Monday, July 24, 2006

Car washes and seeing my buddy Jen!

Well to start Joey slept until 9:30 on Saturday. What a shocker. Unfortunately I never seem to sleep past 7am anymore so I didn't reap any benefits from that but Joe was happy about it.

I had to work on Saturday and luckily I was able to do this from HOME! Unfortunately it lasted from 9am until around 3pm! Whew was it a long day! Our implementation went in successfully (of course!).

Saturday my mother came over about 4pm to watch Joey. Joe and I went to a wedding for his bosses boss's daughter. It was a nice wedding. The food was excellent. We had a nice time.

Sunday Joe and Joey both slept in until after 9 again. I'm not complaining - trust me! :) I was already up, dinking around on the internet and updated my website with some recent layouts and updated the front page.

Joe decided to put up some more of the closet bi-fold doors we have waiting to be put up. We decided to replace all of them in the house and they look so much better already, they just need a coat of paint and a door knob! :)

While Joe was hanging the doors, Joey was really interested in all his tools and was getting in the way so we did a few things. He jumped on his bed, he read some books, I folded some laundry (see below my bedroom and laundry on bed) and then decided we would go wash Joe's car. So off we go outside. Joey's never washed a car before. We pulled Joe's car out of the garage. We got a bucket, soap and some sponges and went to town. Joey loves getting soap all over the car. Joe took photos of us working on cleaning his car. What a fun bonding time for us!

Then we went out back and I blew bubbles for him for about a 1/2 hour. He was so funny. He kept yelling, 'Bigger bubbles momma'. He would chase them and pop them. We had so much fun.

Then he took a nap. I took a nap and Joe rested downstairs. When we all got up Joe hung one more door and then off to my mother's house for dinner.

Mom made excellent chicken YUM. We met my bud Jenny there and her son Wyatt who is only 2 months younger than Joey. They hit it off right away. The fun thing of the evening was frog catching and feeding the fish.

I'm warning you, I took a TON of photos this weekend! I must have made up for the fact that I didn't take any during the week. Enjoy!! :)

Joey saying cheese after jumping on his bed.

Joey helping me wash Joe's car.

Me and Joe washing Joe's car.

Joey helping wash the tires too! What a good helper!

The finished hung doors (though not white yet). They look sooo nice now! They used to be mirrored doors which were UGLY!

Joey at my parents waiting for Joe to catch a frog. Here's a 'cheese' moment!

Another 'Cheese' moment! :) Isn't he cute!!

Joey's excitement after seeing the frog Joe caught!

Joey and Wyatt watching the frog jumping around!

My parents have two ponds. One small one where the frogs live and one larger one. Joey grabbed the frog Joe caught, ran to the big pond and chucked it in. We were laughing so hard! It was like he 'saved' it or something!

Wyatt looking off my parents dock, feeding the fish!

Joey loves to rough house with Joe. Wyatt joined in on the fun!! They were riding Joe the horse. haha.
Joe got the best of both of them!!

When Joe was done he laid down on the grass. Joey joined him and gave me another 'cheese'.

My mother is an awesome knitter. She actually entered this shawl in the Fowlerville Fair this year. She told me when she went the the fair she couldn't find it anywhere! Dad found it under the 'best of show' section. She won best of show and best adult and best knitting categories! I'm so proud of her!

Here are her ribbons! She was so proud too! Isn't this gorgeous?

Wyatt was enjoying a popsicle!

Joey smiling for me again. It's so nice that he does the cheese thing for me. He used to NEVER look at the camera and now he wants me to take his photo all the time!

Jenny and myself. Yes, I am huge. Blame that on the fact that I'm a month away exactly from delivering the baby! I told Jenny she looks skinny next to me! haha. (she's thin anyhow!).

Time to leave. Hugs for Joey and Wyatt! Isn't that sweet?


Nancyroo said...

as usual, love your pics! the closet doors look great!

Melissa said...

Wow that blanket is amazing. Such detail. Your mom does great work!! Love the new closet doors!

Lorrie said...

OMG that shawl is UNBELIEVABLE- you aren't kidding--- you're mom is uber talented! Congrats to her!

pachoulii said...

I love that picture of Joe playing with Joey and Wyatt. It's priceless. Can you find another guy like him to match up with Joy. You are a very fortunate woman. Appreciate you husband! What did your mom do with her shawl? She has so many hidden talents, like you! It's a beauty! Thanks Sweetie. xoxo

Sarah said...

Your mom's work is stunning! I love that shawl - I hope I'm that good someday.

And as awlays - great pics. I love how you have captured the wonder in their little eyes as they watch that frog!

kristi sauer said...

Hi Briana! Great pictures!

Meghan said...

Hey sister! Love all the photos you took.
Wanted to let you know I had my u/s today, the baby is measuring 9lbs 14 oz & I have 4 weeks to go. Well the dr called & they are scheduling me for a c-section in the next 2 weeks! YIKES! What day is yours scheduled for again???? Maybe I will pick the same date. LOL