Sunday, October 30, 2005

Our Sunday by the lake

This was like the 4th weekend in a row that we went up north. Many of my friends and family are frustrated because we go up north all the time. They want to do things with us, but we can’t, because we are going up north.

Let me explain – Joe’s grandparents raised Joe from a pretty young age. His mom and dad divorced when he was around 3. His dad only lives about a mile away and he stayed with his dad every other weekend.

His mom’s second marriage wasn’t very good. They fought more than she liked and he wasn’t a nice guy. Joe’s mom thought it would be best for Joe to stay at his grandparents house (her parents) so he wasn’t involved with any of this.

So years went by and Joe lived with his grandparents. His mother worked hard. So every night Joe stayed with his grandparents and they would get him ready for school in the morning. He went there after school. When his mother got home from work, he went to his mother’s house for the evening and then went back to his grandparents for the night.

So this is why Joe is so close to his grandparents. When we go up north, we stay at his grandparent’s house. They have an extra room that we stay in and Joey has a crib next to our bed. We have been doing this ever since we started dating. I guess our parents are pretty lenient.

But this is WHY we go up north on the weekend.

  1. We really don’t care for the city life. In a perfect world, we would live in the country. Our reality is we have great jobs in the city, and we moved about as far away as we could stand and are in a small town, but it’s not country. When we go up north on the weekend, there is no crazy traffic, no idiots blaring their stereo, it’s just a nice, relaxing weekend!
  2. We LOVE seeing Grandma and Grandpa and Joe’s mother and Joe’s dad’s side of the family. It’s like an all in one shot when we got up there since they all live in a ½ mile radius.
  3. We love spending time with family. We are family people and we would rather spend time with family than party. If you were to ask me to go to this kick butt party or go see grandma and grandpa, I’d pick the latter.
  4. I want Joey to remember his grandparents and remember they are good people. The way to do this is to have him be with them as much as possible.
  5. It’s just relaxing. That’s about all I can say. I can scrapbook, I can cook, I can just relax. It’s great.

So that is why we go up north and we go up north so much. Many of our friends have family that lives close by. Joe’s family doesn’t live that close and his grandparents can’t travel that long to see us, so we go to see them.

So that is the story behind that.

So this weekend we went up to see our grandparents. It was a great weekend! Today is Sunday. Last night I got two scrapbook pages done and 4 happy birthday cards! I like how the pages came out too! I did a page on my birthday celebration at work from 2002 and a page about my brother and I called Siblings. It used pictures from 1984 and I feel good about it. Sometimes it is so hard to scrapbook older photos but this paper worked great!

I finally decided that I can’t cook at night anymore unless we want to start dinner at 8pm. So grandma and I spent a few hours in the kitchen this morning preparing 5 meals and getting them ready to freeze to cook later this week! I can’t wait to see how this works out because this was so much fun to mass cook a bunch of meals and then have them ready for later this week. My friend Caroline hired a personal chef that does the same thing for her and her husband. The lady comes in and cooks a bunch of meals for them, and then freezes them for them to prepare later. At WW this week Jinny also said that I need to cook ahead and freeze. It seemed to be a thing people have been saying and so I figured, I can do that too. I’ll let you know how it works out.

I took a nap when Joey finally went down at 2:30. I always take a Sunday nap.

When we woke up we went to his mom’s house. She had a small pile of leaves in the front yard she showed him how to play in. Then Joe and Char decided to go ahead and rake up a BIG pile of leaves in the back yard. We took Joey in back and threw him in and he went underneath! It was so funny. He would only go in after Joe went in and then he was fine with the leaves. He loved it.

Before we left, he kept saying CoCo. That’s the horse so we took him to see CoCo and Charlie and I got photos of him petting the horses. At home he goes around saying CoCo. It’s so cute. The horse he was petting here is Charlie and he says Charlie too.

I do a lot of photography with the 50mm fixed lens I have and I LOVE it. It blurs out the backgrounds and makes for very very nice images. That is what all of these were taken with today. I’m so happy I bought this camera lens!

Will write again this week!

Joe and Joey by the lake

Joe and Joey in the leaves. Joe is buried.

Took a photo of Joe in the leaves!

The view of the lake

Joe and Joey moving with arms and
legs in the same position again!

Joey looking out at the lake.

Dad was throwing rocks in the lake.
Joey decided to be like dad. See splash.

Love this photo. They were looking up at a plane.


Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I wish we had someone to visit up north. :o)

Carolyn F said...

Sounds wonderful -- you need to post some of the "cook ahead" recipes!!!