Saturday, May 14, 2005

I love Saturday!

Saturday - love this day. No work, no crazy day, just the weekend.

Joey woke us up at 7am. Yeah - not so fun. I went to curves and was weighed and measured today. 3.75 lbs this month and 2.50 inches. I'm down 11.25 inches since January weigh and measure! WHOOOHOOOOO!! I finally feel good about how I look. I love curves. It's a fast workout and you really do get a good workout! Our curves owner is awesome. She also needed an Avon lady and so she hooked me up with selling Avon for this store and one the next city over! How awesome. She gave me a bunch of orders this time so hopefully it keeps up!!

When I came home we took Joey to do errands. We dropped more stuff off at Salvation Army, went to the chiropractor, went to Lowe's to get a new garbage can, and then to the post office to mail out a package. Then home. We cleaned the house. We were having a guy from Remax come to give us a home analysis. We really liked him. We are going to wait about a year or so to sell, but it's good to know what he thought of our house!

Then Joe was sooo awesome today. He watched Joey so I could scrapbook! Melissa came over last night and her and I scrapbooked. I got a 2 page layout done and 1/2 1 page layout done. I couldn't figure out what to add so I stopped and left it for today.

Today I got that page done and did another 2 pages! Yay! I love it when I get my assignments for the design teams out of the way early in the month!

I cooked dinner tonight - Chicken Parmesan and corn on the cob. It's awesome!

That's about all. Need to take a shower and hit the sack. I know Joey's going to be up early again tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Joey's sick again...

I stayed home with Joey again today. He still wasn't feeling 100% but I think he'll be ready to go back to daycare tomorrow.

I worked from home partly today and the other I watched Joey. I will claim some as sick time.

I went to Curves after Joe got home and worked out for a small bit. Nothing really going on today... Just a nice day outside and I loved going for a walk with Joe and Joey after I got home from working out. The apple blossom trees are in bloom and smell sooo yummy!

Monday, May 9, 2005

Joey's ear problems....again

Joey's been on and off sick since Friday. I think you may have read he was up at 3am on Mother's day morning and would not go back to bed.

Today I stayed home with him and he had one of those screaming body throwing fits where he is in intense pain. I called the dr's office and she got me in immediately. They kept asking if I thought it was ears - I kept saying No - he has tubes! It may be teeth but he's never done this for teeth before.

Well I guess his ear is infected. It may be the tube is clogged but he was in pain from his ears and is on antibiotics now :( I'm going to call the ENT tomorrow to find out what's up! I'm so upset!!!!

I am staying home tomorrow to make sure he is ok before I send him back to daycare. His daycare called me to ask how he is doing. They are so great.

Tonight Joe got home early because he finished his test early. We went on a walk around the block. The weather is just gorgeous! I watered the grass, put new seed in back to try to fill in a few spots, and then watered that, and then planted two flowers I got from grandma for Mother's day!

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Mother's day was good

Joey woke up at 3am and was in pain or sick and we tried to put him back down multiple times and he would not and so at 6am he was up for the day...and then went to bed a little after that. My beautiful and wonderful hubby took care of Joey with me from 4-6 and then from 6am on he took Joey for me. What a wonderful guy and I got to sleep in!

I just relaxed today. We went grocery shopping. We had $191 before coupons and $123 after - we saved $68.81!!! Wowsers!

We had a nice dinner - shrimp stir fry, and then used up some stuff in the freezer - onion rings, tator tots, Grandma made homemade potatoes and everything was so yummy.

So that was Mother's day for us. I just wished that Joey picked a different day to be sick.

Saturday, May 7, 2005


Oh it's been awhile since I've last written. I've been procrastinating.

We wanted to put our house on the market next year and move. We had a real estate agent come to our house yesterday to do a market analysis and what we want for the house and what it is worth is not enough. Our house is worth what we want for it but the other houses in the area aren't as nice as ours - we have almost completely remodeled ours. It comes down to the case where you should never have the most expensive house in your it may be another few years before we can even get the money we want from our house, so we are kinda bummer.

Work is going well. I'm learning a new application and picking it up quickly.

I lost 2.6 lbs last week to get to 42.6 lbs. I am so happy. Hopefully I can keep going. Only 10 more lbs to go to WW goal!

Joey is doing well. We all have the flu - the type where you wake up and feel awful.

Last Thursday was a great day - I went to Target and got into a tankini and looked good! I never thought I would ever wear a 2 piece again! YAHOOO!!!

Guess that's all for now :)