Saturday, May 6, 2006

23 weeks preggo!

This week I feel like I’m really big. I can’t believe I have more than 15 weeks to go!! I’m going to be soooo big. Why can’t I be one of those cute ladies that only have that cute little ball tummy? Oh how I wish that were me! I’m certainly showing sooner, faster this time! Here was a photo from when I did a scrapbook album for Joey and I was 23 weeks (the small photo). I feel like I was a lot thinner then, but I am carrying a lot higher this time!

Justin has been kicking a LOT lately. Usually it’s right after I eat something he’ll kick me. It’s so neat. I love that feeling. I still haven’t been consistently able to feel him kick externally, so hopefully in another week he’ll be doing this more so Caroline will be able to feel it when we go to Seattle to see her!

This week the baby seems like every now and then he’s getting his legs and pushing out on my stomach and my stomach feels really really hard in just that one spot. It’s such a weird feeling!

Seriously, not much going on this week except I’m getting rounder! I’m also hungry a lot of the time and have been trying to eat better. I crave eggs and have been eating them daily. I have a book called ‘What to eat when you are expecting’ and it says if you do not have a cholesterol problem, it suggests you do eat an egg every day because it’s high in protein, which the baby needs. I think I crave eggs because I’m not a huge meat eater and it’s my body’s way of telling me I need more protein! I honestly do not like being preggo because I get so BIG and after being at goal with Weight Watchers, it’s hard to see myself gain all this weight. Anyone who was at WW goal and gets pregnant – it’s so hard to see the numbers go UP on the scale. It’s almost depressing some days!! I guess I’ll just have to work again at getting the weight off when the baby comes!

Also, notice the difference in these new photos. The one in pink was taken on Friday 4/5/06 and the one of me in black was taken 4/6/06 (the next day). The one of me in black I don’t look so big. If you can’t tell, I’m showing very very high, not low like I did with Joey.

23 weeks:

This week your baby is over 8½ inches in length (crown-to-rump) and weighs a little over a pound. Your baby's pancreas is developing well and is even beginning to produce insulin, which is necessary for the body to break down and use sugar. The bones in your baby’s middle ear are hardening now. Your little one is also beginning to exercise his or her fingers and toes, developing a strong grasp reflex. Your baby is now almost in complete proportion, although the head is still a bit bigger than the rest of the body.

Changes in your abdomen are progressing gradually, but you definitely are getting larger and many of your pre-pregnancy clothes are probably impossible to get on. You may have gained between 12-15 pounds at this point in your pregnancy. Your pelvic floor muscles will be stretched as a result of your pregnancy. Kegel exercises are simple techniques you can do to tone the muscles in your vagina and perineal area. They will help prepare your muscles for delivery and ensure a speedy recovery postpartum. You may find yourself having trouble with hemorrhoids. Increase your fiber intake and drink lots of water if they become bothersome. They will most likely vanish after delivery.

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