Friday, March 31, 2006

ABC's of Me!

Got this from Jolene's blog:

ABC's of me!
A is for age: 27
B is for booze: YUCK! Beer sucks
C is for career: Systems Analyst
D is for your Dad's name: Ray
E is for essential items you bring to a party: haha, I don't party!
F is for favorite song at the moment: Phil Collins stuff
G is for favorite game: Scattagories
J is for jam you like: Grandma's homemade strawberry
K is for kids: 2. Joey and baby #2 due in September
L is for love: Everything, kids, husband, job
M is for mom's name: Linda
N is for name of your ex's: Too many to list too long ago.
O is for over night hospital stays: One - just when Joey was born, and another when he had a kidney removed.
P is for phobias: Heights, dying
Q is for quotes you like: See sidebar of blog.
R is for relationship that lasted the longest: My hubby and I have been together for 9 yrs.
S is for sexual preference: Come on - I'm married! Figure it out already!
T is for trouble the naugtiest thing you did as a kid: Me naughty? Never!
U is for underwear: Pregnant ones....ick!
V is for vegetables you love: all of them!
W is for worries: None, life is too short to worry.
X is for xrays you 've had: Some, not sure how many. Who cares?
Y is for yummy food you make: Everything I make is yummy! LOL
Z is for zodiac sign: Leo

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Joey's room is almost done!

We got the border on last night and it went up so easy! I was so happy about that! We got the curtains up last night too and they are so cute. Burgundy tab tops. I love them!

Joey is home today with me. He has a constant cough. It's a dry cough but he keeps coughing over and over. Poor kid! I wasn't feeling well yesterday. Maybe it's just going through the house!! His could be allergies because it looks like he has hives on his face. My poor kid can't catch a break!

Our new fish are doing well. They are getting bigger every day and eating well. We are so happy about that.

Not much else going on but I wanted to share photos of Joey's new room!! It's so cute!

Joey in his new room!

Closeup of the border

Monday, March 20, 2006

And the Fisher household has babies....

Not me you goofball! Yesterday Joe, Joey and I went to the fish store and got about 6 new fish. Two of them are called Pot bellied (or balloon) mollies. Well one of them had babies. They live bear so I had all these little fishies in our tank. I caught about 8 of them and put them in a special holder so the other fish don't eat them. I think the others that she had must have been a tasty snack for another fish. I can't believe the fish we have now. I really should upgrade my tank. I have a 10 gallon. I have 3 danios, 2 tetras, a cory catfish, a pleco side-sucker, 3 kuhli loaches (they look like eels), a cool snail that Joe picked out, 2 mollies, 3 guppies and I think that's all. That's enough! That's 16 fish. That's too many!! And 8 babies! I've been trying to talk Joe into a big tank (ie 50 gallon +!!). I've always had fish growing up so I know how to care for them. I have only once had a fish that had babies and I was really young when it happened. Now this time I'm going to try to see if I can raise them! See the photos I attached!

Joe was up until 1am painting Joey's new room. We still need to put up the border. Tonight we are supposed to go to someone's house. They have a twin bed they no longer want so we were going to get it for Joey's room.

We cleaned house this weekend. My parents came over on Saturday and then we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house to visit. They have three kids 10, 7 or so and almost 4. Joey and Sophie are pretty close in age so they have a fun time playing. Uncle Gary is the youngest of 7, so he's 40, Aunt Jen is 36 and I'm 27 so we have a lot in common and like to chit chat. We had a nice time. She just published her first book so I bought a few copies!

Sunday we did more cleaning and got more stuff to take to Salvation Army. I can't believe how much we go there to donate!! Anyhow, that evening we went to my parents and had a nice Sunday dinner. What is better than that?

Today was my day off. I got a few things done today so that is good. Tomorrow Joey's daycare is babysitting him afterhouse (for extra of course) and Joe is going to go with me to Curves. It's bring your sweetie to Curves day! And then we are doing a date night after that! Yay!

I believe this is the preggo molly.

Some of the babies.

Isn't the snail cool? It moves all around the tank!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

15 weeks and counting!

First off, I posted below so make sure to check out the post below this for more updates since I posted them both today.

I'm 15 weeks now! Just today I think I 'popped!'. Check it out...

This was me outside on Saturday 3/11 at about 14 weeks.

Today is WEDNESDAY! This is me today with my upper tummy feeling like it popped!! Isn't that crazy?! Man do I ever feel preggo!!!!

I'm feeling fine. The worst thing is I'm itching all over. Not really sure why. I don't have any hives, I just itch. My arms, legs, stomach, and more! It's weird!

I swore I have felt the baby on a few occasions moving around.

A little about being 15 weeks preggo from

This week of pregnancy, your baby is about 4- 4½ inches in length (crown-to-rump) and weighs a little over 2 ounces. Your baby can move around in the amniotic fluid and may feel like fluttering sensations or even a gas bubble to you. If you can't feel anything now, that's normal since most women don't notice any movements until closer to the 18th week. Eyebrows and eyelashes are present and the hair on your baby'’s head is getting thicker. Your baby's skin is still very thin and transparent, making the blood vessels underneath clearly visible. The development of your baby's genitals has been continuing and they are now nearing the point where they could be identified by ultrasound.

Your uterus is just popping up above the pubic bone. You are at a very in-between stage right now and your favorite pair of jeans may not fit anymore, especially around the waist. Your uterus is easily felt and your doctor or midwife will use its position to check the progress of your pregnancy, measuring the distance from the top of your pubic bone to the top of the fundus. Your breasts are already beginning to form colostrum in preparation for your baby's birth. Colostrum is the thin yellowish fluid that usually feeds your baby the first few days after birth- before your milk comes in, although some pregnant women may notice a little leaking out throughout their pregnancy, especially towards their due date.

Puppies, cows and closets. What a combo!

Saturday was a lot of fun. We took Joey outside to get some fresh air because it was so nice outside for once! Joe and Joey decide to throw rocks. Joey decided to jump in a few puddles. The photos are so cute. You need to look below! Joey was being a little boy and having a blast! His boots were totally soaked afterwards but he was a happy boy!

Saturday afternoon was nice. We went to Joe's father's house and went on a nice walk outside. They have six 6 week old puppies - German Shepherd puppies and they are so cute! Joey was so good with them!! We then went and saw their cows. See the photos below. We had to go buy him these black rubber boots so he couldn't get his feet wet anymore. Silly boy!

On Monday we went to the allergist to get Joey allergy tested. Joe took off 1/2 a day with me because I didn't know what to expect. They tested Joey for milk, eggs, dust, mold, cats and dogs and he had about 8 scratches and he didn't even cry. I can't believe how good he was. He was good the entire time! Come to find out he's allergic to milk and eggs - but not cooked in something. Only like a cup of milk or a scrambled egg. So the dr. believes he will outgrow it. All I know is that regular milk makes him break out in hives all over his body. That is why he drinks soy. He likes soy so that works well for us!

After the allergy test we wanted to take him out for a hotdog at the local Coney Island but he yelled, 'PIZZA', so we found a pizza place down the street by recommendation of the receptionist and it was Uno Chicago Pizzaria and boy did they have awesome pizza. Joey got his own pizza and really liked it and he was so good at the restaurant too.

Joey missed his nap. He didn't sleep on the way home. When we got home Joe was freezing cold. Funny thing was it was like 60 degrees outside and 70 in the house. Joe told me he was really tired too. Thinking Joe was coming down with something, I told him to go to bed - it was only 5:15.

Then Joey fell asleep in his high chair at 5:30pm. I laid Joey down in his bed. He slept all night until the next morning. I couldn't believe it! We lost power for a little while. I guess a power line fell on a person's roof in our neighborhood and it took them 2 hours to restore it.

Wow, does Joey ever amaze me with his new words. Just today he recognized the ice cream place when we went by, the tractor store, he kept saying 'Ahoy Captain' from the wiggles, he learned to say 'draining' like if water is draining out of a cup, and when we got close to home, he said, 'almost home!'. Amazing!!!

Here are some photos from recently!

Joey picking up rocks. Loved how this photo turned out.

Joe showing Joey how to throw rocks. Love the intimate moment.

You can see where this is heading.

Look mom, I'm standing in MUD!

SPLASH!! Love this one!

The new puppies. Aren't they adorable?!

Joe and Joey watching the cows!

I liked this head-on shot of the cow.

I liked the way I framed the fence to led your eye to the cow.

Isn't he cute?! Love those little boots!

I haven't shown you yet. This is our new closet upstairs. No doors yet but my scrapbook albums and Joe's baseball card albums are on the right.

Did I show you Joey's closet? He has more clothes than you probably do! He has more than Joe and I put together. I guess you can say I like to shop for him!! ;) That and a lot of the clothes are from Melissa's little guy Nick! Thanks Mel! :)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Life is good...

I'm an optimist. I love being positive. Check this out. Yesterday I worked in our other building for work with our clients. I was dying to go out to lunch. My buddy Rose was going tanning and I didn't really want to do that at all. So I asked Stephanie, who's like 34 weeks preggo if she wanted to go. She was all for it. I mentioned to her that I smelled someone's lunch not too long ago and it smelled soooo good. She said it was her appetizer (breakfast) and she had fries and a grilled cheese sandwich and now she was ready for lunch an hour later. OMG!!! Now you must be thinking, this chick has to be fat. Not hardly. She's 34 weeks preggo, not a spec of fat on her body, her stomach from the baby is huge (all baby!!) and she doesn't even look preggo in her face. I can't believe she eats like that and doesn't gain and ounce. I'm SOOOO jealous.

So one more friend joined us for lunch and Stephanie drove. We drove right by my mini-van and I pointed out to the girls, hey look - 'That's my van -----Um, with the flat tire'. Yeah, I had a flat. No biggie. Will take care of it later.

We went out to Big Boy. We ate. I had an awesome salad, a burger and fries. Then we went back. I called AAA to change my tire to my spare. They came about 3pm. Then I left work an hour early to go get our tire fixed. The first place wanted $21.50 to patch it and they had an hour wait. NO way!!! That's way too $$ and I didn't have an hour to wait. I had to go get Joey. So I went down the street to a mom and pop tire place. They plugged my tire for $7.50 and put it on my car, put my spare away and the tools. What a great place!!!! I love those places that are family run!!

So the moral of the story is, I could have been ticked off about the flat. Instead I was THRILLED I found out about it at lunch time so I had some time to call AAA to put my spare on and to go get it fixed. I might not have been as happy about it if I found it as I HAD to leave to pick up Joey. I was fortunate for sure! My friends were saying they would have been upset about it all during lunch. I figured why be upset about something that already happened. Get it fixed and get on with life! :) I'm glad that I could plug it and didn't have to buy a new tire. I found out I ran over a screw.

Joey is more amazing every day. He says everything now. Today we were playing and he closed the door and left me in the room and said 'Night Night momma. See you later'. He's saying sentences! He loves going up and down hills when we drive and saying, 'Up hill', 'Down Hill'. He runs up to me with two trucks and says 'Green Blue Green Blue' and hands the green truck to me and he keeps the blue truck. He knows almost all of his body parts.

This week we went to the playground one day and to the ice cream place another. He loved both. When we went to get ice cream the moon was out and he kept pointing to the moon and saying 'moon'. It was so cute. I love spending time with him with just me and him after we get out of daycare. He loves his daddy so much and is always with him, so that this is our time without daddy.

This is really funny. We keep telling him there is a baby in my tummy. He lifts my shirt and pokes my spongy tummy. What a goofball!!!!

Here are two photos of Joey above. One shows our new/old couch. We got a couch off freecycle a few weeks ago and it's comfortable and very long. Both Joe and I can sit on it at the same time and stretch out! Here is Joey and Alex our cat LOVES Joey. Aren't they cute?

Both photos were on 3/5. We still had snow in our yard that hadn't melted. It was packed down snow so when we pushed Joey down the hill in our back yard, he went flying down. It was so cute. The snow FINALLY melted on Tuesday this week when it got close to 60 degrees. I opened our windows and aired out the house. I LOVE the smell of outside air coming in the house!!!!!

Hope all is well with you guys! I hope you post a comment so I know you were here and how you are doing. If you don't have a blogger profile, post as anonymouse and sign your name in your message. Kara and Leah, I hope you make it here! :)

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Melissa did this and it looked cool

This pretty much says "ME" to a T. Those that know me will probably agree with most of these statements!! I believe that luck plays little part in what happens in your life. You need to work hard for what you want in life. Of course, the unexpected happens, but in my opinion, everything happens for a reason, and even in sadness, it may take a little while to find out what the meaning of that event was. I'm an optimist as well. I'm very analytical. I don't care about style too much, just functional things :)

You are a Dynamic Analyst.

You are an Analyst

  • Your attention to detail, confidence, sense of order, and focus on functionality combine to make you an ANALYST.
  • You are very curious about how things work, delving into the mechanics behind things.
    Along those lines, how well something works is usually more important to you than what it looks like.
  • You find beauty and wonder mainly in concrete, functional, earthly things.
    You are very aware of your own abilities, and you believe that you will find the best way of doing things.
  • Accordingly, problems do not intimidate you, as you believe in yourself.
  • You trust yourself to find solutions within the boundaries of your knowledge.
  • You don't spend a lot of time imagining how things could be different—you're well-grounded in the here-and-now.
  • It is important for you to follow a routine, and you prefer the familiar to the unknown.
  • You prefer to have time to plan for things, feeling better with a schedule than with keeping plans up in the air until the last minute.
  • Generally, you believe that you control your life, and that external forces only play a limited role in determining what happens to you.

You are Dynamic

  • As someone who is DYNAMIC, you do not have a hard time meeting new people, and you have a bunch of close friends.
  • You are not overly concerned with what others may think about you, which leaves you free to be thoroughly involved in the world around you.
  • There are those who find being around people exhausting—but not you! Interacting with others, whether at a party or in conversation, gives you energy.
  • You have a strong sense of what the world is like and how it should be.
  • You have enormous respect for those who have earned their success, and have little patience for those who try to bend the rules or ride on the coattails of others' hard work.
  • Believing in the importance of integrity and hard work doesn't stop you from believing that people will do the right thing—you know that people are good at heart.
  • You sometimes have trouble understanding why others feel the way they do, but it doesn't stop you from having faith and trust in those around you.
  • Part of what makes engaging with people so interesting for you is that you occasionally learn something new about yourself or about a problem you're having when discussing things with others.
  • Your strong worldview leads you to believe that people shouldn't rely on their emotions so much when making decisions.

See my report below! I guess that would explain why I'm I'm a computer/systems analyst! LOL

My Personal Dna Report

I kept my promise!

See, photos from my parents house! These are from 2/14. We brought Joey over to my parents house so we could go out for dinner at one of our favorite places - called Tomato Brothers. They have the best italian food. Joe was already dressed up from work and I just had on something that fit at the time (hehe). So see the photos below.

We finally finished the closets! YEEHAW! I will take a photo when they are completely filled up but they are up, in studs on the wall and look 100% better! We already loaded up the one side with Joe's baseball cards and my scrapbook albums. The other side is just misc for office type stuff since we have no other room in our house. Our house really didn't come with storage! I'm so happy to finally start getting the house in order. I freecycled a bunch of stuff again this evening! Yay!!

I forgot to update you on Joey. He's doing so well with his colors. He knows blue, green, yellow, red, orange and purple very well. He counts to 10 and then a few others above that he jumbles but he's trying. This weekend we took my minivan in to get maintenanced and he was in Joe's car behind me. He said to Joe, 'Mommy, where ARE you?!'. Joe laughed so hard and had to call me to tell me. He's starting to form sentences and it's so cool. He also tells us to 'Be Careful' all the time - something we often say to him.

Today it finally WARMED up to 45 degrees. Yes, that is warm for Michigan right now. We've been in 20's and 30's lately! We are geeked about this weekend - it's supposed to be near 60. I guarantee that everyone in Michigan will be wearing shorts. It's actually quite comical. Anyhow we took Joey outside twice today and he loved to just get out of the house, as did we.

We went to my parents house tonight and had a full dinner, which included ribs, which we great. Greg, my brother, was there. It was a nice family dinner. Afterwards we had apple pie. It was nice. We took Joey outside for a long walk around the yard and he ran and ran around. He loved being outside, as much as we do.

I hope to update again later this week, especially since tomorrow I should get the results of my car maintenance and Tuesday is my next ob appt. Until then, take care!

AND I saved the BEST for last. I love easter - you know why? Cadbury eggs ROCK!!!! My dad is such a sweetie. My mom and I love them so when he ran to the store to get my son some ice cream, because Joe and my dad ate the end of it, he got us some cadbury eggs. Here's to cadbury eggs - the best easter candy ever!

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Yes, the weekend!!

Boy was today busy. I think we went to Lowe's 3 times (4 by the end of the night) and Home Depot once to get all the pieces we needed to finish our last closet. In addition - we asked my brother to come out and cut the pieces of wood we had. We don't have a circular saw to do it and they were 8 feet long and we needed them to be 6 foot. My dear brother came over and did that for us.

In addition, after doing all of that, we dropped some stuff off at the Salvation Army that we no longer needed and I found out that the Salvation Army that I love to shop at is moving down the street to a HUGE warehouse. I'm so excited. They are expanding and going to a nicer building! Yay!!

After all of this we went about 15 miles away to drop off my mini-van at the dealer for some maintenance. On Friday it was driving weird and then when I got to work and stopped in the parking lot and put it in park, the engine started to rev up and down on it's own over and over. Yeah, not good. We decided it was finally time to take it in to get maintenanced. It may need new brakes but we never had maintenance done on it and we bought it at 30,000 some miles and now it has a little over 80,000, so it's due! I just hope it doesn't cost too much.

Hmmm, other than that our closet is starting to go up. I'm totally excited because I can finally start to clean our house!!! YAY!! This is a GOOD thing!

I guess that's all for now. I will post a bit more later. Tomorrow night I'll be at mom's house eating ribs. Maybe if a get a moment I'll update my blog with some photos that she has on her camera! I guess we'll see.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

13 weeks now!

I swore I felt the baby moving on Saturday. One would say it would be gas, but I didn't have gas and it was such an odd feeling, so I really think I may have felt the baby!! I'm getting bigger all over and I hate it. I think I've gained like 15 lbs and I'm just about 3 months along. I've been working out 3x a week. No heartburn, morning sickness or anything! I'm just getting bigger! I'm still tired but I'm always tired anyhow!! I just think I'm busy! :)

Here's what says
How your baby's growing: Your belly may soon be big enough to announce to the world that you're expecting, but your baby is still tiny. In fact, he's only about 3 inches long crown to rump — roughly the size of a jumbo shrimp — and weighs just about an ounce. Despite the small proportions, there's a fully formed baby inside your womb now. Much more proportional than it was a few weeks ago, his head is now only about a third the size of his body. His tiny, unique fingerprints are already in place. His kidneys and urinary tract are functional, and he's starting to urinate out the amniotic fluid he's been swallowing. As you start your second trimester, most of your baby's critical development will be completed, and your odds of miscarriage will drop considerably.

* Note: Experts say every baby develops differently — even in the womb. This developmental information is designed to give you a general idea of how your baby is growing.

How your life's changing: Time to celebrate! This is the last week of your first trimester. Next week you'll be in your second trimester. That's great news for two reasons: One, your risk of miscarriage drops dramatically, and two, many women see early pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness, subside. (In some cases, though, heartburn replaces the nausea.) Birth is still months away, but your breasts may have already started making colostrum, the nutrient-rich fluid that feeds your baby for the first few days after birth, before your milk starts to flow. Many couples also notice a distinct libido lift in the second trimester as nausea abates and energy returns.