Saturday, March 11, 2006

Life is good...

I'm an optimist. I love being positive. Check this out. Yesterday I worked in our other building for work with our clients. I was dying to go out to lunch. My buddy Rose was going tanning and I didn't really want to do that at all. So I asked Stephanie, who's like 34 weeks preggo if she wanted to go. She was all for it. I mentioned to her that I smelled someone's lunch not too long ago and it smelled soooo good. She said it was her appetizer (breakfast) and she had fries and a grilled cheese sandwich and now she was ready for lunch an hour later. OMG!!! Now you must be thinking, this chick has to be fat. Not hardly. She's 34 weeks preggo, not a spec of fat on her body, her stomach from the baby is huge (all baby!!) and she doesn't even look preggo in her face. I can't believe she eats like that and doesn't gain and ounce. I'm SOOOO jealous.

So one more friend joined us for lunch and Stephanie drove. We drove right by my mini-van and I pointed out to the girls, hey look - 'That's my van -----Um, with the flat tire'. Yeah, I had a flat. No biggie. Will take care of it later.

We went out to Big Boy. We ate. I had an awesome salad, a burger and fries. Then we went back. I called AAA to change my tire to my spare. They came about 3pm. Then I left work an hour early to go get our tire fixed. The first place wanted $21.50 to patch it and they had an hour wait. NO way!!! That's way too $$ and I didn't have an hour to wait. I had to go get Joey. So I went down the street to a mom and pop tire place. They plugged my tire for $7.50 and put it on my car, put my spare away and the tools. What a great place!!!! I love those places that are family run!!

So the moral of the story is, I could have been ticked off about the flat. Instead I was THRILLED I found out about it at lunch time so I had some time to call AAA to put my spare on and to go get it fixed. I might not have been as happy about it if I found it as I HAD to leave to pick up Joey. I was fortunate for sure! My friends were saying they would have been upset about it all during lunch. I figured why be upset about something that already happened. Get it fixed and get on with life! :) I'm glad that I could plug it and didn't have to buy a new tire. I found out I ran over a screw.

Joey is more amazing every day. He says everything now. Today we were playing and he closed the door and left me in the room and said 'Night Night momma. See you later'. He's saying sentences! He loves going up and down hills when we drive and saying, 'Up hill', 'Down Hill'. He runs up to me with two trucks and says 'Green Blue Green Blue' and hands the green truck to me and he keeps the blue truck. He knows almost all of his body parts.

This week we went to the playground one day and to the ice cream place another. He loved both. When we went to get ice cream the moon was out and he kept pointing to the moon and saying 'moon'. It was so cute. I love spending time with him with just me and him after we get out of daycare. He loves his daddy so much and is always with him, so that this is our time without daddy.

This is really funny. We keep telling him there is a baby in my tummy. He lifts my shirt and pokes my spongy tummy. What a goofball!!!!

Here are two photos of Joey above. One shows our new/old couch. We got a couch off freecycle a few weeks ago and it's comfortable and very long. Both Joe and I can sit on it at the same time and stretch out! Here is Joey and Alex our cat LOVES Joey. Aren't they cute?

Both photos were on 3/5. We still had snow in our yard that hadn't melted. It was packed down snow so when we pushed Joey down the hill in our back yard, he went flying down. It was so cute. The snow FINALLY melted on Tuesday this week when it got close to 60 degrees. I opened our windows and aired out the house. I LOVE the smell of outside air coming in the house!!!!!

Hope all is well with you guys! I hope you post a comment so I know you were here and how you are doing. If you don't have a blogger profile, post as anonymouse and sign your name in your message. Kara and Leah, I hope you make it here! :)


Carolyn F said...

Cute picture of him in the snow!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Joey sounds like he's growing up so fast! Glad you were able to catch the flat early on in the day :)

Jen said...

I love your optimism! Is it contagious? If so, send it on over here! I agree with you wholeheartedly that it doesn't make sense to stress over something that's already happened but in practice? That one's always tough for me.

Tara said...

Love that photo of Joey!! Sooo cute!!! :)