook his hand in disgust as the seed flew across the room.

Joey looking in at the guts of the pumpkin!

Joey was bored of the carving after awhile and ran to do other things. We told him tonight when it got dark we would light the pumpkin.

Joey's carved pumpkin!

We called him back and told him it was time to light the pumpkin that evening. We put the candle in there and I took a few photos. Joey started to sing the Happy birthday song and then proceeded to blow out the candle, even though Joe was telling him that is now what the candle was for. Hahaha, too funny.

Taken with my camera on a tripod, our lighted pumpkin!

Monday Joe started out by taking Joey to daycare in the morning. I stayed home with Justin until about 9:45. At that time I went to Joey's daycare, picked him up and dropped Justin off. I wasn't about to take both of them with me. That would have been TOO much!

Joey and I drove about 22 minutes away to his first dentist appt. We arrived (after I passed it once) and Joey went to play with the toys in the waiting room (it was a pediatric dentist). There was an autistic little boy in there that didn't know how to talk and when he got excited would scream and it scared the bejesus out of Joey. Joey finally calmed down around the little boy (he looked 3). I talked to the father a bit. Really nice guy.

Joey was called back to the room. The doctor - Dr. Jason, was awesome. They put Joey on the big chair and lifted it into space and then laid it back. They looked in his mouth. He explained everything to Joey. Cleaned his teeth. They checked his teeth for cavities. They were expecting some since I told them he goes to bed every night with a sippy cup of milk (I know - bad mommy!). No cavities. He said his teeth actually look great. They have great spacing, meaning there are spaces between all his teeth to allow room for the adult teeth to come in. This made the dentist happy because he said usually that means they won't need braces.

He mentioned Joey has a tongue thrust which is a learned muscle trait for kids who use sippy cups. He said to get RID of the sippy cups, get him on a cup and NO MORE MILK when going to bed. The dentist told this to Joey.

Overall the experience was great. They painted on flouride and he was done. He was fast. The dentist took the time to explain everything to me, which was nice, but he was fast about it all. Joey did cry a little bit but that just gave the dentist the opportunity to check his mouth even more. Joey did great. Sure he didn't exactly ENJOY going and having someone probe around in his mouth, but he was well behaved and didn't have a major tantrum or anything. Just cried a bit and kept saying, 'I want to go home!'.

Afterwards we stopped at the tire place. Joe has a slow leak in one of his car tires. It was a 35 minute wait. I asked him if I could go and come back and keep my spot. He said, yep, no problem.

I told Joey he could have a new Thomas train today for his great great behavior at the dentist. So coincidentally a Walmart was down the street a block. We stopped in and got him a new Thomas train - Molly, and 4 new cups - 2 from the Cars movie, one Dora and one Spongebob Squarepants!

Back to the tire place. They said Joe had a screw in his tire and fixed it for FREE. Wow, Discount tire - thanks for the great service!

Back to Milford to pick up Justin. Joey didn't want to go back to daycare so I took Joey and Justin home with me.

When I got home Joey went to bed, Justin went down too. Joey was then heard running around upstairs. He had quite a meltdown when I told him to go back to bed. I finally offered him his sippy with milk and read a story and figured I would do the bedtime with no milk tonight instead. I wanted them to both nap so I could nap.

Finally Joey went down and I took a 2 hour nap or so. It was great!

Tonight Joey went to bed without milk in his sippy cup and during the day all he gets is a cup. He knows how to use a cup but the sippy is so much easier for parents because it doesn't spill! He did try to take his cup around the downstairs but it ended up all over the floor, the couch, etc so the new rule is cups only at the table.

Enjoy the random photos I've taken in the past day or so.

Joey adores his little brother and loves to play with his toys. Here are both of the boys under the playgym.

Joey loves to play with Justin's toys.

Joe and Joey giving kisses. Joey is very very loving and this was such a tender moment!

Sunday Joe rocked the baby to sleep. He wasn't swaddled so he woke right back up shortly after this.

Justin getting some tummy time.

Kali - one of our four cats. She's the most lovable cat. You can hold her upside down and she'll still purr but she's the only cat that will probably never come out if you come over. She's very shy if she doesn't know you. She's also our youngest cat - now 6 years old.

Justin sleeping last night. He sleeps in his car seat. For some reason it helps him sleep better. Joey was the same way but he had really bad reflux and putting him to sleep in his car seat made his reflux go away. Joey outgrew it at 4 months old and I expect Justin to be out of it around then too.

If you do not swaddle Justin, he will not sleep longer than a 2 hour stretch, and mostly will only nap for an hour. If you swaddle him, he'll sleep from 3 - 6 hours. We ALWAYS swaddle him now. He loves it and calms right down.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

We're still here!! :)

Yes it's been wayyy to long since I've last posted. I probably forgot a lot of stuff so this will probably a bit all over the board! LOL. This is a bit graphic intensive. Forgive me in advance!

Lorrie - I can't post on your blog but I wanted to address your question. I was afraid to convert my blog to beta too because I also have a very customized blog. No - it did not screw it up at all. All the settings moved over just perfectly and template was intact. Once you convert let me know and I'll leave some comments ;)

First of all, here is my new hair do. It's shorter and a darker brown with red highlights, like a deep brown auburn. Really, it took awhile to get used to it because it was so much darker but now I really really like it. I may want to lighten it up a bit with red highlights or blonde, but we'll see. It's kinda fun to get pampered and go down the street to a friend's house to get it done :)

Last weekend we stayed at Grandma's house. Bless her heart she watched Joey in the morning so Joe and I could both sleep a little bit. Boy was that nice!

This stroller was a stroller Grandma bought at a consignment store for $2.00. Yes it's old school but it's nice. Justin likes it. We prop him up so he's kinda sitting up and he's happy to go on walks down the driveway. That's what we were doing here. He kept sliding down from sitting position but he was happy to see all the scenery.

Later that day Joey, Joe and I went down the driveway on the mule (it's like a 4 wheeler golf cart type thing) and got fall photos.

Joey and I by the fall tree. This is his third photo by this tree!

Joe and Joey. Love those fall colors!

Those silly boys decided to go running in the corn field across the street.

Joe and Joey in the field.

The corn stalks. Love that blue sky.

Afterwards I wanted another photo of them by the trees again

Joey was laying down on the grass. I stood over him and took this. I love this!

Later that afternoon we decided to go see his dad and Karen at their house. The boys had a lot of fun. Karey was building a bridge so Joey had fun climbing the ladder by himself to go up on it (it was on a truck) and running up and down it.

Then the boys went for a tractor ride. Joey wouldn't go by the tractor until Papa got on it. Then he was happy to go for a ride. Isn't this adorable?

No hands - Joey is driving!! About this tractor. Every year for Christmas Papa buys Joey a tractor and it's a tractor that he has at his house. Joey has a tractor that is this exact tractor at home.

Joey and Papa on the tractor.

Joey on the tractor himself. He does NOT like to be on there without someone and started to really fuss right after I took this photo - hence the sour expression.

Then the boys decided to walk up on the tall round hay bales.

Joey and Papa trying to walk on the hay bales.

I love this photo. Doesn't it look like they are walking in the same posture?

Nani (Karen) took Joey for a golf car ride. He loves those ride on things, tractors, golf carts, anything!

Joe hung out holding Justin.

Joe feeding Justin. Joe is such a good daddy!

I honestly can't remember much else about last weekend. I was probably too tired :)

Monday rolls around and it's my last day before I go back to work. Joe was also home because it was Columbus Day and we get that day off.

On the way to a function our moms' club was putting on Joey and I heard a train and went to go find it. It was almost done going through town so we turned around and went to the other side of town to see it. We stopped at McDonalds and it is right in front of the tracks. We got out and he was all smiles. I had my camera on me because I was taking it to the mom's club function so I got these photos!

Joey running to see the train.

Joey posing for me (on his own by the way) and the train.

Watching the train go by. The boy couldn't have been any happier! It's not often we catch the train!

So our Moms' club was having a member mixer function where we bring the kids, bring some candy and put costumes on them and then we all trick or treat out of each other's car trunks. I brought Joey as Thomas the Train.

Joey's awesome costume. It's a bit hard to manage when he tries to put his candy in his bucket but he had a blast trunk or treating! :)

Joey and myself! Thanks Jen for taking this photo!

Afterwards I ran up to the Salvation Army for some new shirts. I found some really nice ones. It was depressing to try on pants and have nothing fit. I'm probably a size 18 or 20 right now :(

Thursday was the first snow of the season. The snow was still on the ground on Friday so I took these photos. I'm so not happy about the snow. It got really cold too. It was 31 degrees. On the way home I went through snow so heavy it was about a 1/2 mile visability. It was crazy!

Snow covered pumpkins on my porch.

Snow covered grass by the fence.

Our front yard.

Thursday evening when Joe got home from work I took off to weight watchers. It was my first weigh in since I've left on maternity. It was great to go to a meeting and talk to my leader Jinny again. Boy have I missed her. I started CORE WW and I'm doing really good on it. You can track my weight loss journey here. If anything it keeps me honest!

Today was our mom's club Mom 2 Mom sale. A mom 2 mom sale is a sale put on by someone (in this case our club) and mom's rent tables and sell their kids/baby stuff. I got some great things. I got this baby einstein play gym below for $10. I got a big floatie for the pool that has a seat that babies can float in for $5. I got a bunch of clothing. I got the leapfrog musical table for $8.00. Joey liked playing with that. I got a bunch of clothes for Justin to wear in this colder weather and I got Joey a train. Overall I had a blast shopping and got some really great deals. I worked admissions so I was the first face everyone saw once they came in. I think I did a great job. I was really friendly and had a blast talking to everyone.

Justin with his new playgym. He LOVED it. He smiled and batted at the toys.

Justin playing.

When I got home I took a 1/2 hour nap before Justin woke up. Then after Joey woke from his nap Joey and I had some one on one time. We went grocery shopping! First we went to Calisanti's down the street to get some veggies and fruits. He LOVES it there, as I've said before, because of the trains they have running on tracks suspended above the store. He was a super good boy and got a sucker on the way out (they have free suckers!).

Then we went to Kroger. I had him help me pick out a cereal for him to eat, a juice to drink and crackers as a snack. He did such a great job. I was in there a long time and he was soooo unbelievably good. I have such great children.

Joey's new thing is beautiful. This week I was wearing a new sweater that had really pretty fall colors on it. Joey came up to me and said, 'Mommy, that is a beautiful shirt. I love the colors - red, orange, ....'. I could NOT believe it. That was my baby's first ever compliment to me. I didn't prompt it. It was so, well, beautiful! Gotta love that boy of mine!

Well that's all for now. Will update again soon.