Monday, June 26, 2006

A little about me!

Got this from Julia's blog!


WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? No, my parents got my name out of a book for unusual names. Back then (almost 28 years ago) Briana was unique!

WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Um, I can't remember...? Probably recently when I was thinking of grandpa in heaven.



DO YOU HAVE KIDS? One - Joey Jr 2 1/2 and one on the way - Justin Scott

IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON, WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? Yes..I think so...I hope I'm a good friend and would appeal to myself! haha (what a dumb question!)

DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? Yes, I consider this blog my journal!


DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? Nope - had them out at age 9 with my adenoids and tubes put in my ears.


DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? Most of my shoes are slip ons - esp being preggo. To answer the question, no, if they tie, I try to still slip them on and off

DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? I think so...I think living day to day life just makes you that much stronger.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR? Sorbet - fruity kinds like orange, pina colada, etc

SHOE SIZE? Normally 9.5 but it goes close to an 11 when I'm preggo!


WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? My constant struggle with weight and food.

WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? Grandpa - he passed in December. I think of him multiple times of the day.



WHAT IS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Fruit salad (yummy yummy haha)

WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Sirius radio streaming on the internet - song - The Beatles - Something (light rock station - NOT oldies station)



WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED WITH ON THE PHONE? Lori - she told me about her wedding!

THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE YOU MEET? Their hair and what they are wearing for clothing.

DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? I can make almost anyone smile. I'm am very happy go lucky person.

FAVORITE DRINK? Pina colada!





FAVORITE FOOD? Pastas... esp pierogies

SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDING? Happy! ALWAYS Happy! I will not watch anything but comedies.

LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Crap - I can't remember? Oh yeah - 40 year old virgin. Very very very funny.

WHAT COLOR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING? black with a white colar

SUMMER OR WINTER? Summer, summer, summer, summer..definitely!

HUGS OR KISSES? Kisses with Joey and Joe and everyone else Hugs!

FAVORITE DESSERT? cheesecake!!

WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? no books - parenting magazines or scrapbooking magazines!

WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Nothing, it's a simple gray color.

FAVORITE SOUNDS? Joey squealing in happiness.

ROLLING STONES OR BEATLES? Who cares - neither!


IF YOU COULD PICK ANY TWO PEOPLE TO HAVE DINNER WITH, WHO WOULD THEY BE? Grandpa because I miss him and my mother's parents who passed when I was really young.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My new pantry and more from this week!

Ok, huge highlight! My pantry is DONE!! :) This is the closemaid system that we got from Lowe's and we used to build our pantry. Seriously I have the most wonderful dh in the world. He slaved away all day on Saturday to paint it and put it together while Joey and I took a nap. He's so sweet. I woke up and my pantry is DONE! :) It's sooo nice. I put everything back in and it seems like I have more room now. He added a few extra shelves on the side for my spices and cooking stuff so it's so much more useful now! Check it out. I know it seems like I have a lot of food but most of it is cooking stuff - like spices, tomato sauces, etc that you would use IN a recipe. I cook a lot so I like to have stuff like balsamic vinegar, garlic salt, whatever on hand in case a recipe calls for it! You know?!

If you didn't see you can go a few posts below and see before photos. I can't believe how much BRIGHTER it looks! WOW! I totally love it! See the photo on the RIGHT - that's before. The one on the LEFT - that's after.

More after shots of my pantry!

Here's some more pantry photos after.

A few other things that have been going on this week - Monday Joe had a baseball game. He pitched 5 innings and gave up no earned runs. This is fast pitch baseball. I think I may have told you he pitches on a team that has Steve Avery on it. S. Avery used to pitch in the major leagues so it's pretty cool that he's on this team. I guess Avery pulled a hamstring and had to come out of the game and Joe went in after him and did awesome. Avery told Joe he pitched 'an excellent game' out there. I can tell you this, Joe was on cloud 9. It's pretty special when a guy from the majors tells you that you pitched a great game. Joe's always wanted to play in the majors but messed up his shoulder in college so it ruined his chances of that. Luckily he can still pitch, it's just not as hard as he used to throw in high school.

One of the days this week Jen from our moms club met the whole family at the local playground in town with her husband Tom and Thomas. We had a great time. We fed the geese and they got really really close and were pretty. They played on the jungle gym and went swinging. It was a nice time. Joe's friend Jackson was there too with his mom and new baby brother so it was a great time. We agreed that on Tuesday this next week we'd get together for a playdate!

Thursday was recipe night with the mom's club. I made my Chicken Parmesan and it was a hit. I got a lot of other great recipes from that night from the other moms that came. I had a great time. There were 5 of us. It amazes me how some of these mothers can live in these HUGE $400,000+ and not work. The woman's house we went to had a gorgeous house and her husband is a dentist. She has two children, one was born a week after Joey so I think they would make great playmates. I think a lot of them waited to have children until 30 or so. I had Joey at 24 so we did not have a huge financial advantage when we started to have children. Anyhow I had an excellent time!!!

Another interesting thing about our playgroup was out of the 5 of us there, 3 were bilingual! One spoke polish with her daughter, the other chinese and the last one spoke italian! What are the odds of that?!! It was very cool hearing about that.

Yesterday AND today Joe and I have been outside doing chores and having fun with Joey. He loves his new little pool. Today he walked into it, slipped, fell on his back and got all wet. I was dying laughing and he started to laugh too. I bet that cooled him off.

Yesterday we went to a friend's wedding. She's a very very good friend from work. I love the photos that we got from the wedding! She looked sooo beautiful. Isn't this an awesome shot? I was a good 10 feet away with my 300 mm lens and speedlite 410 flash. It came out great!!

We've been very very busy this week. I think most nights we took Joey either out for ice cream (Friday night) or to the playground (Mon and Wed nights). We have been busy busy busy!!

Here are some other misc photos from this week.

Joey before bed on Friday night. He says 'Cheese!' and kept asking for more 'cheese' meaning he wanted me to take more photos. I love it when he hams it up for the camera. He gets so bored of it quickly!

Him in his Thomas bed hamming it up for me again. We play the kisses game at night. I give him tons of kisses, and then he wants more and more. Then it's Joe's turn. It's so much fun!

He was in a good mood when he went to bed. Can you tell?

Saturday in our yard. He likes to get in the wagon and ride it down our backyard hill.

Joey with the wagon. He was pushing it down the hill too.

Isn't he cute?? He has popsicle stains all over his shirt - his favorite new treat!

I guess Jeff was looking down her dress the whole night. I guess she got cake down it and he went to go retreive it. This photo just absolutely cracks me up. I totally love it! You can even see a person off to the side holding a napkin up for her. Jeff went face first into her dress for the cake that dropped. I was dying laughing.

Joe and I at the wedding. It was at Andiamo's in Warren, MI. It was a gorgeous hall.

Joey is at the stage that he wants to do things daddy does. Before this daddy was mowing the lawn so he got out his plastic lawn mower and mowed a different section (far away from daddy of course). Here daddy is planting new bushes and Joey is helping put dirt in the hole.

What an awesome helper Joey is!!

See Joey's shovel? He has one like daddy's! LOL.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

30 weeks!!!

I think I say this every week but I can not believe I'm 30 weeks now!! OMG!! This has gone by soooooo fast! Anyhow I'm getting a lot of comments of 'OMG When are you DUE?'. I tell them end of August and they look at my sympathetically like, you are kidding. Even at the wedding today someone was like, are you carrying TWINS? Yeah, I'm carrying really high and I look really pregnant! I have 8 weeks left and I can't imagine how much bigger I'll get! Groin pain still exists at night and really hurts. No heartburn thankfully. Walking this week was burning my calves and is not really fun right now long distances. The baby is still kicking away but kicking up higher now. A woman on my 'due in September baby list' online just had her baby at 29 weeks this week. I can't believe it - and her baby was 4 lbs which is extremely big for a 29 week baby. It's amazing to think women on our list are having babies already really early for being due in September! Luckily the baby is ok!

Week 30:

This week your baby is over 17 inches in length and weighs close to 3 pounds. The lanugo which covered your baby’s body is beginning to shed now and is almost gone, except for few patches on his or her back and shoulders. The lanugo is being replace by actual hair, which will continue to grow and gain some color now. Sound , taste and smell are all senses that are developing nicely at this stage of your baby’s development and you baby is even capable of crying real tears in the womb! Your baby's bone marrow has now entirely taken over production of red blood cells, which later on will be the job of the spleen. The growth rate of your baby will begin to slow down as your due date approaches and due to the lack of space available at this point, you may feel less kicking, but more pushing and stretching.

Right now, the top of your uterus is about 4 inches above your belly button. Your doctor or midwife will be able to conduct an abdominal exam and feel which way your baby is lying inside you at this time. Most babies settle into a head-down position between weeks 32 and 36, but some babies keep everyone guessing until just before birth. It’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of preterm labor. Some signs you need to report to your doctor or midwife include: cramping (with or without diarrhea), nausea, lower back pain or pressure, pelvic pressure or achiness, leaking of fluid or a watery (or pinkish or brownish) discharge and uterine contractions that don’t go away when you change positions or drink a couple glasses of water.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm getting a new pantry built.....!

Haha, I talked Joe into rebuilding our pantry using closetmaid stuff. Our pantry had some ants in it, and I wanted to spray it. In order to do that you have to take EVERYTHING out of the pantry, and I figured, while it was ALL out, let's just rebuild it! I wanted the closetmaid system in my pantry!

SO here are some photos of all of the stuff OUT of the pantry! (see below too for stuff on my kitchen table as well!) I never realized we had this much stuff IN the pantry. It is quite amazing.

Here is the finished product - updated after this post: New Pantry built with Lowe's Closetmaid.

So we went to Lowe's and spent $300 for hardware and shelving for my new pantry. I did not think it would cost that much. Today (yes on Father's day - aren't I awful?) Joe started to disassemble our current pantry only to find that there is piping on the wall behind the shelving that is there and part of the wall is concrete that sticks out 1 inch further than the wall above it. So change of plans. Joe had to redo all of the plans for the pantry - which actually saved us $50 after we took back the stuff to Lowe's and got other stuff. Because of the way the wall is, we are leaving the bottom two shelves the way it is. They are wood 2x4's and Joe is just going to paint them white. They actually look nice the way they are. The rest above it he's going to install the closetmaid shelving. I can't wait for it to be done and he worked most of the day on it today. What a sweetie!

So what did we get Joe for Father's day? Well a few weeks ago Joey got him some sleep pants that says 'I love my daddy' from Avon. They are really cute. His main gift was his baseball team that he joined that cost $350. So he already has been using his father's day gift for a few weeks now! My mom got him a $50 gift certificate to Dunham's sporting good store so he's looking forward to using that. We went out to breakfast this morning. We went to Cracker Barrel but it was packed out the door so we settled on Big Boy and had a good breakfast there. It was packed but the food was good and Joey was well behaved.

Yesterday we took Joey to the playground for a little while. Today it rained, which we really really needed. While we were driving to Lowe's to return the pantry parts, Joey yelled a few times 'You idiot, go faster!' I could not believe it. Joe and I tried to hide our snickering. He learned that one from Joe who has no patience for other drivers. I told him he really needs to watch it when he's driving and says things like that.

Other news - Our molly had babies AGAIN! See how small they are? They are probably only as big as a pencil lead tip. Remember she had babies about 3 months ago? Those babies aren't so small anymore. In fact, we moved them to the big tank. Well the mother of those had a second set of babies - 7 of them that we found. The only reason I knew there were babies in the tank was one was dead in the filter and I saw it. I was just in the middle of talking to my mother when I yelled to Joe, 'OMG we have more Molly babies Joe!'. So we saved 7 and we have 7 from before. I'm going to need a bigger tank soon! Today we went out and bought another mesh breeding tank for them. It goes in the big tank but has mesh surroundings so the water can breathe through. We have been trying to feed them extremely fine crushed fish food, and they seem to be learning to eat it. Anyhow, we were really excited about that.

Oh we finally cleaned out upstairs of our house. We had a TON of stuff that we brought up from Grandma's house to put together for Justin, like bouncers, car seats, etc and we got all of that done! We tried to put together the crib but did not have instructions on how to do it since we bought it second hand at a mom2mom sale so we requested the directions on their child craft website. It will be sent postal mail. Good thing we tackled that now.

The other thing we did is went through all of Joey's toys and reorganized them, purged some since we have SOOO many, and then put some away for baby Justin. So far Joey likes the toys we left out for him and has been playing with his toys more now that it's organized and there aren't so many out.

I guess that's it for now!

Pantry before. These two shelves will be painted white and are staying.

Some more stuff that we took out. All that stuff that was in the pantry - unbelievable!

This is a full photo of before.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fishing playdate, errands and more...

Thursday night after work I was meeting Jen from our mom's group at Kensington Park to go on a playdate with her son Thomas who is 20 months old and our son Joey who will be 2 1/2 next month. Joe got home early because he had a baseball game outing at work today and left at 4pm. He was not feeling good at ALL when he got home and said that he wasn't going to be able to make it to the playdate, felt awful about it but needed to go to sleep. I was fine with that - you can't be angry at someone who isn't feeling good.

Joey and I left to go on the playdate. Kensington Park is very close to where we live. I was expecting to pay to get into the park but no one was working the admission booth so we made it in without a fee! It's about a good 5-10 minute drive into the park to get to the play area that we were meeting.

We got there before they did and Joey went off to play on the playground - which was a bit smaller than he was used to. I knew this coming into the playdate because Thomas is only 20 months old and I wouldn't want my 20 month old on a big playground either!

So Jen and her husband Thomas and little Thomas came up and we had a great time. Her son is so cute. I was surprised to know that he knows sign language, just like we taught Joey so we had that in common right away. Her son was able to speak extremely well for 20 months. I was so impressed.

Father Thomas (pictured here) brought a fishing pole and wanted to go fishing so we all walked to the pier which was right by the playground. First little Thomas caught a fish, and then the father let Joey touch it. It was really cool. Then they let Joey have a turn fishing and he caught a fish. It was so cool. I was so happy to have my camera with me. Joey liked touching the fish. I told him it must feel smooth and slimy. He agreed that it did.

We didn't have long for our playdate. We got there at 7 and then left a little after 8pm. I really enjoyed meeting Jen. She's super sweet, my age and her and I have a lot of the same interests! I'm sure we'll be meeting again soon!

Joey eventually went to bed at quarter to 10 and woke up ON TIME at 7pm. Grrr. He was supposed to sleep in since he went to bed late. Friday was my morning off. I was working afternoon shift from 2-12am to put in our upgrades at work. I was hoping he would sleep in but nope, he sure didn't! Up bright and early. We did some errands in the morning. I went to the Salvation Army to see if they had any maternity shirts, and I found 2 nice ones. I also got Joey this car that I think is a rip-off. I can't believe they wanted $4.99 for this used car but I bought it for him anyhow. He was being really good. The trade off was he didn't get anything at Meijer.

Off to Meijer to go grocery shopping. We got a few things. Joey and I split a slushie at the end. We love the slushies there and always get one.

When we got home I unloaded the car and then got ready for work. By the time I left for work Joey was really tired and it was nap time at daycare so he went right down when I dropped him off.

Work was disappointing. The piece I busted ass on for a week and half did NOT go in. Not due to anything I did. Another group in the bank had issues and caused our hold up. I was so pissed. We worked sooo hard on this! The other pieces that were going in went in fine so it was a pretty easy night. I left around midnight!

I'll update Saturday/Sunday happenings tomorrow (Sunday). A lot more happened this weekend! :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

28 weeks, and counting....10 weeks left!!

28 weeks and counting - that's 10 more weeks (38 weeks c-section). Can you believe it? I'm getting BIG now! Whew! No big changes this week from last week. Still some pelvic pain but not too bad. It's starting to hurt if I stand to long. My stomach has pains in it that make me sit down. The doctor said that was normal. This Monday June 12th I had the glucose tolerance test and passed with flying colors and got the Rhogam shot. I'm a negative blood type so I get the shot every time I'm pregnant. The doctor said I'm also measuring right on target at 28 weeks.

I feel like this kid is sucking out my brain power. I do really dumb things. Like I write checks out with the amount on the to field. I go to McDonalds and order the wrong thing and don't realize it until I'm down the road. I dropped my pop eating out today. I don't feel 'all there' in the head and I'm usually pretty sharp with things. I guess it's said to be proven that pregnant women are more scatterbrained and I swear it's true!

Hopefully this weekend we'll getthe crib setup, the bouncer and swing!

Oh and the part of using the bathroom often (see below) - yep. That's happened. I get up about 2 times a night, and multiple times all day long at work and home. I'm sooo sore when I need to get up. My pelvic pain is the worst at night and it takes a lot for me to sit up to get moving. I also have to sit up and flop over to turn over sides at night. Don't laugh. It's normal. I did this with Joey too and HATED it! You have no choice really. You can't sleep on your back because it can hurt the baby so you usually turn from side to side at night. My ankles are also starting to swell now. I have to really watch really salty foods or they can look like cankles (haha).

28 Weeks

Your baby is almost 13 inches in length (crown-to-rump) and weighs almost 2½ pounds. Your baby already appears a lot like he or she will look at birth, although the skin is still fairly wrinkled caused by the constant immersion in amniotic fluid and small amount of fat underneath the skin. Your baby is capable of opening and closing his or her eyes and has fully-formed eyelashes to bat now. Your baby is growing physically stronger and his or her movements and grip are becoming stronger as well, due to your baby’s improving muscle tone. There’s still quite a bit of room in your womb and enough amniotic fluid to allow your baby to move freely. Response to sound grows more consistent and improves, as the network of nerves to your baby’s ears are complete.

Your enlarging uterus is 3- 3½ inches above your belly button and you may have gained between 17-24 pounds. You are now officially entering your third trimester, not long until your baby will be born! In the last three months, your belly will grow very large and you’ll feel more and more pressure on your bladder, causing you to urinate often, once again. It’s still as important as ever for you to drink lots of fluids anyway, at least 6-8 glasses of water each day. From now on, you may start to feel a little more uncomfortable and start to put on weight more quickly, but continue to eat well and get adequate amounts of relaxation and sleep.

Lots of toys, fun stuff!

Wow, a lot has gone on since Sunday! Monday I wanted to go to our mom's club member mixer at Kensington Park but had to work :( We have this big implementation on Friday so we have to be ready for that. Bummer!!

Monday night we just hung around the house. Joey played outside for awhile with us. He was mad because he left his Thomas the train's up north at Grandma's house. I called Grandma to confirm. She's such a sweetie. She bundled up all his stuff he left up north to send in a package back to us! What a great grandma she is!!

Tuesday was the night that Joe plays baseball so I had plans to go see my parents after I got out of work. We drove to Kroger first so I could get a refill on my prenatal pills. Then off to my parents house. They had pizza for dinner - YUM. Joey ate two pieces - I guess he's getting his appetite back!

My mom was so excited. Over the weekend she went to Kohls and got Joey 6 new Thomas the train shirts, 2 pairs of Thomas pj's, and some Thomas underwear (but he's still in diapers for now). He LOVED them! Now he has Thomas shirts to wear to school each day of the week! LOL

So after we left my parents house I went to my friend Joyelle's house and her parent's Leilani and Vic. They wanted to give me some stuff before they had their garage sale - and give they did. See my mini-van? Yeah they loaded it with toys for Joey. What sweeties!! Joey had a blast playing outside and pushing the shopping cart around. We got books, blocks, cars, trucks, and MORE.... Thank you Leilani, Joy and Vic! :) The photo at the top are Joyelle's kids Kaila and Brendan with Joey. Leilani and Vic used to watch Joey when he was 3 months old until he was 6 months old so Joey holds a special place in their hearts. They couldn't believe how big he has gotten! They used to watch him when he was 6 months old! That was a long time ago - 2 years ago now!

Wednesday during lunch I went out to lunch with Melissa again! It was awesome seeing her again. It's so nice because it's easy to do lunch when I work in the Livonia location. We went to Potbellies and had some great sandwiches. She makes me laugh like crazy. We have so much fun together and can talk so easily - it's nice. On my way to eat outside in their dining area, the door pushed shut on me and pushed up on my tray and my drink fell on the ground. DOH! Go figure. I swear those things happen to me more now that I'm pregnant! LOL

When Joe got home we took Joey to the playground at the local elementary and while we were playing, his playmate Paige from daycare and her father came up to play too! I was like, JOEY LOOK - IT'S PAIGE!! They are the best buddies at school - inseperable! So they stayed about 15 minutes longer and her father and us had a great talk and Joey and Paige get along SOOO well that it was a great time. Then it was time for both of the kids to get going home. We were going out really quick for ice cream. We got ice cream and then went home. Joey got a haircut tonight. Joe clips his hair and it really needed it. It's been nappy/matty in the back lately so it was time. He was NOT happy about it. I think he was just tired because of the way he acted.

Joey went off to bed and then Joe and I needed to do a little freshening up in the house. He says, 'Hon, I want to talk'. I'm thinking - Uh oh...something is wrong. He said, 'No, it's not bad'. I was thinking WHEW!!

Then he says, 'HONEY, I'D LIKE TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL' (well he didn't yell but you get the point). I was like, Whha??? Then I started to laugh. You have to understand, when he graduated, he was so happy to be DONE - he had gotten his masters of business. He was done. No more school. No more homework - no more! So now all of a sudden, he tells me he misses school and wants to go back. We talk and he wants to do only fall/winter - one class at a time. He wants to get his masters of finance. He already has a masters in business but now he wants to finish and get it in finance. I was happy for him. He loves those finance classes. He actually already called the school counselor to find out how many classes would transfer! So I think Joe will be going back for his second masters degree this Winter. I think fall is too soon after the baby is born and I believe he agreed with me.

So that is what is going on in our lives! Tomorrow we are going to Kensington Park to meet one of the moms in my mom's club for a little playdate so that should be fun! I'll bring the camera and take photos.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Busy busy weekend

First off - here is Joey concentrating on hooking together his Thomas trains. The hook is a little tricky but he can do it 75% of the time. He chants 'I think I can, I think I can' like the little engine that could. It's so cute. Notice the stuck out tongue look - that's how he concentrates! LOL. We got him the Emily engine this weekend and he was just ecstatic about it! His two favorite engines are Thomas and Emily.

I talked to daycare on Thursday about Joey’s hand foot mouth disease virus he got and we agreed it would be best if Joey stayed home on Friday. Our doctor said that he was fine as long as he didn’t have a fever anymore, but she said he heard they can not have any bumps at all before they come back. That is totally unreasonable and I told her so since it takes about 10 days to get rid of all the blisters. I even found on the internet that as long as the child has no fever or weeping open sores (which he didn’t) that he was fine to go back to daycare. I understand her concern too. She didn’t want her daycare to come down with it and have all the children out. So we agreed that if he had no fever and open sores, he could go back on Monday.

So Joe stayed home with Joey on Friday. I had been home with him all week and I HAD to be in the office to chair a meeting on Friday.

Friday morning I’m walking to the bathroom at work and I notice my hand had a bump on it and it was annoying. Then about an hour later I found another bump and I was like “OMG I have Hand foot mouth disease too!!”. I get back to my desk and I have a voicemail from Joe. He says, “Yeah, I couldn’t figure out why I had sores in my mouth but then I found a few blisters on my hand and I think I have hand foot mouth.” We both had it! Technically I probably shouldn’t have been at work. I told people to stay away from me. Luckily the only symptoms Joe and I had were the blisters on our hands and feet. No fever or anything else. I called my OB and they said that the virus is harmless if you are pregnant so I was relieved to hear that! Whew!!

I called Grandma and told her I didn’t think we should come up there this weekend since Joe and I also caught hand foot mouth from Joey. She agreed.

Later Joe called and said grandma sounded upset that we weren’t coming up that weekend to visit her. We talked to her again and she did not care if we had hand foot mouth, that she wanted us to visit. She knew the two weekends after this one we were busy and would not be able to make it up to see her so she wanted to see us now, instead of waiting a month. So we agreed that if she didn’t mind us being contagious, that we would come up to visit her.

Friday evening we went up to see Grandma and she was so happy to see us. If you don’t remember Grandpa passed away about 6 months ago this month so Grandma now lives by herself. I imagine she loves having people over. We love to visit her. We love seeing her, we love her house, her cooking and we just love to visit. It’s like a mini-vacation on the weekends. We actually made it up north early (around 9pm) because Joe had the day off and had most of the chores done and was mostly already packed when I got home after work on Friday.

Saturday I woke up with Joey. We took turns, Joe got up, I took a nap. I was so tired this weekend. I think it’s just because I’m now in my third trimester and I’m just tired from being so big – and big I am!! Saturday we went over Joe’s mom’s house and Joe and I played catch with the softball and Joey played with Joe’s old tractors.

Saturday Joe and I also went to the local store in town. They double all coupons up to $1.00 so $1.00 coupons are doubled to $2.00. We clip anything that is a $1.00 one item and use it there because half the time we get stuff for free or for $1.00. We mostly use it on items like shampoos, bbq sauce, juice, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. We spent $150 and with coupons we only spent $80. That’s almost half off our bill just because we used coupons! WHOOHOO! Now we also have a stock of stuff for our pantry/closet. It’s nice knowing if you run out of shampoo, you have another in the linen closet! LOL.

Sunday was weird. I woke with Joey about 7am. He was so cranky all morning. At 10:30 he looked at Joe and I and said, I’m going to bed. He walked back to bed and took a nap. I was like, what the hell? He doesn’t normally take a nap until 1pm. He slept until noon and then was fine the rest of the day. It was just weird.

My main goal on Sunday was to take all our clothes in the clothes bins in grandma’s basement (we have no storage) and to go through them, organize the stuff we just brought from home which was all of our summer stuff and get all of our bouncers, swings, etc out of the basement and take it with us home. See all those bins? They are a good 50 gallon bins each and there were sooo many! It was a BIG job. Some of the cloth on the walkers, etc mildewed a little bit so I disassembled everything – the car seats, bouncers, swings, everything and washed all the fabric seats so grandma could hang it on her clothes line to dry. Boy did they look better after a good wash. Now I just have to put them back together (which is never a fun job). Our goal this week at home is to put the crib together, and put the toddler bed back in the garage and get the nursery ready. It is June, I’m delivering via c-section August 23rd. You never know if I can go before that, though I doubt it, it’s always good to be ready.

Anyway, some random thoughts from me….

Joey is growing so fast. I just can’t believe it. I say this all the time but I really can’t believe it. He’s saying everything. He remember everything after just telling him once. He now says sorry if he does something to you. This week I was in the driveway and he accidentally drove his tractor into my foot and he said, ‘Sorry momma’. Wow, I’m so happy about that. The funny thing is if you run into him and it’s your fault, he will still apologize. I think that’s nice.

Joe’s enjoying being on his baseball team. His team didn’t win this week but he had a good time playing. It’s his favorite sport and I know playing it makes him happy. It makes him feel like he still has ‘some’ left. I’m happy that he’s getting exercise and networking.

I realized this weekend that we need a family calendar. This is a pivotal moment for us. It’s not so much for Joey, but for Joe and I. Joe’s playing baseball on different nights of the week and there is an entire week this month that he’s coming home late from work. I just joined a mom’s club and want to go to a few things in the evenings that conflict with Joe’s schedule. So I mentioned to Joe that we need a calendar and he agreed with me. We need to plan out who has what, what day, and then decide if someone has to change around something or if we need a sitter for that day. To add to that, I went to and ordered her calendar stickers which are really cool. There are over 500 stickers that help with zone days (for her cleaning system), if there is doctor/dentist appt, or any other stuff you can add so I think that will help us. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I really like my Aunt’s system for keeping tabs on what is going on every day. She has this awesome chalkboard she decorated and she writes everything that is going on that day on the chalkboard. Now it’s important that she does this. She’s the mom of 3 girls that are 10, 7 and 4. They are all busy and she’s the author of a book and her husband works full time and travels. I have no clue how she does it all. Her house is beautiful – I really look up to her. They have been talking about maybe having one more child – I think they are going to try one more time for a boy. I think they will. I guess we’ll wait and see.

I finally used my blog for something! I had to scrapbook this weekend and found some photos to scrapbook from 11/13/05 and remembered vaguely what the even was but I dug back and found the blog entry and read about stuff that I already forgot about! That is why I blog! I can empty my thoughts onto my blog, and then go back and remember them for later – and use it for my scrapbooking! It’s paying off already! I love blogging!

Did you ever think of things you have that you can not live without now that you have it? Some of mine are
  1. My Sirius radio. I LOVE having satellite radio. I LOVE having an 80’s station! I can NOT stand listening to commercials on the regular radio anymore. If I want Sirius radio at home (I only have a radio for my car) I cart my laptop downstairs and stream it on the internet. Very very cool.
  2. Wireless internet. I just got it a few months ago. It took awhile for me to take the leap. It’s awesome how I can take my computer anywhere in the house and be on the internet. I also got a 4 port hub so I can hook up my work pc and have my home pc on the internet at the same time. So cool!
  3. High speed internet. Grandma does not have it and it’s so damn slow on 28.8 dialup on the weekend. I LOVE high speed. I’ve had it since 98 or so in Midland since Midland was a pilot city for it and I would never go back – never.
  4. My IPOD. I listen to it constantly at work when I’m programming or doing some type of work. I listen to it when I scrapbook. I take it with me where ever I go. I love it! I’ve always wanted an IPOD type player, even years ago because I had over a 1000 mp3s and wanted to be able to play them somehow. I love having the MP3 player!
  5. My laptop. I love taking my work or anything on my pc wherever I go. Right now I’m in the car, on the way home from grandma’s house, and I can type out my blog entry. How cool is that?
  6. My electric weatherstation. It tells me the humidity and temperature inside, and the temperature outside. I love it!!

That’s it for my blog entry today!! I think it’s long enough, don’t you?

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Joey has been sick all week...

What an interesting week to say the least. Sunday Joey had a 100.8 temp after going to bed so I had to stay home with him on Monday. I had to work Monday so I worked from home.

Tuesday I went to work. I came home. He seemed fine. He hasn't eaten all week but I thought it was a picky toddler thing and he had bumps on his hands and feet but I thought it could have been heat rash - because he had them on his back and butt too.

So Tuesday we get ready to go outside and he goes down on the landing, and sits right in newly puked cat hairball puke. Joey is used to this (we have 4 cats so you get used to it) but I don't think he antipated putting his leg in it. He stood up, and HE puked! So I thought him puking was a result of what he sat in.

So come Wednesday I'm at work and at 3:30 Dena calls from daycare to say Joey has a 102.5 temp and to come get him. She asked if she could give him motrin and I said of course. I get there and he's already looking better. That night he hardly acted sick. He didn't eat but he didn't act sick either. We gave him LOTS of popsicles so we knew he wasn't going to get dehydrated. He of course loved this.

So last night I'm watching my stomach and the baby is moving so much he's moving it all over. What a cool thing!!

Today I'm home with him - he doesn't act sick at all. He did go to sleep for his nap early but woke an hour and 15 minutes later. Short nap for sure. Work was freaking crazy. I'm going to have to work on my day off next Monday because of this huge project that is supposed to hopefully be done next weekend.

Around 5pm I took his temp and it's back to 101.9. Augh! More motrin. I KNOW he has Hand foot mouth disease. It's a virus that's very very common in daycares. There are several different strains and he's had it about 5 times. It causes bumps on their hands, feet, in the mouth and on the butt. I don't know if he has bumps in his mouth but he has them everywhere else.

Lucky for me he plays very very well by himself. Work had me on the phone almost all day and I couldn't have worked from home if he couldn't play by himself. He's a really good boy actually.

I went to cook dinner tonight, open my pantry and I have ANTS. I HATE bugs, especially ants. So off to Ace Hardware for ant traps and I also got Home Defense Max - a bug killer for inside and outside. Haha, off with you damn big brown hairy spiders in my house too! Seriously, I'm very clean. I have to keep telling myself ants can happen to anyone. I know Grandma has them and I called my mother and she already had them this year. What a pain they are. You never know if they got into anything, so I threw out all the cereal, open packages of stuff like bisquick, and more. Everything in the pantry now is either unopened or canned or sealed in a container. Well I guess it's a good way to clean out the pantry. This happened a few years ago and I did the same thing. It killed me to throw out good cereal though!

Joe's off in Flat Rock tonight (over an hour away) playing for his baseball team he joined. I guess Steve Avery is on his team (used to play in the majors) so Joe thinks that is really cool.

I've been cooking like crazy lately. I signed up for this weekly menu planner though called Cooknik. Check out the sidebar under my favorite links to see reviews of my favorite 5 star recipes. Here are some I made this week that were excellent!

There are other favorite recipes of mine - read my reviews! Look for the 5 star recipes!

I'll update this weekend with more. Joe's staying home with Joey tomorrow. I need to be at work for meetings tomorrow. Fun fun fun!!

My new mom group I joined seems like so much fun and everyone is sooo nice. I'm really bummed I can't go to their member mixer on Monday :( Hopefully I can meet some of them soon!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Our busy week

Well we've been quite busy since Saturday. Sunday we spent a lot of time at my parent's house. We bought a bunch of stuff for our yard, including a weeping cherry tree which looks nice, new woodchips for the entire front yard flower beds and did a few other things to make the yard look nice. It's amazing how good you feel when the outside looks good.

Sunday night Joey had a 100.8 temp so I stayed home with him on Monday. Of course he woke with no fever and acted fine the whole day. Luckily he acted sweet and played on his own most of the day and didn't bat an eye and went right to bed when I asked him if he was ready for his nap. What an angel he is!

Today is Tuesday. Work has been busy. I have a huge system upgrade coming up next weekend the 16th and 17th so wish me luck that goes well.

Today Joey came up to me. He found a piece of gum (still in wrapper from the package) on the floor and was eating it. I had no clue the kid knew how to eat gum and wouldn't choke on it. He chewed and chewed on it for like a 1/2 hour and then gave it to me to throw out when he was done. I was amazed that he even knew what to do! See photos of him with his gum. He was just so proud.

He's broken out in a rash since he had his fever on Sunday. It looks like a heat rash but I can't tell if it's that, allergies, or if he somehow got Hand Foot Mouth disease for the 50th time. I swear it runs rampant in daycare. If I go to the doctor, they will say it's some kind of viral thing probably and just send me home. He's been acting fine (though not eating so well - but drinking lots of fluids) so I'm not really worried about him.

Good news!! The local Curves owner told me about a group in our area for moms - it's a mom 2 moms group. I thought, I'm not sure I would join one. I work full-time. I looked into it and thought, wow, this looks like a lot of fun! I'll email and see if they will accept my membership.

It turns out they accepted me and I paid my dues ($20 a year) and got a lot of info. They have fun stuff like:
  • a recipe night where there is a theme and you make something for it, you sample everyone's dishes and exchange recipes.
  • Mom's night out where mom's get together
  • Couples night out
  • Playgroups
  • Crafter's nights for any type of craft

and more! So anyhow, the membership person and I have been talking and she seems super sweet. On Monday I'm hoping to go to the member mixer for the group to meet some new moms. It's at a local park's nature center and then we are going to take a small hike and then picnic after. I can't wait! Joey will love it! I will love it. It sounds like a lot of fun. I've been talking to Joe non-stop about the group so I can't wait to meet some new people my age from my area with children!!

And lastly - Joe joined a baseball team - fast pitch. It's something he has been wanting to do. What he didn't tell me until the end was that it's $350 for the season. I told him Happy Father's Day! Anyhow he's excited to start and play again so I'm happy for him. Most of the games are really far away so I'm not sure Joey and I will be able to go see him play, but we'll see.

27 weeks pregnant!!

Wow - 27 weeks along now!! Little Justin is quite a kicker - just kicking away at me! Experiencing a lot of pelvic pain at night. The baby has lately been kicking HARD! It took me quite by surprise this week at night around 3am while sleeping!

So far this pregnancy I've only had a charlie horse ONCE!! Amazing - I had them numerous times with Joey. No heartburn yet either.

I've gained about 40 lbs I think... It's been pretty leveled off in the past 3 weeks or so, so I'm happy with that. I'm hoping not to gain as much as I did with Joey. I think that's it! I go for my glucose tolerance test this month (I think next week) and I'm not expecting any problems with it.

I've had some braxton hicks. I've actually felt these for weeks, but it felt like the baby was taking his feet and pushing completely out on my stomach. Someone said something about braxton hicks and I was like - yeah, that is probably what it was!! It felt like my lower stomach tightened up! Joey always had the hiccups and this kid just likes to MOVE!! A lot of pelvic pain at night when turning from side to side and many bathroom trips. I'm starting to get irritable too! I hate that! I like to be happy!

Week 27:

This week your baby is about 12 inches (crown-to-rump) and weighs about 2 pounds. Your baby’s lungs are developing more and more and the chances for survival if born this week have increased dramatically. Although your baby would still require intensive care and may still have a chance of severe disability. Brain wave recordings show rapid eye movement and your baby’s brain patterns will continue to develop, becoming more sophisticated, although at this stage they are similar to a full term baby. Your baby's skin is still wrinkled right now due to the fact that the skin grows faster that the fat layer underneath it, but fat stores are accumulating as the weeks go by.

Your uterus can now be felt about halfway between your belly button and your rib cage and you are probably feeling stronger, more vigorous kicking and stretching at this stage. Due to the compression on your bladder by your growing baby, you may develop a new symptom sometime around now, called stress incontinence. It’s when a little urine leaks out, usually only when you cough, sneeze or laugh. It is more common in women who have already given birth before than those pregnant with their first child. Kegel exercises, which are also useful for firming up pelvic muscles for delivery and postpartum recovery, can help control incontinence.

From time to time you may also experience some pelvic pain as your uterus grows and stretches the ligaments that hold it in place. Most often this pain will be felt in the groin area and inside thighs. Resting as much as possible should bring some relief.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Joey's first 'almost' performance...

Today we did errands. We went to Lowe's to get some outside stuff, then we went to Krogers to pick up some groceries and then to Joey's favorite fruit market! Whew! When we got home and it was noon we put Joey down for a nap beccause today was the day that Joey's daycare/preschool had their graduation ceremonies. It started at 2pm - right around his nap time! Augh!

Though Joey isn't graduating yet (he's not even 2 1/2), their little league school (3 and under) were getting on stage to sing and dance in a performance! We were so excited that we brought the camera AND and video camera.

When we got there they were showing this cute video of all the kids with photos and songs like 'forever young' and other songs about them growing up. It was so touching it brought tears to my eyes. Our babies are growing up!!

Anyhow it came time to get Joey ready for his performance and he was crying, just crying - he wanted daddy. We tried to get him to go with the other kids onto stage and he would have none of it. This really surprised me because he's quite a ham in front of crowds and is very friendly, but he just didn't want to go if daddy wasn't there. We were a bit disappointed, but really - he's 2 1/2!! He gave it an effort and that's what mattered! After they started to perform he said something like he wanted to go up there but it was too late. Dena (the daycare owner) said he should be ready for the Christmas performance so I guess we'll have to wait until then.

We actually stayed there from 2 - 5:30 or so. They had this little train you could ride on, and a moon bounce. Joey actually got in the moon bounce but the other kids were bouncing him around so much he wanted right out. Poor kid :(

Sorry for the overexposure on some of these photos - I forgot to turn my digital camera back down from 800 iso to 400 iso!

Anyhow we had a great time seeing all of the parents, the kids and having fun. Joey loved riding on the train. The kids also got blow up beach balls that Joey loved playing with. I got so many comments on how big Joey is. He is really quite taller than most of the other kids his age and older.

When we got home we did a bunch of yard work. We pulled up some tulips to transplant and Joey helped with the shovell and loved helping us! We got our garden ready and the boys were looking for worms. Joey is obsessed with worms now and thinks they are cool. He's such a boy! Joe was keeping them so we can take them to my parents house so he can go fishing tomorow! We moved some shrubs that were too close to our rock border, edged out in front of our rock border by taking out grass, and then put new mulch down.

Joey learned how to use the hose and how to turn it on and off and had a blast. He was watering everything. At the end he kept watering everything he didn't need to be, like the driveway, the lawn bags, so we finally took away the water. He wasn't too happy about that but we warned him to stop goofing around!

He was not only drenched but dirty so he got a bath as soon as we got into the house. When we were downstairs later it was raining and sunny so Joey and I went outside to see the rainbow! He loves rainbows!! What a great way to end the evening!

Joey helping water the trees!

Joey with a water fascination.

See the rainbow? It was raining and sunny!

Friday, June 2, 2006

Blog Challenge

I got this blog challenge from


PRIDE – Which of your attributes or talents are you most proud of?
The fact that I graduated from college, have a great job and a wonderful family.

ENVY – What brings out the green-eyed monster of jealousy in you?
Women who are skinnier than me and eat what they want!

SLOTH – What’s your idea of relaxation?

LUST – Who do you lust after?
Honestly, my husband !!
For celebrities, Ben McKenzie (Ryan from The OC) he's HOT!!! Drool.... These are photos of him.

GREED – What was your last budget blow out on?
Probably my IPOD.

ANGER – What gets your blood boiling?
Tantrums. People that don't try at their job.

GLUTTONY – What’s your favourite food?
Pierogies (polish food!)

Blog Challenge #2 had a challenge where you need to list 3 obscure facts about yourself that maybe others wouldn't know. Here are mine!

1. I was a black belt sensei (instructor) when I was in high school until college.

2. I've had ear problems with my right ear all my life, including 4 sets of tubes - one that was out about 6 months ago, and 2 surgeries!

3. I love listening to the music on our weather channel called weatherscan - no commercials, just weather. It's the same 5 elevator songs over and over and I can listen to it all day. I used to rock Joey to it when he was small and when he's upset, I put it on!