Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Grandma's funny incident

Yesterday I was talking to grandma. She said she heard a beeping and couldn't figure out what it was. Her first thought was it was my pager and I left it up north again. She went from room to room and she still heard the noise - even in the bathroom. She said it sounded like an english policeman's car siren.

She finally bent over and it got louder. She figured out her defibrillator was beeping (low batteries) and the whole time she thought it was my pager when it was the defibrillator in his chest. Hahahaha, that is a riot!

For those that don't know what a defibrillator is, it's an electronic device they surgically implant in your chest, by your heart and it will shock your heart if it stops beating. They normally put this in people's chests who have had a heart attack. When the batteries get low, they will do outpatient surgery to change them. That is what Grandma has to have done soon.

Can you just see Grandma walking from room to room wondering why my pager was going off? HAHAHA.

Sorry, I had to share!!

Work is going well. I've been so tired lately. I thought I was preggo but I took a test yesterday (though it's probably wayyy to early to tell) and it was negative. Who knows - maybe I'm just burning at both ends.

Christmas shopping is done. I need to ship a few things out.

I made dinner tonight and it turned out so crappy. I hate it when that happens.

Hope you are doing well. Sorry if I haven't read your blog lately. I will get around to it. I've just been whipped in the evening. Tonight I got home. Joe got home late - at 7pm so I was rushing to get out of the door to go to Curves. Then I had to go to Kroger afterwards because I was out of water. Got home, started to make dinner. It was finally done at 9:30 and it sucked. My whole day is just gone anymore. I don't even feel like I spend enough time with my boy! Working full time and being a mom is hard work!


Carolyn F said...

Hang in there -- great story about the beeping!

Jill said...

It is very hard to be a full time worker and a great mom too. I am sure you do a much better job than you give yourself credit for.

Melissa said...

Funny story about Grandma. hee hee
Sorry to hear you are so busy. I hate when I am like that.

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing that funny story! Can't wait to hear if the next test comes back +++++!