Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My mail is always screwed up!!

We have a problem with our mail. My friend sent me some cds and they disappeared and never showed up. She says it was probably her mailman but it could have been mine! Perhaps this could be what happened. We have another street down the
block, birdsong. We are Panorama. There is a 761 BIRDSONG and 761
Panorama. How retarded is that?!!!!! I constantly get mail for them
and send it back saying wrong address. I think I've only gotten TWO
ever like that back to me. SOOOO perhaps the other person got my mail
and never gave it back to me?? It's frustrating for sure! They even
give their packages to my house! I got one last week. I hate this!!!!
I have complained to the post office but it didn't help. I like our
mail lady but it's annoying that they can't get our street names

Joey loves
signing train. He got that one down a long time ago. When he sees one
now he yells CHOO CHOO! It's so cute! I can't believe how much they
are growing! Now when Joey's is hungry he doesn't do the real sign for
food with his fingers, he uses his whole fist, which is BETTER because
he constantly has fingers by or in his mouth. Now when he bangs his
fist against his mouth I know he's hungry. He showed off for the
daycare girl today too. He woke up right before I picked him up and
she said he would be hungry. I said, Joey are you hungry and then he
started to sign food! She was like, that is soooo cool! :)

Most of the bad storms today missed us. I'm so sad. I love bad storms! I'm wondering
whether I should go outside and put the sprinkler on for a little bit.
It's been so hot! In the 90's lately! That's not normal for Michigan!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Bad news :(

I have been congested for years. I mean bad. Zyrtec doesn't touch it anymore. It's constant. It's horrible. It's summer, winter, spring - all the time.

I got a NEW allergy test today with a new doctor and I'M ALLERGIC TO CATS!!!!!!! You may be like, well big deal. I HAVE FOUR!!!!! It can't be that big a problem, huh?

He told me do NOT get rid of the cats! He told me to stop letting them sleep with me. Shocked That may be a bit hard. Alex sleeps ON me, and Sasha at the foot of the bed. We have locked them out of the room once and they banged on the door all night. You would have thought they were kids!

I'm allergic to grass, tree pollens and dust too - he told me I'm about allergic to everything! I was only allergic to dust, mold and mildew before. I'm not allergic to the mildew and molds anymore - weird! I start shots again next week.

We have been so busy in this household. Graduation parties, cleaning, errands, the list goes on... You know how it is!

Last night I had to do testing for work. It was supposed to be Sunday 9am - 12pm and 12 would be when I tested. IT WENT UNTIL 2AM! They had MAJOR problems with my application! So I finally went to bed at 2am, then Joey woke at 7AM - earlier than normal! Then he went to take a nap around like 11 and then work called while I was napping AUGH!!!!!! So that's why I'm paid the big bucks huh - yeah right! :roll:

Major frustration today and yesterday!

I'm FINALLY able to scrapbook this coming weekend. My stuff has been at Grandma's house up north - I figured I would be up sooner than now! My stuff is stranded - waaaaa!! :(

I've been cleaning like crazy. I swear I get a stress letdown from cleaning. My house is really clean! I love getting rid of stuff too! Less stuff, less to clean. Dh doesn't mind it at all, but he thinks I'm taking it too far. I want to get rid of a desk we don't use and he likes it where it is! Augh - just another thing taking space! I think I'm sick! :)!!