Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Very busy

Sorry - I have had no time to update.

Tuesday I stayed home sick. I did a few errands though later in the day when I started to feel better.

Today - busy. The roads sucked today on the way to work. Took me an hour when it normally takes me only 20 minutes to get to our other work site that I sometimes go to.

We put up the Christmas tree last night.

Tonight I went to curves. I finally got in a workout. Yay!

That's all. Busy cleaning like mad. How come my house always looks like something hit it? Augh!! Dishes, laundry and now all this Christmas stuff. I need more hours - well that and more sleep!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First Scrapbook Page

Alexandra's blog challenged people to post their first layout and post when they first started scrapbooking. If you scrapbook - I challenge you to post it on your blog too!

Here is my first page. Done in April 2000 at a scrapbook class. I never finished the journaling on it! I like how it turned out. My second page was a lot busier than this!

It at least gives me something to look back on and say - WOW look how far I have grown!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Sick all day Monday :(

Here's another shot of the sunset from the other day. The colors may be a bit richer.

Yesterday was Sunday and we spent some time at Joe’s dad’s house and at Joe’s mom’s house.

We went to Walmart and picked up a few videos for Joey. We got another Elmo video – the Elmo has two ears, two hands and two feet. We got a really bad Wiggles video for Joey. It was Wiggles around the world. There is very little singing and dancing but mostly talk and Joey didn’t care for them talking. We found a DVD on trains and airplanes and Joey loves it. It was only $5.50 so we got that too. We brought them home and he’s so happy watching them.

Last night at Joe’s mom’s house I finished one of those fleece knotted blankets for Joey that has trains on it. It’s super cute.

After that I discovered that she and her boyfriend had the 90’s trivia pursuit game. I wanted to play, but warned them I’m dumb when it comes to trivia! After many laughts we found out that I am awesome at the yellow category which is related to computers and information technology. Who won? Joe and I did. Phil (MIL’s boyfriend) kept going through the center of the board. In the center of the board there are no ‘roll again’ or pie spaces so they wasted a lot of rolls that way. I told him this too and he said, ‘I’ve got my own strategy’. I said, ‘Well, your strategy isn’t working now, is it?’. He laughed and agreed with me. We stayed there until 10:45pm. Joey acted fine the whole time too!

Monday was my day off. Joe took the day off so we had a really long weekend up north at Grandma’s house. We came up Thursday morning and are leaving tonight.

This morning I woke up with a terribly upset stomach and my whole entire body ached. I just got over the flu two weeks ago! So now I’m sick again? I managed to sleep almost the entire day today. My body is aching and my wrist especially aches. I’m worried that I may be getting carpel tunnel in my wrist. If I feel like this tomorrow I’m not going to work. I did a bunch of nothing today. I wanted to get one more page done for Scrapjazz but that didn’t happen. I hardly ate anything either. I guess we’ll see if I’m better tomorrow.

I’m bummed I’m sick too. It reached 60 degrees in Michigan today and I couldn’t enjoy it! L It was raining some of the day too but it’s going to get cold and snow again so I wanted to enjoy it but I could hardly move. Wish me luck getting over this quick!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Saturday and the shopping is better!

The sunset was gorgeous this evening.
I took my tripod on the porch and this was taken at 1/2 second shutter speed.

This morning I woke up with Joey and Joe slept in. At about 9:30 I asked Joey where Joey was and he ran for the bedroom and jumped into bed with him. For the next hour we all laid in bed and cuddled and laughed. Joey had both of our attentions and was so happy. Even MIL's dog Hazel B joined us. What a fun time.

Joey went to bed at 11am for his nap. This is earlier than normal. Joe and I headed out to the malls to try to get a few more people shopped for. We hit Target first and one of the things I really wanted were totally sold out. I got a rain check. Then we got Joey a big wheels for $22. It's that bike he rides on with the two wheels in th back and the big one in the front. He'll love that.

Then we went to the mall and got a few things from Sears. My dad is done being shopped for and we got a few things for MIL. She's 1/2 done.

Then we went to eat at TGI Friday's - yes again this week. I got the chicken and cheese quesidillas and they were very good. Then we split a cheesecake at the end. YUM.

When we got home we gave Joey a new Thomas car - it's Percy and he is a limited edition metallic green. He loved it. Joe had some extra tracks he pulled out and made this elaborate tracks for Joey. He loves playing trains or anything with Joey. He's just a big kid and a great father. Joey loves him so much.

The other thing Joe loves doing is playing ball with Joey. Joey can kick the ball so well now and he can kick it high. I was laying on the floor when I got this cool shot. I love how the ball has been kicked in the air.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Fun little blog thing...

I saw this fun little game on Jen's blog and thought i'd play along too. just google your name plus "needs", (eg. "briana needs"), then record the first ten search results. too funny! here's my list:
  1. Brianna and Brooklyn need to have a warm, nurturing, energetic adoptive family with lots of time and attention to give to them
  2. Briana needs to learn proper bowling etiquette.
  3. Briana needs $73 more before she can afford the bike.
  4. Eight-month-old Briana needs clothes, size 3 diapers and size 1-2 shoes.
  5. Briana’s gains come slowly, partly because of her need for extensive support and
    encouragement in order to communicate in any environment
  6. But I still think Brianna needs a sibling.
  7. This year, they checked into a YMCA day camp, which was willing to work with the
    family to accommodate Briana's needs.
  8. (didn't really find too many others - but check out the one below!)
and drum roll - my favorite:

10. Brianna needs her parents to help her manage her mood swings

Oh and most of mine resulted in p*rn because Brianna B**ks is a p*rn star and whenever my name is googled on the internet, her always comes up too - even though mine is spelled Briana. Useless knowledge for you! Oh and the bowling etiquette one above, yep, it was a comment about one of her tapes. More useless knowledge. Do you feel your brain rotting yet?

The craziest thing yet? I found this link on the internet. Another girl did a 'needs' blog entry, and someone with the name Briana commented in her blog she's afraid to do a 'briana needs' search because she doesn't want to find out what the po*n star needs. Hahaha. See, I'm not the only Briana with this problem!

Black Friday and Buck Friday

Did I shop? Yes I did. BUT I did not go out with all those crazies at 4am. I went to Walmart at 9 am with MIL and we had a good time. I spent $145 on odds and ends and got only one Christmas gift. Dh was quite angry. Add to that my $82 Fashion Bug purchase (I did save like 50% though!!) and he was really not happy. I was supposed to go CHRISTMAS shopping, not Briana shopping! I got a bunch of new clothes for me! :) No really, at WalMart I got some things I said I was going to get anyway. The extra things I got was a bunch of fabric to make Joey some new blankets. He loves his blankets and we found some train patterns! We brought it home and he loves one of them so much he's been dragging it around all day.

MIL and I went to eat at a local diner. Their food was awesome. I got like the worst thing on the menu - a saugage and mushroom omlet smuthered in sausage gravy. I have to admit it was awesome as all heck! YUM!!!!! The service was awful but the food was great.

Then we went shopping at Fashion Bug. They had %15 off everything, on top of their sales, on top of the $10 off coupon I had. I got a cute sweater/turtleneck with stripes and it has a cute scarf to go with it, and then a pair of jeans, and two pairs of stretchy pants for work - brown and off white. They make me look sooooo skinny! I thought I got something else too. I can't remember now - go figure!

I took a pregnancy test today. Nope, not preggo. I guess it's not as fast this time as it was the last time when I got preggo with Joey. Maybe we will have good news by Christmas.

I got three scrapbook pages done last night. Melissa - I finally got the page done I started at your house 4 weeks ago! LOL. I've actually started and stopped that layout 4 times before it got finished. I'm happy with the final product now. I did two other layouts. Since they are for the December spotlight for Scrapjazz, I'll post them the first of December. I finally got out of my scrapbooking slump. Know how? I started to scrapbook in 8.5x11 size. Oh yes and I like it. I've always done both but I think I'm going back to 8.5x11 for awhile. It's smaller and I don't feel like there is so much open space for me to fill.

MIL bought me a huge Turkey roaster oven at Walmart today and a electric toaster oven for Christmas. I LOVE my gadgets. I have like every kitchen gadget known to man! I have a huge pantry cabinet totally full of my gadgets. Kitchen-Aid mixers, blender, food processor, waffle makers, steamers, hot sandwich maker (like for grilled cheese), bread maker (I've hardly used this one), quesidilla maker, deep fryer (don't hardly use this one either - too fatty), an electronic griddle, a george foreman type grill, toaster, and more. I can't even remember all of them that I have! I love them all. If you try to take any away from me, I'll have to hurt you. hehe.

I went shopping tonight - grocery shopping, and spent $62. I saved $21 in coupons! They double up to a $1.00 there so I got a lot of stuff close to free. MIL and I like shopping. It's kinda fun to clothes shop now that I've lost weight too - I do have to admit that!

The photos above are of Joey eating a cooking last night and licking the frosting off the container. Isn't he cute? I do have to say I love my 50 mm fixed lens. I can open the aperature up to 1.8 and it really blurs out the backgrounds nicely for nice people photos.

On the same note, if you want to learn about photography - go get the book KISS Guide to Photography. I'm almost done reading it and it's EXCELLENT! I've taken some photography classes a few years ago and this still taught me a lot more than I already knew. I got mine from the library and maybe you can to! Let me know if you do and if you like it.

OH and Joe went hunting tonight and shot a spike horn buck. I have photos but I'll spare you. I did get one cute one of Joe in his hunting orange holding Joey. Of course Joey saw the buck, but doesn't really get it. Joe was just happy to have some venison!

I guess that's about all. I'm enjoying my new IPOD, especially when I'm scrapbooking.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving details

I back dated the last few entries so make sure to check below for new ones.

Oh and I have to say I'm amazed at how many people visit my blog. I added that counter last week sometime and it's over 350! I wonder who is visiting me!? If you are visiting, make a comment. You can sign in as anonymous and just put your name in the comments section. Even if you are just browsing on by, sign in!

Later today – We finally made it up north! Yay! No more crappy driving conditions for us!

We had an excellent dinner and wonderful desserts. Both Grandma and Joe had the flu last week so they were hardly able to eat anything – and we angry about it. They wanted to EAT today – but they got full so easily!

I had a lot of fun doing photos today. The family photo I did on a tripod and timer.

The food was excellent. See our photos here. Grandma had a bread roll that looked like a turkey and of course, I had to include a photo of our favorite pumpkin roll. YUM!

I love this photo of Grandma. I esp love how I captured the steam
from the hot potatoes and the light is from the window.

This is grandma's turkey bread!

Joe having quality time with Joey and his train set.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!

It's beautiful but it sucks to drive in snow. This is the
view from Grandma's back porch.

This is our favorite pumpkin roll. YUM!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I woke up at 7:30 am to the sound of whistling wind. I did not think it would be blustery today. I looked outside and everything was white and looked BAD. So we didn't go up north last night and it looked worse today!

How come it freaking snow storms every damn holiday? Last Thanksgiving we had so much snow trees came down. Last Christmas it snow stormed so bad we weren’t sure we’d make it to my parent’s house for Christmas. The Christmas before that (03) it was the same way.

Well this Thanksgiving is no different. We got a few inches of snow, the roads suck because of the blowing winds and we still need to go up north to Grandma’s house. So off we are going. The roads really suck. Some of the road is a sheet of ice, some of it is just wet and some of it is snow covered from the winds. I hate Michigan. If our family wasn’t here, Joe and I would move. We’ve talked about it before but we wouldn’t do it with family here. We would move to a warmer climate. We agreed that the winters are too cold for us anymore. The subzero winters are just no fun. Actually it was in the 90’s for awhile this summer and when it dropped to 70 degrees I was really cold. I could totally deal with really warm weather!

The good thing about waiting a day is that we can make sure the cats have extra water and food, clean the cat litter, and I can feed the fish one more day. I just hate being away from them from long periods of time.

We had to stop at my boss’s house to get the pizza kits that he got for me. I was supposed to get them the Wednesday that Joey was sick, but I wasn’t at work, so he took them home for me. We have been on our way up north 4 times and we either missed the exit, Joe was sick, or some other reason didn’t get up there. We finally got there today and I got my little Ceasar thin crust pizza kits. YUM.

Joe is already speculating what type of foods we will have today. I’m excited about it too. He wants the pumpkin roll. I made it two years ago for Thanksgiving and it’s awesome.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wednesday and the snow storm

Wednesday I went to work. I didn’t even see Joe. I have been so busy at work. Joe called me and asked me if I wanted to go out to lunch. I wasn’t even expecting him in the area. So we went out for a late lunch. It was so nice. We ate at TGI Friday’s. I loved my French onion soup but I got the pulled pork sandwich and it wasn’t that great. Joe was just happy to be done with work for the week. When we were done with dinner, he went home to pick up Joey. The snow had already started to fall and the roads were slushy.

I went back to work. My boss asked if I wanted to have my end of the year review. I said that was fine. It went extremely well. He said I outperformed expectations this year. I was happy with that. I had a very successful year at work this year. That was a great way to start my holiday weekend.

The roads were ok when I went home last night but because this is the first real snowfall where it affected the roads the roads were a mess with accidents. It’s because people go to fast, they think they are GOD because they drive a SUV or a truck, and because they don’t give enough room between the car in front of them.

When I got home I couldn’t even get up our steep driveway. The van went sideways because the driveway was a sheet of ice under the snow. I ended up parking across the street in the driveway of the house that no one lives at. They are trying to sell it.

I went over the neighbor’s house to ask them if they could stop in on Saturday to check the cats and feed our fish. I took them over some refill filters for the cat waterer I bought them for taking care of our cats during the time we were on our cruise. Of course they said yes. They are good neighbors.

Joe and I were debating whether to go up north or not. The roads were just getting worse and the snow was still coming down.

I don’t know why but I have to clean the entire house before we leave but I do. I do the dishes, make sure no laundry is stuck in the washer and pick up here and there. Finally by the time I was ready to go, Joe said he was too tired and he wanted to stay home. I was relieved because I didn’t want to take 3 hours (double the normal time) to go up north in the crappy conditions. So we stayed home. Joey and Joe played until about 10 pm and then finally Joe told Joey it was time for bed and he was very good about going to bed.

Once Joey went to bed, he started to whine. We went in there and he was saying ‘blackie, blackie’. Backie is his black cat that Grandma made years ago from Joe’s mother’s black coat. I packed blackie away to take up north that day and didn’t put it back in his bed and he wanted it. Joe took blackie to Joey and he went right to sleep.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sunday - Tuesday

This week has been nothing less than interesting.

On Sunday Joe's mom told us about a cool place down the street - a local diner - that had a huge train setup in it. So we went there for lunch and they looked like they had the entire Department 56 Snow villege and had a Lionel train around it. It was cool. Here are photos of Joey at the restaurant, and the train below. He was so excited to see the train - see his expression?

After lunch we went to Joe's mother's house to play with the dogs. She lives on the lake so we got these really cute photos. Joey loves to play outside by the lake!

Joe got really sick in the evening. We were staying with grandma and grandpa up north. We weren’t sure if Joe was going to make the ride home. So I packed the car, since he was so sick. We loaded everyone up and I drove off. Not even 3 miles down the road, Joe tells me to pull over as he gets sick outside. Once he was done, I told him I was going back to grandma’s. We would go home on Monday.

He said, ‘No, I feel fine now. Let’s go’.

So off we went. We got another 10 miles down the road and he got sick again. He said this time, to turn around. We called Grandma and said we were coming back. There was no way we could make the hour and a half drive home.

Joe got sick 2 more times on the way home. I was so glad when we got to Grandma’s. The crappy thing was he HAD to work the next day because it was a big deal for work to close out the corporate plan.

So we all slept in until around 8am and then called work to say we were coming in around noon and started our trip back home. Poor Joe was feeling better but was really sore.

So I worked 4 hours, then came home to get Joey. Joe didn’t get home until about 10pm.

Tuesday rolls around. I told Joe I was going to my parents after work, since he was working late – again. This is the second week straight he’s been putting in crazy hours. It was 60 hours last week.

I had a Dr. appt for my ear during lunch. I went to see the ear doctor and he agreed that he no longer thinks that ear tube I’ve had since 99 is working and decided to take it out. He numbed my ear canal with multiple shots of Novocain and it didn’t really hurt but I could HEAR the Novocain going into the canal – it sounded like it was going into the cartilage. Then he pulled out the tube and then inserted a ton of medicine that was lotion like into my ear. He said that it should be in there about a week. So what’s the crappy thing about all of this? I couldn’t hear a darn thing!

So I went to my parent’s house for the evening. We had a great time. Joey played and I just hung out. It’s nice seeing my parents. I took over the new organizer that I bought from Costco last week for my dad to put together. Joe had hardly been home so I knew it wasn’t going to put together for awhile by him. My dad put it together and it’s even better than I thought. I’ll have to take a photo of it. Joe saw it the next day and like it too. He agrees that when Joey’s toys are separated into different types he plays with his toys more than them all being thrown together in a bin. We have bins for his balls, cars, and his Thomas trains and the top holds all his books.

Joe didn’t get home until about midnight Tuesday. I was already sleeping.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Two more things

1. I loved this comic. I hope you do too. Moms everywhere will appreciate this one. You may have to click on it to see it bigger.

2. If you haven't heard the new song by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw called Let's make love, go out and listen to it. I'm not a country fan but it's a beautiful beautiful song. They sound so beautiful singing together. Wow.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday - our date!

Saturday Joe and I went out on a date. Grandma and Grandpa watched Joey. We drove into Saginaw and we were going to eat first, but I told Joe I wasn't really hungry. He laughed - he said he wasn't either but he didn't want to say anything because he thought I was hungry. What a goofball!

So we decided to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and use my gift certifcates. My brother needed some new Cephlon utensils to go with his new pots and pans mom bought him for Christmas, so I bought him a bunch. We pretty much got one free with the coupons so that is cool.

Then off to the Scrapbook store - the Scrapbook Peddler. I got a bunch of cool stuff there. If only my scrapping mojo would come back. I'm having the worst time trying to scrapbook!

Then we went to Best Buy and I got my early Christmas present - my 30 gig IPOD! I'm so geeked! Don't I look happy here? Oh by the way - I'm in my new Target outfit in this photo!

Then we went out to Red Lobster for dinner. It was so yummy. I LOVE eating there.

Then I came home, had Joe take these photos and I was downloading songs like crazy onto the IPOD! I think I have 1200 songs on it right now? It's awesome! Happy early Christmas to me!

Friday, November 18, 2005


Thursday was our first real snow that stuck a little bit. I grabbed the camera and took a few photos before I ran out the door on Thursday. The house is across the street. The van is mine. By the way - I HATE snow! I am so not looking forward to the winter! Blech!


When it's Winter time in Michigan
And the gentle breezes blow,
About seventy miles an hour
And it's fifty-two below.
You can tell you're in Michigan
'Cause the snow's up to your butt,
And you take a breath of Winter air
And your nose holes both freeze shut.
The weather here is wonderful,
So I guess I'll hang around;
I could NEVER leave Michigan now,
My feet are frozen to the ground.

Thursdays I never have time to blog. I go to my parents with Joey after work, then I go to WW and do some errands. By the time I get home it’s usually around 10pm.

Yesterday at WW I gained a lb. I looked at my weight checker and it’s the same lb that I have gained and lost for awhile now. As long as it doesn’t bring friends, I’m ok with that.

I went to Costco afterwards. They had a very cool shelving system for kids toys. It’s that one that has the primary colored bins that sit on an angle. Well this one had that AND it had fabric panels at the top to hold books too. I was going to buy a shelf like this originally and I liked the bin shelf but this had both. So I bought it. I can’t wait until Joe sets it up.

Then it was off to Target. I love Target. I went over to get Joey’s Christmas outfit for our yearly Christmas photo. It’s a red flannel shirt, with a red vest and black corduroy pants. It’s so darling. Then I got him some more Thomas trains for Christmas. Then I remembered, well I need some clothes for Christmas too! I went through their clothing racks and picked out 6 things to try on. I got in there and tried on the pants and the size 12 were TOO BIG! Whatever! I had to go back out and get new sizes - A FREAKING SIZE 10! I tried on the pants and they were perfect. Now I’m truly convinced that Target vanity sizes and that I’m probably really a size 12, but hell, I’ll take it! A SIZE 10 EVERYONE! I had to call my friend Lori and tell her. She would understand the glory of being in a smaller size! I also bought a 4 shirts.

I got home late and watched ER. Then went to bed.

Friday was good. I wore my new clothes to work and felt like a million bucks. I took Joey into daycare –which Joey normally does. I worked in Livonia today and was super busy. I went to the scrapbook store for lunch and got a few things. I can’t wait to scrapbook this weekend!

I went to my parent’s house tonight because I forgot my coat there last night. My dad went to bed early and we didn’t stay long.

Tonight we cleaned the house, packed up the entire van full of stuff and we are on our way up north to see Grandma and Grandpa. I can’t leave my house looking dirty, so I clean it before we leave. I hate coming home to a dirty house.

Today at daycare Sherry said that one of the parents loves Joey and wants another kid just like him. He is super well behaved but those terrible twos are kicking in. He’s a bit more cranky that normal. Dena was saying that Joey likes playing with his friends but sometimes he gets to the point where he wants his own space and he pushes his friends away from him. I can see him doing that. He does that to us sometimes. What a stinker! He’s in a stage now where he likes to screech in a super high screaming voice. It’s quite loud and ear piercing.

Not much else going on. Will write more later.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Long day...

Not much going on today. I worked. Waahoo.

Came home today and got Joey from daycare. We went to the fruit market. He loves going there with me because he sees the trains they have that run above your heads. He loves that.

Then we went to the library and I got my books I had on reserve. Joey got some train books. After we left he had a breakdown and I had to carry him to the car.

I got this book from the library on someone’s referral – called KISS - Guide to photography. It’s a very awesome book and it’s made a lot of sense of some of the things I didn’t really understand about photography and made me understand some things a bit better. Some of it doesn’t apply to me so I skipped it – ie the film parts but the rest is great.

I guess not much to update. I took this photo of my ring today for the photo of the day challenge on 2peas and I love how it turned out.

Joey missed his daddy tonight. Joe didn’t get home until 9:30 because he’s working late all week. Right before bed Joey grabbed Joe’s shirt out of the dirty laundry hamper, started saying Daddy Daddy over and over and ran downstairs with it, got his cup and ran back upstairs to go to bed. I put him in bed with daddy’s shirt. Poor kid misses his dad. Joe came home and told him (while he was asleep) that daddy will play with him a lot this weekend.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My day started with a jolting HALT. I'm stuck in an elevator!

At work my friend Lori and I go downstairs to get breakfast every morning. We take our water cups and fill it with ice and get something to eat. Today was no different. We got our water, and our money. We wanted omlets.

We get in the elevator, push floor 1 (we are on the 4th floor) and the doors close and then the elevator stopped - midfloor - with a HALT.

Her and I both look at each other like, oh no. We tried pushing other floor numbers, and nothing worked. Finally we pushed the call for help button. Security comes on.

Can I help you? - the security man says.

Yes, we are stuck in an elevator - car 4. - I say

Which side, north or south?

The side closest to the front end of the building.

Oh, ok. The north side. Ok, let me call for help.

Lori and I are joking about this now. Good thing I am not clausterphobic!
He puts us on hold as he calls for service. We are really stuck. He comes back on and tries to make small talk but we are already kinda nervous. Lori asks me if she thinks we could fall. We are pretty sure we are stuck between floor 3 and 4.

I don't even care about being stuck in a small space, dropping or running out of air. I'm sooo concerned I'll be stuck in there for hours and have to PEE! Yes, I'm kinda phobic of being someplace without toilets. When we went to Mexico on our excursions, I was kinda nervous about that.

Ok, so normally that isn't a BIG concern at 7:30 in the morning. BUT today I grabbed a big bottle of water before I left for work and had about 12 ounces drank before we went down to get more water. So I'm freaking - what if I have to pee?

I ask Lori - Um, what if we are stuck in here a long time and I have to pee?
She looks at my cup and says, well you can go in your cup!
I looked at my BIG 64 oz cup and said, yeah, I guess I could and then throw it out.

Then the thought of me trying to use the bathroom over a cup is a bit much and I get nervous again. Then I remember of the news story last year where a woman was stuck in an elevator for 24 hours and never even peed! I told Lori. She laughed at me.

Finally a service man comes. He's yelling - ARE YOU OK?!

We yell back - YES WE ARE OK!


Oh great. Our own service men for the building can't help us. They are calling the elevator service company now!

So Lori and I are just trying to make small talk. Normally this is not a big deal for us. We can talk and talk and talk but when you are a bit nervous and stuck in an elevator, it is kinda of strained small talk.

The guys come back now and then and ask questions like '
Can we tell your manager?'. We yell back no - they aren't in yet (remember it's 7:30am).
How many people are stuck? We yell back 2.
What are your names - we tell him our names.
Then he asks for our phone numbers. We tell him this but aren't really sure why he asked this.
He asks if we are ok again. Yes, we are ok.

Finally about 15 minutes later, we start to move. And then we get to the fourth floor and the doors open, and both her and I nearly bolt out the doors. THANK GOD WE ARE SAFE. One of the elevator service men is saying how sorry he is that this happened. I was like, it's ok, it's ok. So from now on, Lori and I swore off elevators and have been taking the stairs 4 flights from floor 1 to 4 to get to our floor. We were in the elevators 45 minutes!

There was another guy in the building who was stuck recently too. I actually saw him in the cafeteria this morning. I said, hey Steve, remember how you were stuck in the elevator? We got stuck too - this morning. He said, 'Well how long?". We said about 45 minutes. He replied, "Ha, got you beat. I was stuck for 2 hours". I was grateful he won this contest, because I would have really had to go to the bathroom had we been in there 2 hours.

The rest of the day just went by. It rained all day long in Michigan today. It's been dark, rainy and cold. We are having thunderstoms as we speak. Michigan weather. We are now under a tornado watch, a high wind advisory AND it's supposed to snow tomorrow. ONLY in Michigan. I bet Thursday it will be 70 degrees. I swear the weather changes more in Michigan than your undies!

Tonight I took photos of my cats for the photo of the day. I was actually eating one of those cheapo flavor-ice pops after dinner and I totally forgot my cat Alex LOVES these. So I shared and got this photo. He's very photogenic. The black cat is Sasha. The other is a photo of Joey saying CHEESE during a late night snack.

I guess that's enough excitement for today!

Monday, November 14, 2005

About me

Lifted from Carolyn's blog and she challenged me to do this!

  • 2 - names you go by: Bree, Queen Bitch of the Universe (thanks mom!)

  • 2 - parts of your heritage: Mostly polish, French

  • 2 - things that scare you: death, heights

  • 2 - of your everyday essentials: my pc, my glasses/contacts

  • 2 - of your favorite bands or musical artists: Phil Collins, George Michael

  • 2 - favorite songs: Like China by Genesis (Phil Collins), Older by George Michael

  • 2 - things you want in a relationship (other than real love): Friendship, security

  • 2 - physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex): Hair, height

  • 2 - of your favorite hobbies: Scrapbooking, computers

  • 2 - things you want really badly: to be and stay thin, to be the best mom I can be.

  • 2 - places you want to go on vacation: Caribbean Cruise, New Zealand

  • 2 - things you want to do before you die: Get more scrapbooks done, have another child

  • 2 - ways that you are stereotypically a chick: I don't care for bugs, I curl my hair!

  • 2 - things you are thinking about now: Curling my hair again tomorrow, Joey and how cute Joey and Joe are together, rocking.

  • 2 - stores you shop at: Target! and Michaels

  • 3 - people I would like to see take this quiz: Melissa Zeno, Jen and Deanna

Joey's attitude, then cheese

Today was a good day. I went out for lunch at work and I was training other colleagues all day long so it went by fast.

When I got to daycare Joey was in a mood. He was fine there. I finally convinced him to go home. We went to go put on his shoes and he had a fit. He’s been doing that a lot lately and we even switched shoes. I’m not sure what that’s all about. Then he didn’t want his hat or his coat on. He just gave me a hard time. I wrestled him to get his coat on and said the hell with everything else and carried him outside. It was quite a scene at daycare. Dena said that is how I must stay in shape. At one point I had him half balanced on my leg, while I was standing, while putting on his coat. I think I looked like a pretzel with a crying child attached to me.

When we got home I made him walk to the house in his stocking feet. I told him this is why we put our shoes on. I was NOT happy with him at all. He was not happy with me at all either.

He was in quite a mood once we were home too. (See photo of him crying). He would not stop crying. I was about to have a fit. I got paged from work, and he’s screaming. He tested my patience a few times and he had a few time outs in his bed with the door closed while I got a breather. Boy is he turning into a typical ‘terrible two’ toddler!!!

Later that night he settled down. He only wanted to eat dinner when I told him there was corn – and corn he ate. Silly boy. I gave him some hamburger helper potatoes with cheese and he wouldn’t touch it, but now he’s behind me cleaning off daddy’s plate and saying MMMM. I guess you can see PICKY too!

I took some photos of Joey playing with his favorite Thomas the trains today. I also took a few cute shots of him in the bathtub. I was trying to think of a way to get him to smile at me while I took some photos, and just asking him to say ‘Cheese’ did it! The funny part is, he really DID want cheese when he was done with his bath. I guess if I use that trick again, I’ll have to bring cheese with me.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Our first trip to the playground

Call me a bad mommy - we really have never gone up to a local school and taken Joey to the playground. Of course, we decided today would be a GREAT DAY, even though the winds were blowing a good 55 mph or so outside. We decided to make a fun trip anyhow.

We got to a local elementary, that is about 1 mile down the street (yes it's that close) and we took Joey up to the school. He practically ran into the yard to go play - or the wind was blowing him in.

His favorite thing was the slides. We were both up on the play structure, kinda forgetting, opps, someone needs to be on the GROUND, and down the slide went Joey. Joe is having a cow - OMG he's going down a big slide by himself! He was fine! I went down to help him off of the slide but he loved it. The thing I hated was the slides are that plastic that when you go down them, you build a great deal of static electricity and I shocked him and myself every time I went to pull him down off the slide! Eek!!

I can't believe how big he's getting. He wants to do all the things the big kids do!

I felt bad for Joe. We were swinging on the swingset at one point, and Joey went back over to daddy and Joe lost his footing and swung right into Joey. That poor kid - yesterday he banged up his poor chin, and today daddy swung into him and knocked him down. Poor Joe felt awful. Joey got over it quickly though. He enjoyed swinging on the swings with daddy.

Once we got home he took a long nap.

When he woke, off to Target we went. I love target. Can you believe we actually had on our list to buy a VCR tape rewinder? Yes and we found one - the last one there too. It's such a pain waiting for our vcr to rewind tapes and Joey is so impatient. We got a few other things, including a new Thomas car for Joey. Boy is he spoiled!

Off to my parents we went. We had a great dinner. Mom made pot roast, mashed potatoes, green beans and it was all great. The pot roast just fell apart. We showed my parents our photos from Mexico. My dad has a sleep apnea problem, where he just falls asleep all the time in the middle of talking to you, in the middle of just about anything. So of course, he never saw our photos - he fell asleep.

Ever see a person with sleep apnea? It's scary to watch. They don't breathe, and then they shake themselves awake and then gasp for air. My dad does it all the time. My mom has tried to get him to go to the doctor, but he says no way. He won't do it. He says, I'll just lose weight and I don't do this anymore. Yet everytime he loses weight, he just gains it all back. He is the biggest chronic dieter I've EVER seen - and yes, he's my FATHER!! It's so sad to see him diet like that and to see him get such poor sleep! I told him I'm taking my video camera over there next time to tape him breathing like that but if I try to show him the video, maybe he'll just fall asleep watching that too. Go figure.

I'm not sure if I said before but one of the cute things Joey does right now is he will go driving with us and from the back seat will yet out when he sees a plane. The funny thing is he has awesome eyes. He will see planes we hardly even see! We went by a tower today with the red lights on it and he thought it was a plane. It was really cute.

That is about it. Joe and I had a few talks about work. He's in the busy part of his planning season now so he's a little stressed out.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Today's fall events

Well Joe needed to get out of the house. He said he can only handle watching Thomas the train so many times before he goes nuts.

So off we went to the Salvation Army. I bought Joey a bunch of books and some clothes. He's growing like a weed, you know. And we dropped off some books and a few pieces of clothing to donate.

Then we went to Walmart. I decided today that I'm getting fish and no one is going to stop me. I had them all growing up. A few years ago we got some and they kept dying, Joe got pissed and said, 'No more!'

So today I told him, I really want fish. Joey loves watching them. Dena (the daycare owner) has a HUGE tank for the fish in her house. I want some.

So we got some stuff from Walmart - mostly I needed barrettes for my hair and fish filters for my fish tank. I have a 2.5 gallon tank with a built in filter system. It's really nice.

We then went to the fish store. We got three tetras and three zebra fish (called zebra Danios).

Off we went home. I setup our tank. I accidentally killed a fish. We got a SUPER tiny fish and when I was trying to drain some of the water from the container we got from the store, he went into the sink and never really made it after that, so he was flushed. Moment of silence :(

The others are doing well. I got out my 10 gallon tank too. I plan to set that up, run the filter and then get a few cheap fish to get the bacteria level good in the tank, then get a few more fish. Joe says if these live, we will get a nice tank for the upstairs living room where we just took out the curio cabinet. I guess we'll see. They run about $150.

We went outside today to clean up leaves. Another 9 bags later, and we have NO TREES in our yard. That is how much BLEW into our yard. Yeah. Thanks neighbors!! Joey had a great time playing in the leaves again and I guess I needed the workout. You can see him climbing in the bag above. Silly boy! Last time I raked leaves across the street I hurt in my legs for two days - and I workout all the time. So I guess it's good for me - no pain, no gain! :)

Have you noticed anything new? I changed my blog! I personalized it. I played with it all day trying to learn the blog code, etc and I finally did it. What a pain!! I'm sure in another two months or so I will get bored of it and it will change, but this is what I have for now. Oh and I added a counter too so I can get an idea of how many people hit my blog. I changed my blog to only save three posts of history so there isn't so much to load too.

Joe put the bag ON Joey!

Joey still playing in the bag. Can't get enough!

See what I mean about his poor lip and chin?
He won't leave it alone either and can't stand
a bandaid!

Joey loves his bath only if you tell him to put the
cars in it. You can see here all his cars he takes in
the tub with him.

I'm in a photo finally. When Joey gets out of the
tub, I wrap him up in a towel and cuddle him.

Whooo! I'm better now

About 6 last night I took a tylenol and it must have kicked in because I felt like the old me. I was cleaning, I ate dinner and I haven't felt like crap since. Thanks for the good wishes. Whew! Thank goodness it was a 24 hour flu.

This morning Joey's face looks awful. I'll take a photo today. Joe and I were going to do a lot of outdoor work today - maybe take Joey to the playground, rake some leaves in our yard for Joey, that kind of stuff!

We called Grandma this morning because we thought it would be ok to go up north, then we looked online and the flu can be contagious in children for up to a week, and adults 3-7 days. I told her, I'm so sorry, we really want to come up and we thought we would be ok, but it looks like we are contagious longer then we thought...

Though - I looked on and it says the flu has a fever, and Joey and I never got a fever, and we were getting sick and that wasn't listed under flu either. It looks like we may have had a stomach bug and it didn't say how long it's contagious. I don't want to infect grandma and grandpa, who couldn't handle this type of flu, so we will just wait until next week.

Will update later with photos from today!

Friday, November 11, 2005

I am soooo sick

Yep, last night I got Joey's flu. Warning, it's kinda graphic, again. I guess writing like this never bothered me. I think my dad desensitized me to anything anyone could possibly tell me.

It all started last night when I called Joe and asked for 5 different things for dinner. It first sounded good and then nothing sounded good. We finally decided on coneys and chili cheese fries.

I wasn't feeling so hot last night. When Joe got home, he actually brought home a gyro too. I opened the cucumber sauce to put on it and almost puked it was so strong. I was thinking, maybe I'm preggo!

So I sat down to eat and told Joe to eat the gyro. I couldn't stomach it. The same with the chili cheese dog. I wanted nothing to do with it.

Then I ate about 15 chili cheese fries and annouced at about 7 pm I was going to bed.

I woke up about 9, and was feeling awful. I had stomach cramps and just didn't feel right. A trip to the bathroom confirmed it - I had Joey's flu.

I have to tell you, I have the world's best husband. Sorry if you thought your husband was the best, because, well mine is.

I puked into the trash can, and well it wasn't pretty. He cleaned it up for me. What a sweetie.

So I get back to bed and ask Joe for two more blankets. I'm freezing. He turns the waterbed up to 84 degrees. Now I have a comforter on, and two huge afghans that my mom knit - you know those really heavy ones. AND I'm still freezing!

I woke up 4 more times last night puking. It was awful awful awful. I have never in my life had cold sweats. I was in the bathroom, getting hot flashes. So I took off my shirt. The next thing I'm FREEZING and sweat is rolling down my back. What the hell!!!

This was the ONE day that Joe had to go to work. It was the last day where they were closing the corporate plan, and even though it's a federal holiday, he had to go in.

So Joey wakes at 8am. I'm totally a veggie. I can't move. I can't even think of taking care of him. I get up, trod over to Joey, then back to the bathroom. Back at it again.

I call Joe at 8am. He had gotten into work not long before. I'm feeling awful. 'When are you coming home Joe?'. Silence. Well let me wrap up some stuff.

I call about 8:30. I'm crying. I feel awful. 'Joe, when are you coming home? I can't take care of Joey. I can't change his diaper, and I can't make him breakfast'. He suggests I take him to daycare. Well that would be nice if I could even stand, which is hard for me to do. Everytime I do, I feel like I'm going to get sick again.

So he tells me he's coming home. He comes home really upset. He knows I can't help being sick but it couldn't have happened on a worse day. I crawl back into bed. I feel awful.

A few hours later - around noon, I wake up and crawl into our computer chair. Joe makes me some soup and gets me something to drink. I told him I haven't hardly drank anything since yesterday. Every time I do I get sick again.

I eat about 1/4 cup of soup, then asked for a nutrigrain bar. I finally take a shower and feel better. So far, so good. We watch the OC we taped. When it's done I go back to bed.

I've been in bed most of today. I think I've only been up like 2 hours? I'm surprised I'm sitting here I've been so sick.

So pray for me that I get better. I have never had the flu before and have never, in my life, felt this awful.

So I'm sitting in here, finally up and Joe comes up and asks how I'm doing. He said he's feeling stuffed up and getting a headache. I never had been stuffed up so I'm not sure what Joe has.

So then we are standing here talking and we hear Joey fall and start crying. We both run to the stairs and Joey has blood coming from his mouth. He takes the stairs up and down ALL THE TIME, so he must have misplaced his footing. So we get a cold rag out and wipe him up. He scraped his chin and has a fat lip. We gave him some motrin to help with the pain. The poor kid.

So wish good things for our family. It may be a LONG weekend!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Day 4 - Tuesday Cruise

Yes, this happened 10/4 but I warned you - this would be very graphic and lengthy! This was one of our tour days.

We started out with the buffet breakfast because we needed to get off the ship early to meet our tour guide.

I had eggs, sausage on toast with yogurt.
Joe had 2 danish and bacon. He doesn't normally eat a lot when he wakes up.

We took a walk on the top deck and admired the view. Today we were in Puerta Vallerta!

Once we found our tour guide there were 8 others of us.
I will explain via photos below. Beware - I have two close up spider photos!

Joe in front of a pretty church. Our first stop.

The inside of the church. It was an older church.
People would just walk in, pray and leave.

This is their town square. I'm standing in front.

These are the open air buses we drove all over in.
It was quite bumpy! Natural air conditioning! LOL

Whenever the driver and guide saw an animal
he would yell 'BBQ'. This included when he saw
this one.

These are the plants (the blue looking ones)
that they get tequila from.

This is a jackfruit. It grows from the trunk of the tree
and can grow to be 70 lbs!

We were shown how tortillas were made from
scratch. Then we got to eat some. It was the BEST
mexican food I've ever eaten. We got refried beans (not shown),
a bit of sea salt, a salsa that had prickly pear cactus in it YUM, and some
spicy salsa and guacamole! YUM!

Joe eating his tortillas. He was happy
when they told us we could have a second!

OMG I'm still drooling thinking of this food. YUM

Mexico is a pretty poor country. They said the minimum wage
is about 4.00 a DAY. Most people make $11 a DAY, and a well
paid worker makes $22 a day. Isn't that nuts.
OH and gas is the same price in the states!
This is a normal looking house. Most people do laundry on a line.

We went on a tour called the Sierra Madre Nature Expedition.
We saw nature all right - big spiders! We almost ran into this one.
Isn't this a COOL shot? Anyhow, a lady got scared and had to turn around.
She couldn't deal with the Mexican wildlife (spiders!).

Me in front of a cool tree trunk.

Me again, in the forest!

I think this is the coolest shot I took all trip.
This is a huge spider. It weaves a web that looks like
a white line going up and down. Isn't this an awesome photo!!??

We went to eat a BBQ lunch on the ocean.
I hated the fact that they have peddlers all over selling
stuff and they don't leave you alone! Here's me by the ocean.
Oh and of course I bought the necklace I'm wearing from a peddler for $12.

Joe by the ocean.

He told us we had to have tequila, on the way home.
Of course this was while we were driving home. See the cars behind us?
I think this was after a few shots. YUM tequila!

This was after we got back, off the boat looking into port.

Love this shot of Joe!

He's me.

One of the many pools on the ship!

Caroline and Jason that night. We went to see
an entertainer that juggled and was awesome.