Sunday, February 26, 2006

Great weekend! Our Chuckie Cheese adventure!

I know I've been MIA lately. Not sure why. I guess I haven't been on the pc at ALL lately. I'm so busy when I get home from work that I just do other things. The other thing that keeps me OFF the pc is if I am on it and Joey is around, he thinks he gets to sit on my lap and play games on here off websites like or playhouse disney's website. So he comes up yelling games games games and I usually let him play.

I need to share photos of Joe and Joey's sledding trip like I promised. I will do that below.

This past weekend was nice. We went up north to see Grandma (we try to go every other weekend to spend time with her) and on Sunday we went to Chuckie Cheese's. Joey wasn't sure what to expect at first. I think he was just overwhelmed. We took him early in the morning around 10am. At the end he loved most things - he loved to play in the balls, he liked to climb in the ceiling in the tubes (thank GOD Joe went up there with him - it looked too contained for me), and we did a bunch of other stuff. He did so good. He did throw a ball at someone, twice right in their face! Joe made him apologize and say he was sorry. We ate pizza (which was just ok) and we all played skeeball. In the end we had enough tickets for him to get a shrek soft plush ball and a little race car (like a matchbox car). At the end (around 12:30) he was sooo exhausted that once we got in the car he was totally out in 3 minutes flat.

This weekend I played around with this video editing program and it's pretty cool. I made a home video from Christmas and Joey loved watching it! I asked who was on the screen when I came up and he looked at me and said 'YOU'. That was the first time he used the word 'You' in the correct context. He's saying so much now!!!

Work is going well. Joe and I got our annual raises and we both did great. That was nice. We even got enough to go and visit our buds in Seattle! I'm soooo geeked! Here we come Caroline! :)

Down the hill! Whooo fun!

Joe and Joey and the sled!

Wow - that was fun!

What a hunk! ;)

Isn't Joey adorable?!

I like how the motion is portrayed in this photo.

He didn't like these motorized toys.

This was the crawling thing in the ceiling that he loved.

Joey came down the big slide!

One of Joey's favorites!

At the end! Gotta go! Joey's tired!

Not even 3 minutes into the car ride.


Carolyn F said...

Gotta love it when a day of fun wears them out. Great pictures!

Jolene said...

Love the pics! How cute! Glad you guys had fun at chucky cheeses, We are going to wait until Carter is old enough to go before we take the boys....We havent even had enough snow to sled, Trenton hasnt played in the snow I think only once since he was born and I forgot to get batteries for my cam...imagine that! How is ur pregnancy comming along? Just curious! Glad that u and ur family are doing good and happy u checked in!

A day with Enid and things she LOVE said...

Love all the pictures Brina...look like bunch of fun...I hear ya with the house remodeling and just life...Take Care Girl!!

Julie said...

great snow pictures!

and yum...chuck e. cheese!! you were sooo smart to go at 10am!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Cute, cute photos!!! Your weekend sounds great :) I've been MIA alot lately too, just no time to get everything done anymore.