Thursday, July 27, 2006

Do I ever have a non-busy week? I didn't think so....

Let's do a run-down of the week:

Monday: I had to work, but worked from home. I had a hell of a time getting up at night with back pain, to the point I had a hard time walking and had to grab the walls to make it to the restroom. So I asked work if I could work from home and they said that was fine.

So Monday night came (7pm) and I was hosting recipe club for the mom's club! It was BBQ themed and I had 4 girls show up and myself - so 5 all together, which fit nicely in my house at my kitchen table. Traci bought kabobs which had the most tender chicken on them I've ever eaten! Danielle brought chicken and shrimp with a delightful ginger/soy sauce which was so good. Jen brought bbq chicken and a Tastefully simple sauce for it which was great! Jen M. brought vedallia onions which were sliced like a blooming onion, marinated and had bread crumbs on top, which was unbelievably tender and awesome!! And I made steak with a special garlic/butter sauce. And I cooked up my mom's green beans as a side. Boy did we have a FEAST!! I should have taken photos. We had so much fun. Traci left early to put her kids to bed, but the 3 others stayed until 10pm! I made a carmel apple salad (cool whip, vanilla pudding, apples and snickers bars) for dessert which was a hit. I had a great time hosting the club this month!!

Tuesday - Another full day of work. Stopped at Salvation Army on the way home to take in a ton of clothes from my brother's girlfriend who didn't want them any longer! Joe was playing baseball tonight (he wouldn't be home until late) so I picked Joey up from daycare and went over to my parent's house. It was mom's day off work so she made dinner - garlic bread and ravioli. Yum! We then had a great time trying to catch frogs (I came close but didn't catch one!) and Joey loved feeding the fish again. Soon it was bathtime - too soon for Joey who wanted to stay outside, and then we left about 8pm.

Wednesday - Worked a full day of work today too. Came home. I was really too exhausted to do too much. Jen came over from the mom's club and we worked on some club stuff until 9pm. It was nice to see her. Her and I get along so well together!!

Thurdsay - Today - whew. Worked a full day today too. Can you tell I like to talk about food? Haha. I went out to a great diner in Northville today called Steve's family restaurant on 5mile and Haggerty and first - they serve POLISH food, and second their prices were awesome! I got a polish platter which consisted of 3 pierogies, city chicken, kielbasa and saurkraut for only $6.35! What a deal and the food was soooooooo good!!

I came home and it was so hot and humid today. My car read 94 and 100% humidity on the way home! Ick!

Tonight was playdate so I tried to clean up the house. I had a sink of dishes that needed attention. Joe came home, ate, and then we went to Kensington Park for a mom's club evening playdate. Jen came (I've seen her three times this week already!) and brought her son Thomas and her friend and her son so we had a great time. We were there maybe 40 minutes when it started to pour down rain so that ended our playdate quickly.

Here are some photos from tonight!

My feet are soooo swollen lately. Check out my ankle and my foot. It's just awful! My sandals, which are loose still make marks on my feet :(

Someone left sandbox tools at the park and the kids loved to play with them!

Thomas demolishing a sand castle his dad made!

Thomas posing for the camera.

Joey and Thomas playing together! They are buds!

Random photo of Joe just takin an easy. I had my 100-300 lens on from where I was sitting and couldn't zoom back any further, therefore I cut off his foot. Oh well. I wasn't getting up! LOL

Monday, July 24, 2006

Car washes and seeing my buddy Jen!

Well to start Joey slept until 9:30 on Saturday. What a shocker. Unfortunately I never seem to sleep past 7am anymore so I didn't reap any benefits from that but Joe was happy about it.

I had to work on Saturday and luckily I was able to do this from HOME! Unfortunately it lasted from 9am until around 3pm! Whew was it a long day! Our implementation went in successfully (of course!).

Saturday my mother came over about 4pm to watch Joey. Joe and I went to a wedding for his bosses boss's daughter. It was a nice wedding. The food was excellent. We had a nice time.

Sunday Joe and Joey both slept in until after 9 again. I'm not complaining - trust me! :) I was already up, dinking around on the internet and updated my website with some recent layouts and updated the front page.

Joe decided to put up some more of the closet bi-fold doors we have waiting to be put up. We decided to replace all of them in the house and they look so much better already, they just need a coat of paint and a door knob! :)

While Joe was hanging the doors, Joey was really interested in all his tools and was getting in the way so we did a few things. He jumped on his bed, he read some books, I folded some laundry (see below my bedroom and laundry on bed) and then decided we would go wash Joe's car. So off we go outside. Joey's never washed a car before. We pulled Joe's car out of the garage. We got a bucket, soap and some sponges and went to town. Joey loves getting soap all over the car. Joe took photos of us working on cleaning his car. What a fun bonding time for us!

Then we went out back and I blew bubbles for him for about a 1/2 hour. He was so funny. He kept yelling, 'Bigger bubbles momma'. He would chase them and pop them. We had so much fun.

Then he took a nap. I took a nap and Joe rested downstairs. When we all got up Joe hung one more door and then off to my mother's house for dinner.

Mom made excellent chicken YUM. We met my bud Jenny there and her son Wyatt who is only 2 months younger than Joey. They hit it off right away. The fun thing of the evening was frog catching and feeding the fish.

I'm warning you, I took a TON of photos this weekend! I must have made up for the fact that I didn't take any during the week. Enjoy!! :)

Joey saying cheese after jumping on his bed.

Joey helping me wash Joe's car.

Me and Joe washing Joe's car.

Joey helping wash the tires too! What a good helper!

The finished hung doors (though not white yet). They look sooo nice now! They used to be mirrored doors which were UGLY!

Joey at my parents waiting for Joe to catch a frog. Here's a 'cheese' moment!

Another 'Cheese' moment! :) Isn't he cute!!

Joey's excitement after seeing the frog Joe caught!

Joey and Wyatt watching the frog jumping around!

My parents have two ponds. One small one where the frogs live and one larger one. Joey grabbed the frog Joe caught, ran to the big pond and chucked it in. We were laughing so hard! It was like he 'saved' it or something!

Wyatt looking off my parents dock, feeding the fish!

Joey loves to rough house with Joe. Wyatt joined in on the fun!! They were riding Joe the horse. haha.
Joe got the best of both of them!!

When Joe was done he laid down on the grass. Joey joined him and gave me another 'cheese'.

My mother is an awesome knitter. She actually entered this shawl in the Fowlerville Fair this year. She told me when she went the the fair she couldn't find it anywhere! Dad found it under the 'best of show' section. She won best of show and best adult and best knitting categories! I'm so proud of her!

Here are her ribbons! She was so proud too! Isn't this gorgeous?

Wyatt was enjoying a popsicle!

Joey smiling for me again. It's so nice that he does the cheese thing for me. He used to NEVER look at the camera and now he wants me to take his photo all the time!

Jenny and myself. Yes, I am huge. Blame that on the fact that I'm a month away exactly from delivering the baby! I told Jenny she looks skinny next to me! haha. (she's thin anyhow!).

Time to leave. Hugs for Joey and Wyatt! Isn't that sweet?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Lots to do!

Slap me with a wet noodle! I haven't taken any photos this week to put on my blog. The only photo I do have is the one below of me that Joe took for my 34 week photo. Well at least I'm keeping up with that.

Our week breakdown:

Monday - We did an evening playdate in the local park. It was so hot no one showed up (90s! even at night) and it was a good thing. I had to use the restroom and wanted to leave early so it worked out fine.

Tuesday - I managed to work out at Curves this evening! Joe really wanted ice cream this day and talked Joey into going out for ice cream.

Wednesday - I worked from home and went to Curves before I picked up Joey from daycare this day so I got in two workouts this week! Joe and I had to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a gift certificate for the wedding we are going to this weekend.

Thursday - Yesterday was concert night in the local park. My cousin's band was playing (the Ragbirds) and I haven't seen him play yet. It happened to be in the local park in our town. I rushed Joey out the door and he was so angry with me. He's hardly home in the evenings because we are always going on errands and he just wanted to play with his toys! I would have let him play had I not already committed to seeing my cousin play in his band and I was meeting a local mom at the park for a playdate and my cousin Teresa was in town from Wisconsin so I was going to see her too!

We had a great time. We were there about 2 hours and Joey had fun playing with Sharon's son Jackson :) He was really tired when we got home of course! Joe was out of town playing baseball.

Friday - Cool down day. Joey and Joe played a solid hour with the Thomas trains while I took a nap. My feet are sooo swollen today I figured I could lay down and it may help. I woke up and ushered Joey and Joe out the door to the grocery store to get Joey a few things (like string cheese and yogurt smoothies - his favorite) and then we went to the local ice cream store. We got him a new icy and it was super messy and it made him so mad that he cried. I guess stick to the regular ole ice cream cone next time to avoid meltdowns - that and it was close to bedtime.

Pray for a friend of mine. She's my age and I've known her forever and she found a lump in her breast and they are doing testing on it. Her dr. said it doesn't look good so far but they won't know until the do the test and it comes back. She has a son that is 3 months younger than Joey so pray pray pray it's nothing!! She said she's been really upset and crying a lot (I would be too!!). So keep her in your thoughts!

I work tomorrow morning and we have a wedding tomorrow evening. I swear we are constantly doing something around here! I'll try to take photos this weekend to share.

My friend Jenny is supposed to meet at my mother's house on Sunday for dinner with her son Wyatt! :) That will be fun! I'll try to take photos then!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

34 weeks!

34 weeks! Time is flying!

This week was the week that everyone started to say, OMG when are you DUE? On Tuesday alone I had two different people tell me I 'blossomed'. Yes, that word they even used. I've had people tell me, 'Well you haven't gained as much weight as you did with your last one, but you look miserable'. I think it's because I've got water retention in my face. Today people were telling me I look fabulous for being due next month. Who knows!! Lori (my buddy) was telling me that today was the day she was like, WOW, you look really preggo today. I take it with stride.

Last night I was looking at my stomach and boy was it ever moving from side to side. I yelled at Joe to come up here and he saw it too. He said, 'Wow, that's the first time I've actually SEEN this baby move'. I have to admit, it is quite wild.

The other wild thing is if I lay down on my back and slowly sit up like I'm doing a situp, my stomach archs in the center into a little shape that looks like a fresh baked oven loaf. I'm not sure if it's my uterus, or if it's the baby but it's really wild!! I don't ever remember seeing my stomach do that when I was carrying Joey!

I'm still eating egg sandwiches every day! LOL. My friend Lori swears I'm going to turn into a chicken! :)

I do seem to be more tired than normal. I'm sure it's because I'm in the last trimester and the baby is growing so quickly now! My ankles are still really really swollen and kinda sore to the touch.

Here's a photo of me at 33 weeks when I was carrying Joey for then and now.

34 weeks:
How your baby's growing: Your baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds and is probably almost 18 inches long. Her fat layers — which she'll need to regulate her body temperature once she's born — are filling her out, making her rounder. Her central nervous system is still maturing and her lungs are well developed by now. If you've been nervous about going into preterm labor, you'll be happy to know that 99 percent of babies this age can survive outside the womb — and most have no major long-term problems related to prematurity.

How your life's changing: You may be feeling a little fatigued lately, and that's perfectly understandable. Let yourself slow down and save some energy for labor day. If you have to spend a lot of time on your feet, try wearing a maternity belt that supports your abdomen and helps redistribute some of the weight. And if you've been sitting or lying down for a long time, don't jump up too quickly. Blood can pool in your feet and legs, which may cause a temporary (but rapid) drop in your blood pressure and make you feel dizzy when you get up.

Your amitotic fluid will reach its maximum capacity this week (about 2 pints), so your baby will be resting on the walls of the uterus rather than floating in the amniotic fluid. Your baby is drinking about a pint of that amniotic fluid each day and urinating the same amount. Urine, along with sweat and other fluids from your baby, help to make up the amniotic fluid. Your baby's growth rate has slowed down some but is still steady, as he or she continues to put on weight and fill out. Your baby's skull is still pliable and not completely joined, so that he or she can ease out of the birth canal.

The top of your uterus has risen to almost 6 inches above your belly button at this point in your pregnancy and you may have gained 24-30 pounds. As your growing baby moves lower in the birth canal, you may be feeling like he or she will fall out, with the added pressure. This may be quite uncomfortable at times and if you are concerned about it, contact your doctor or midwife. They just might perform a pelvic exam to check to see how low your baby’s head is. Braxton Hicks contractions may be getting more numerous and stronger now, which is typical as your due date approaches.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Our week thus far...

We've been a bit busy this week and I've been really tired. Perhaps it's just the fact that I deliver this baby in about a month but I'm tired!!

Highlights this week - I had a nice lunch with Melissa on Friday. Melissa - Joey loves the truck you gave to us and Joe loves the basketball hoop! Thanks! It was so much fun doing lunch!!! For those of you reading - her blog is to the right and her photos are so gorgeous. She got a new lens for her digital rebel and her photography is just amazing. Go stop by and take a look!

I had to work on Saturday. It was only supposed to last until 11am and lasted until nearly 5pm. I was so ready to leave work!!! I hate working on the weekends and I have to work next Saturday too. AUGH!!!

Afterwards we had a graduation party to go to for Joe's cousin. Joe, Joey and Joe's father all got in the blow up jumping thing they rented and I was laughing my butt off. Not every day do you see two grown men using the jumping thing and it was 90 degrees out! Wayyyy to hot for me!

Today we did a few errands. Joe put up two new bi-fold doors in the house. He replaced the doors in the utility room that were old and had little nails hanging out of it and the doors in Joey's room and they look nice. Joe still needs to paint them but they are so much nicer than the old doors we had before.

Joe also replaced the doorknob on Joey's room because his old one had a lock and he kept locking himself accidentally in his room. We also bought a new mailbox because the old one was worn and he put that on the house which looks great. Then he mowed the lawn tonight. He's been working hard. What a sweetie!!!

I hope to read some of your blogs this week. I've just been so busy with everything. Most every day in the evenings is planned out. Tomorrow night is playdate night at the park so that should be fun.

This weekend I cooked Joe some mexican style venison in the slow cooker. We have all these venison roasts so we used up some of that meat and he really liked it. This is the recipe we used: Charley's Slow Cooker Mexican Style Meat. Joe liked it a lot but said this was a bit spicy for his taste (and he loves spicy) so next time we'll use 1/2 the hot sauce.

Check out this website: Crafter's Workshop. My darling baby Joey is on their front page with this page I did for a spotlight for Scrapjazz. How fricking cool is that?!

33 weeks pregnant!

I'm 33 weeks pregnant now and can't believe I still have at least 4 weeks to go. I'm so huge now!! People are even saying that before I didn't really look that pregnant but now it's even showing in my face.

This week hailed the first most uncomfortable days of the summer. Up until now it's been very mild - mostly in the 70's. This weekend has been in the upper 90's - mostly 98 degrees. Very very hot. I've been inside in the air conditioning a lot.

I'm getting up a lot at night to use the rest room but most of the groin pain is gone - thankfully. I'm drinking water like it's going out of style. I think I drink about 100oz or more a day and I'm not kidding. Maybe because it's so hot and maybe because I need it!

I had my OB appt on Friday this week and he says everything looks perfect and this baby is measuring exactly on target. He said he's never seen a second baby be smaller than a first, and of course Joey was really big - 8 lbs 15oz. He's going to do a fetal assessment survey at closer to my due date to see how big Justin is.

Oh and here's what I'm worried about. My OB has been waiting to adopt a daughter from China. They have had no clue when they will get the 'call' to come get her but they recently heard it will be in August and he will be gone for three weeks! I'm DELIVERING in August! I'm hoping to GOD that he won't leave or will be back so he can deliver me. He promised that if it's not him, it will be another doctor he truly trusts because he knows of all of my issues and concerns, so please pray it will be him. I trust him so much and don't want just anyone delivering me!!

Reading below I have no aches in my hands but my ankles are really retaining water and I try to put them up all the time. Justin is very very active in my stomach. Dr. says he's head down. I'm still eating egg sandwiches every day and Joe is very good about making them for me! :)

Week 33:
Your baby is about 19 inches in length and weighs about 4 1/3 pounds. Your baby may respond to loud noises, and is able to recognize familiar sounds such as your voice. He or she may also respond to your touch as you massage your tummy. Your growing baby is now quite adept at inhaling amniotic fluid. This practice breathing is all in preparation for his or her birth, which is only a matter of weeks away. Your baby is now storing iron in his or her liver, which will last until a few months after birth.

How your baby's growing: His skin is becoming less red and wrinkled, and while most of his bones are hardening, his skull is quite pliable and not completely joined. This will help him ease out of your relatively narrow birth canal.

How your life's changing: You may be feeling some aches and even numbness in your fingers, wrists, and hands. Like many other tissues in your body, those in your wrist can swell, which can increase pressure in the carpal tunnel, a bony canal in your wrist. Nerves that run through this "tunnel" end up pinched, creating numbness, tingling, shooting or burning pain, or a dull ache. Try wearing a brace or propping your arm up with a pillow when you sleep. If your work requires repetitive hand movements (at a keyboard or assembly line, for example), remember to stretch your hands when you take breaks.

If you're having trouble sleeping at night, try wedging a pillow between your legs and behind your back. If that doesn't help, try sleeping in a semi-upright position, with several pillows behind your head (or sleep in a recliner!). If frequent trips to the bathroom are robbing you of your zz's, cut back on fluids by late afternoon or evening.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

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ABC's of ME!

A- Age of 1st kiss: 5 - I was in kindergarten. I absolutely had a crush on a boy named Cass and pinned him down. I was a lot bigger than other kids. haha.
B- Band you are listening to right now: Gin Blossoms on my IPOD on shuffle
C- Crush: TV star crush - Ben McKenzie from the OC.
D- dessert: Cheesecake!
F- Favorite ice cream: Sorbet
G- Gummy worms or gummy bears? Worms!!
H- Happiest moment: Giving birth to my son
I- Instruments: Clarinet played in middle school.
J- Junior high: Highlander Way in Howell, MI
K- Kids: 1 so far - Joey 2 1/2 years old. Justin is almost here
L- Longest car ride ever: 14 hours to North Carolina
M- Messiest place in your house: My computer desk
N- Nicknames: Bree or Breena
O- One wish: All children to grow up in loving homes
P- Phobia(s): Heights
Q- Quote: 'Common sense is not so common'
R -Reason to smile: Life!!
S- Song you sang last: I forget. Something on the way in today and I was pissed I couldn't hit the high notes like I used to be able to in HS
T- Time you woke up today: 6:15 - had to work on a Saturday - Augh!
V- Victorious moment: Graduating from College
W- Worst habit: Eating late at night!
X- X-rays you've had: I don't remember...
Y- Yoga or Yoda: yoga - no star wars fan here!!
Z- Zodiac sign: Leo and I fit it perfectly!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tagged by Nancyroo!

Tagged by Nancyroo!

To write about my 7's.

Here they are:
7 people I admire (this one is hard)
1. Grandpa who passed away and did so much with his life.
2. Grandma because she's brilliant, and taught me to cook. Seems to know everything!
3. My father because he's the most caring man ever.
4. My mother, for her wisdom and never ending love and patience.
5. My boss - because he always seems to know the right thing to say and it amazes me.
6. My husband - What's not to admire about him, I married him after all.
7. My son and his continuous growth and strength to learn every day. It amazes me.

7 things I say often
1. I love you.
2. Hello
3. How are you doing?
4. (laugh)
5. Thank you.
6. He's sooo cute (about Joey)
7. cool

7 things I can not do
1. sing (anymore because of allergies)
4. go on anything up high like a ladder
5. golf
6. lie (the guilt is too awful)
7. backstab

7 things to do before I die
1. Go on another cruise!
2. Go to Australia
3. Go to New Zealand
4. Go to Hawaii
5. Go to England
6. Retire
7. Have grandchildren and a loving family!

7 books I could read again
1. I don't read books!! (only magazines!)

7 Favorite Movies
1. I don't care for movies either!

7 great books for kids (young adults):
1. Brown bear brown bear what do you see?
Can't think of others off the top of my head.

7 people who should do 7- you don't have to do the same 7!
1. Melissa Z
2. Amy
3. Julia
4. Jen S
5. Enid
6. Carolyn
7. Alexandra

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Joey's 2 1/2 now!

I had to work on Friday and worked until after midnight. Not fun at all. Luckily my upgrade went in just fine.

Saturday morning was fun. Joey turned 2 1/2 officially on Saturday! Can you believe we have a 2 1/2 year old now?! I can't!!!!

We had a few errands to do. I took Joey outside for a little while while Joe mowed the grass, he got on his tricycle and just started to peddle the bike himself. Normally he can't figure out how to get the motion of pushing on the peddle that is up to move the bike. So he just jumped on the tricycle and started going frontwards AND backwards like he rode it all his life. He was so proud and so were we!

Grandma bought Joey a little birthday cake for his 2 1/2 year old birthday. He gets jipped every year because his birthday is Jan 8 - right after Christmas so we decided to celebrate in July and got him two Thomas the train cars. He loves singing the birthday song so we lit candles and let him blow them out on his cake. He was so happy! We even sang the birthday song to him!

This weekend was mostly relaxing. I got one page done for Scrapjazz. We went fishing, swimming and just relaxed. Joe and I got in a water ball (those soft balls you can get wet and throw) fight on Sunday and had a blast throwing those. Joey just played with Joe's old tractors from when he was a kid. He loves those!

Other news - Joey has been consistently using the potty every night before bedtime. We haven't worked other times of the day into his routine yet, but we are very happy the time before bedtime is working out!!

Sorry I haven't been updating lately. I'm really tired because of the overtime I'm putting in at work. I work this weekend on Saturday and next weekend on Saturday and I'm not excited about it at all. It makes me so exhausted!

I hope to get out there and catch up on everyone's blogs. I hope you forgive me during this busy time where I'm just worn out (not to mention I'm preggo too so that make me tired!).

Thanks for visiting!!

Joey playing with Joe's old tractors.

Joey's birthday cake.

Joey blowing out the candles.
Joey eating it Joey style - face first.

32 Weeks Pregnant

I'm 32 weeks now! Amazing. Justin is kicking around like crazy lately. I found out last week that my dr. appt they originally scheduled me next for was 6 weeks away from my last one, and not 4 weeks so I had that changed to this coming Friday.

Joe has been very good about helping me. I'm craving egg sandwiches and he makes me one every night without giving me a hard time about it.

I thought today I was having contractions because I had awful stomach pains only to find out I had an upset stomach. Go figure!

If I sit up just right from laying position, I have a little bump in the middle of my stomach and I'm pretty sure it's the baby. I showed it to Joe tonight. It's pretty wild looking!

Nothing else going on. I'm still walking like normal and sometime don't feel pregnant, with the exception I'm tired. Joe got the crib built about a week ago so that is out of the way. Now we need to install the carseat in the car so we are ready for any surprises if we have to go off to the hospital. Joe's mother and grandmother will be watching Joey while I'm in the hospital.

32 weeks:

This week your baby is about 18½ inches in length and weighs close to 4 pounds. Your baby continues to fill out, gain weight and is taking up much of the available space in your uterus. From this point on your baby's weight will increase faster than his or her length. Your baby’s increased size makes his or her movements seem more pronounced and you may find it causes you some pain if kicked in the ribs. Your baby may be getting into position for birth, with his or her head down, although if your baby is still head up (or breech), there is still time for him or her to turn.

Your doctor or midwife may begin having you come in every two weeks now, instead of on a monthly basis. You may have gained somewhere between 22-28 pounds at this point in your pregnancy. You may gain close to a pound a week from here on out. Regular exercise is still an important activity for you, even though it may be getting harder as you get larger and heavier. Try swimming, stretching and walking…all excellent options for pregnant women. Make sure you drink lots of water and it’s best not to exercise in very hot weather, because you don’t want to become over-heated. Take it easy to ensure that you don’t over exert yourself.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Today was a busy day. We did some errands this morning like got gasoline for the car (2.99 a gallon - eek) and then went to the grocery store to pick up a few minor things. We had a minor issue at home. Joey came up to me and said he had a 'booboo'. Normally even if he sees a bump on his leg he calls it a 'booboo'. Well then he came back up to me and showed it to me again a few minutes later and blood is running down his leg. He picked at a scab and blood was going all down his leg. It wouldn't stop bleeding so I told him we were getting a band-aid. He HATES band-aids so he cried for 5 minutes straight until I took it off. I don't know why he hates it so much. Maybe he'll stop picking at his 'booboos!'

We put Joey down early for a nap at noon. I also took a nap. We both were woken up by Joe at 2:30.

We headed out to my parent's house for the 4th of July party. On the way there Joe called some guy an idiot in the car ahead of us, and there goes Joey yelling at the guy and calling him an idiot. Joe realized what he did after he said it. I guess we'll have to work on that.

I had made brownies to take. We had a great time. Joey and Joe went frog hunting (are you surprised??) and it was awesome to see Grandma and Grandpa. I don't see them often! Aunt Shirley was there as well and we haven't seen her in awhile. I had a great talk with Aunt Linda. Jennifer and Gary brought their three girls and Joey enjoyed playing with Sophie, who is going to be 4 this coming week. They are about a year and a half apart in age.

Here are some photos from the event. I got a lot of belly pats :)

Joey and his frog. I couldn't believe this frog sat so nicely in his hand. I can only imagine how worn out this frog was!

This was the frog above. Wasn't it big?

Joey and Joe on the paddle boat.

Myself, my Aunt Shirley (dad's sister) and my cousin Kat.

My grandfather (dad's dad). He never even noticed that the chair broke while he was sitting in it. He's super skinny but we still gave him a hard time about it. See the bottom of the chair haning out under him. Hahaha!

My brother and I. A rare photo!

I can't even remember the last photo of the 4 of us. My brother, my dad, mother and myself. This is super rare!

My mother, brother and I. We never do family photos!

Myself, Joe and Joe. I wanted a photo of all of us.

Joey smelling a tiger lily but he was actually blowing on it, not smelling it!

Joey's favorite treat - popsicles. Daddy and Joey after the party laying on mom's couch enjoying a cold treat after a hot day!